Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs

 Right from the time you welcome the puppy to your home as new family member, this will be your age old question “What kind of things would occupy my dog so as not to be bored or clean teeth or curve the chewing behavior”.

 As you already know,Palette is my first dog ever so,that question was with me whole time. Palette’s breeder sent us with sterilized beef bone. So,that was what she had as first chew experience,but if there were nothing to be filled with, in the bone hole,she showed no interests in them or whatsoever.

 Eventually,it was left at home without much attention from Palette.

 By now, I know better and,would not give this thick hard bone to her even if she show interests in it.That is because it is hard and could wear the teeth or break teeth. I am not comfortable giving it to Palette.

 Then,I gave knotted rope. It was good at first. I could use it for tug of war,she could chew on it but eventually,she took threads off from ropes and tried to eat the threads. I was not sure if it were safe to her,so knotted rope was out from her doggy toy box.

 Next thing I gave to her was plastic bone.

 This thing came with bacon flavor,cheese flavor,you name it, and Palette showed a lot more interests but,how is possible that small chunk that was bit off from her chew get digested in her body as much as she can digest food…

 How do they make the plastic looking thing taste like bacon?? Artificial flavoring??

 I looked at  ingredients list and big 3 ingredients I could see in most flavors as base were wheat starch,potato starch,and soy meal.

 Flavoring is listed as natural flavoring but I do not know how they get the flavoring.Are they cooking bacon on skillet and pour the bacon fat to the chew? Probably not.

 Next thing she has got was smoked bone. The aroma of this smoked bone was very strong even to our nose. So, considering dog nose is much much better than human nose, it must be irresistible. Palette got smoked knuckle bone,smoked rib bones,smoked femur bone etc and,spent hours and hours on it.

 It did occupy her but, the bone broke into sharp sliver, and the bone looked hard and thicker than I feel comfortable with.

 Some of the smoked dog treats such as smoked bully sticks has liquid smoke is used,some are irradiated, and cooked bone become harder than raw bones so when dog chew,it splinters very sharp. 

 I do not buy smoked bones anymore because of this reason. These days,you can get all kinds of smoked bones from smoked ostrich bone to Kangaroo tail bones…

 If the bones are coming from animals that support heavy weight such as leg bones from beef,even raw leg bones are hard to the dogs’ teeth.

 Kangaroo tail sounds interesting but when you think about it,Kangaroo use its tail to support their body weight to kick the predators. So,as first tips to see if the bone is safe to give to your dogs,think about where the bones are coming from,and how the bones are used by the animals.

 Secondly,think if the bone is raw or cooked/smoked. If cooked/smoked,I will pass.
If raw bones, I will avoid weight bearing bones such as knuckle,femur,marrow bones from big animals such as cow.

 Some people maybe feeding those raw weight bearing bones without incident (teeth wear/broken teeth), but I personally do not feel comfortable enough to give it to Palette.

 Before I switch her diet to raw diet,I did not know better about cooked bone. I thought it will be a jackpot for her if we give bone off the meat (Ham).So,one Christmas day,she has got Ham bone. She really liked it and demolished pretty good chunk of it but later,she was really miserable.

 Luckily,there was no blockage or anything,but she started pooping out very hard rock-like golf sized ball poop frequently first.Then,hours  later,she was miserable with diarrhea and she suffered diarrhea for 2-3 days. And she had to go to butt wash early morning before going back to her crate. It was miserable.. So,no cooked bone for her any more. Even if she likes it so much.

 After exploring all these chews/bones, I started giving bully sticks.

 Bully sticks are,for my 30lb Corgi,it is 30 minutes joy per 6″ average stick. So,it is not chump chump gone,but still short lasting than I want it to be and,  although this is good occasional chew,it becomes costly over-time.

 Last Christmas, I got 3 feet long bully stick from Petsmart. Palette enjoyed it for long time. Funny thing is that, since the stick is very long,when she wants to move it around the edge bump into places and if she wanted to move under the table,she gets stuck there because stick is longer than kitchen table legs space.

 Also, it was funny to see her using the edge of the room corner to support the bully sticks. Remember our dog is Corgi and does not have long leg like Golden Retriever and it was impossible to hold the 3 feet long bully sticks with her paws. I should have gotten pictures..

 Anyway,bully sticks are natural chew and good but not all bully sticks are made same way. I have seen one being irradiated (products I have seen claimed bully sticks was irradiated for human), I have seen one made with liquid smoke, some are made vertically,some are made flat… Some are odorless.

 I was not sure how they make it to odorless for something that has natural smell to it. I thought maybe the way they make: vertical or flat makes difference? So, I got one stick that was made flat, and the one stick made vertically personally just to see if any smell is different. It seems the one made flat had so much strong smell compared to the one made vertical. So, I have asked the store what makes such difference.

 They said that by hanging and making the bully sticks vertical, the fluid in the bully sticks drain more and the longer baked bully sticks has less odor than the one made flat.

 It is good practice to look label of the products very carefully. If you were interested in trying our buffalo bully sticks, please check buffalo bully sticks here . It is made here in US , and nitrate free,no liquid smoke is used.

Palette enjoys her buffalo bully stick end.. wet nose, drool bubbles on bully stick end

 The chew that lasts lot longer than bully stick is Deer Antlers. I found this Antlers 1.5 years ago or so. I was googling natural chew and I gave it a try.

 I was not sure if it was something our dog show interests in it or not but tried with all good reviews on it. Palette religiously goes back to chew 2 times a day and chew with super-man posture(legs kicking out). She chews about 15 minutes or so per session and call it a day.

 It has no odor,no stains,no splinter like smoked bones (chewing grinds down rather than chunk off from the Antlers), and it provides natural minerals, etc I liked the fact that the Antlers I got 1.5 years ago is still here at home,still she enjoys as much as she did before and,it really was worth the cost for me.

 Also,it is nothing artificial. Since our dog loved this Antlers so much,and it seemed lasting quite longer than any of the things I tried for her,I decided to offer Antlers to others too. Our Antlers are from free- range Deer/Elk.

 Some are branched out two ways,some are straight, some are different shapes, and it comes varied thickness and colors. Watch how Palette chew Antlers.

Palette and Deer Antlers..

If you were a blog subscriber, please click here to watch video clip.

Below is a picture of Antlers she was chewing in the video above. You can see that chewing grind down the Antlers.

 There is another  brand of Antlers.It is chalky and most size are 4-6 inch long and only difference is thickness of the Antlers.

 Have you ever wondered why it is so chalky? I asked them why. They are washed in water  and sanded. That is why,it is chalky. That is why all comes straight shape.

 I sometimes wonder if the dogs have gotten sanded Antlers,the aroma is weaker than our Antlers.. Imagine herbs and spices. Tearing up the fresh basil leaves right from the garden tastes better,aroma is stronger.Imagine freshly grind coffee right when you drink tastes better than instant coffee.Imagine freshly grind coriander seeds has more aroma than bottled pre-ground seeds.

 I wonder if by sanding,that special aroma gets faded away. It is something only our furry friends know about it. In any case, if your dogs got Antlers and showed no interests, try grind against sand paper to release the aroma of Antlers (which no odor to human,but to dogs,maybe smell better).

 I think,from my experience giving so many kinds of recreational bones,chews,my favorite is Antlers by far. It has been lasting more than a year,and more than anything else,it is Palette’s gnawing pleasure item of all time.

 Some people asked me if it require refrigeration. Answer is “no”. You can keep it at room temperature.

 How long it would last will be depending on dogs’ jaws ability to chew and how long they spend on it.

 Please observe how they chew and if they were putting their whole body weight on Antlers and trying to break into half,please take it away.It is not the good chew for them. As with any chews,supervise your dog. And when it gets small enough for dogs to swallow,please take it away.

 It is always good practice to wash the Antlers with warm soapy water thoroughly before handing them to your dogs. If you were interested in our Antlers,please check out our Antlers here.

 In summary,chews and bones keep dogs busy and can become something you can use to curb the chewing problems you have.

 However, going for a walk,doing short training with your dog,playing with your dog also something important. Try fun game with your dog,try teach your dog funny tricks,and make your bond with your dog stronger. When you have “me” time,your dogs can have their “me” time with chews.

 Today, we played weave pole.Weave pole is one of the obstacles in the Agility course and,it is straight poles lined up in front of dog and dog weave through the pole. It is in indoor right now and,it had guides so that my dog can weave through by running inside the guide lines plastics. Today,I tried taking the guides off from weave pole one by one,and Palette could weave through without guides!! Yay!

 She enjoys weave poles a lot and once she goes out the weave pole ends,she turns back and weave through the pole to the starting point Agility is also fun thing to do with your dog. if you were a handy man,you could make obstacles yourself.
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