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Interactive toys for dogs

 What kinds of toys do you think your dogs enjoy a lot? Do you have any particular personal rules when you buy for your dogs?

  When I buy toys for Palette, I like something durable and interactive. If it were squeaky toy,I like fleece toys.

Fleece material pick up your scent very good and, dogs seem to enjoy squeaking the toys and carrying around the house.”Palette” has some fleece toys.She likes fleece squeaky bear toy.

Also, she has this all time favorite plush toy that is chubby and big. It is a chubby rabbit squeaky toy and,believe it or not,I got it with one dollar on clearance sale at our local grocery store. I should have gotten it more.

This rabbit toy has long ears,and she likes to hold onto the ear and shake and run with it.

 I have plenty of dog toys in her toy box. I don’t put them all out,and rather,I put a couple of them out for her to play with and rotate them.

That way,she sees the toys as if new to her and get more excited to play with it.

 I myself like interactive dog toys a lot for her to play with.

Reason why is because it gives the dog to THINK to solve the problems,and it is good mental stimulation.

 When Palette was on kibble diet,she ate her food from buster cube.

Buster cube is the plastic cube you put treats or kibble inside and,you can control how much of food coming out at one time.

If you set the hole larger,your dog gets more stuff with one good roll. Palette was really frustrated when she could not figure out what to do with it knowing something inside.

First thing she tried was pawing at it. Next thing she did was tried to bite the edge. So,I gave her a hint. I rolled the buster cube on the floor and one treat came out and,now she figure out what made the treat coming out from the cube so,she nosing it around with great concentration.

 Now,her diet has changed to raw diet and,I rarely use the buster cube,but I use empty cereal box instead of buster cube itself and let her try to think how to get to the treats inside the cereal box.

It is my version of instant buster cube You can make it yourself and see how your dogs do with it.

I do not recommend to use corrugated box because it is thick material and probably not good to their teeth.

 Other than this instant buster cube thing, I like letting her play with Cagey cube.

Cagey cube is another interactive toy. It comes with 4 different kinds  of shapes of squeaky toys inside the soft cage.

Square,Round,Triangle,and nubby shaped squeaker. You will place them into the soft cage and dog tries getting the toys out. You can see how she plays here with clip below. This costs about 8 dollars,and size is about 8 inches for cage.

Palette and Cagey Cube toy

  One more interactive toy (if you can call it) I like is an Egg.

A whole raw egg. Below,you can find one more clip I took how Palette deals with a whole egg.

In this video, Palette is trying to figure out how to crack an egg to eat. This video is from second try.

Usually,she gets Egg in the dog bowl. So,on her first time to see an
Egg,she was not sure what to do with it. She maybe could smell the Egg she loves but,unsure of how to eat the slippery rolling Egg.

I was curious how she solves the problem.

 On her first try,I ended up showing her egg can get a crack if you drop it onto floor with firm grip. You can see here that she is trying it;hold the Egg tight in her mouth,drop it onto floor.

It is one of her menu items but,it can be fed as interactive toy in our house. She licks the egg a lot,which makes the Egg very slippery on her feeding mat (shower curtain).

One time, in the video,I had to point out to let her know where the Egg went.

Also,you can notice she is bringing Egg back onto this feeding mat if the Egg was about to roll out from the mat.

She knows,food need to stay on this mat. And,did you notice that she was licking the feeding mat for one minutes after she ate the Egg all?? She likes Eggs that much.

I sometimes gives her boiled egg too this way. She likes boiled egg too.

Palette and an Egg

  I like the fact that interactive toys make your dog to think by themselves and solve the problems.
I like giving Palette the time to think what she is supposed to do in training as well.
I don’t like to force her into position / behavior that I want i  the training time.
Good example being, I do not like to push her lower back to make her sit when I teach her to sit. I rather like to teach her to sit without any physical touch.

 Her 4th birth day is coming up in short time, and I am not sure what I like to give her yet.

Maybe, another interactive toy ? I know I am interested in doggy puzzle thing made by Finish lady “Nina Ottosson”. I am not sure yet.I maybe able to give her nice special meal…

 What toys do you like best for your dog?
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