Japanese cooking: Niku Jyaga (meat,onion & Potato)

 Japanese dishes’ flavors are made base around soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.

 Many people may think that Japanese cooking is complicated but,it’s not.It is quick and easy,and I think our dishes have more vegetables and less trans fat (cream,cheese,butter etc..) compared to other type of cooking.

 This time,I would like to introduce you to easy beef ,onion and potato dish called “Niku Jyaga”.

Niku jyaga

Niku Jyaga (Meat,onion,and potato)..

 Niku means “meat” in Japanese. Jyaga is short for Jyaga imo which means “Potato” in Japanese. Basically,this dish is made with meat,and potato and sliced onion in soy sauce based sauce.

 All you need are beef,sweet onion,russet potato,green peas,sesame oil,sake,white table sugar, and soy sauce. 8 ingredients total and you can make it in less than 30 minutes.

 It is a perfect quick dish for busy days.

 When it comes to cooking,I am a little picky what I use.

 Onion can be yellow onion if you have yellow onion,but I like white onion or sweet onion better for this particular dish.

 It is because white onion is more meaty texture to it. If you use sweet onion, the onion is mild flavor and sweeter and, I love to use sweet onions as well.

 I use white/sweet onion for dishes that require sliced onion.I use yellow onion for dishes that I need to chop fine for the dish. 

 For example, to make caramelized onion,French onion soup,Philly cheese sandwich etc..I use white/sweet onion,but dishes like fried rice,risotto etc,I use yellow onion.It is just my preference.

 With potatoes,I use Russet potato because it holds its shape nicely. If dishes require mashing then,I use Yukon gold potato.It is more creamy texture and it makes nice dish.

 Mashed potatoes is one of the dishes I use Yukon gold potato all the time. With baked potato,I use Russet Potato.It gives more meaty texture.

 With sesame oil,I do not have much preference but I like yellow cap sesame oil that I get from Asian store that was imported from Japan.It usually costs me about 6 dollars or so per bottle.

 With soy sauce,I am very picky. It just does not taste right with the ones from local grocery store. Even with Japanese brand soy sauce bottled in US. Ingredients are different.

 I get my favorite soy sauce called “Extra fancy whole bean soy sauce” with kikkoman Japan from Asian store. One big plastic bottle soy sauce costs me about 6 dollars.It is imported from Japan too and it has just 4 ingredients in the soy sauce while others I find at local grocery store has more than 4 ingredients and sometimes,with caramel coloring…. 

 You can read more on soy sauce from my previous entry titled ” sushi and soy sauce“.

 With Sake,I use “Gekkeikan” brand.You can find it at local grocery store.It usually cost about 7-8 dollars per bottle.

 So,here is how you can make it.

Ingredients for marinade:

1 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs water
1/32 tsp baking soda


Rib eye steak 8 oz sliced thin,cut to bite size pieces
1 russet potato cut into bite size pieces
1/2 Sweet onion rough sliced
1/4C sake
1 1/8C water or Dashi
1 tbs table sugar
4.5 tbs soy sauce
Extra virgin olive oil
sesame oil

1. Make marinade in a small bowl;mix 1 tbs soy sauce,2 tbs water,1/32 tsp baking soda

2. Add sliced,bite size pieces of rib eye steak into the marinade and let it sit for about 20 minutes

3. In the sauce pan, drizzle extra virgin olive oil,and add 1 russet potato sliced to bite size pieces,and stir

4. Add rough sliced sweet onion,and stir
5. Add sliced beef and wait till the beef starts changing its color from pink to brown,and stir

6. To <5>, add 1/4C sake,1 1/8C water, 4.5 tbs soy sauce,1 tbs table sugar and cook for about a couple of minutes,skimming off the foams/bubbles (the foams/bubbles on the surface as vegetables cook)

7. Cover the lid and cook about 8 minutes at medium heat

8. Remove the lid and let it cook for another 7 minutes until potato becomes fork-tender,and liquid in the dish reduces

9. Add 3 tbs frozen green peas and cook for another 3 minutes,and just about finishing up, drizzle a dash of sesame oil and stir


Makes:2-3 servings

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