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Blue plaque

 Do you know what blue plaque is? You can find them in London,England.

 It is a blue colored,round,metal mark.Those are with buildings where, historical people, famous people used to live. Isac Newton, Sherlock Holmes etc … This is very useful things especially for tourists. Easy to spot them. I have been to Sherlock Holmes museum in London,and around the area,there are so many similar looking buildings so,finding the right place with this blue plaque thing as clue was very helpful. (To read more on blue plaque from wikipedia,please click here.)

 Sherlock Holmes Museum itself is not as spacey as Smithsonian museum here in USA,but you can find many interesting things there. When you visit Sherlock Holmes museum, you can leave your name,country as records/proof you have visited them. Maybe you can find my name in visitor note

Here is the official website for Sherlock Holmes museum.

 Have you found any interesting signs or marks when you visited overseas??

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