Symbols of Japan:Part III

 In previous entry titled “Symbols of Japan: Part I“,I wrote about Japanese flag and Japanese anthem.
In entry titled “Symbols of Japan Part II“,I wrote about flower and bird. Here,I like to writ about Cultural heritage and Natural heritage of Japan.

 Japan has 7 sites of cultural heritage and 3 sites of natural heritage.Cultural and natural heritage sites will be preserved for generation after generation and,those are recognized among other countries around the world.

 Since Kyoto was ancient capital city in Japan until it gets moved to Edo (where Tokyo is),many of the heritage sites,historic architectures are concentrated in the Kyoto/Nara area.

 Cultural heritage site are: Horyuji temple (Nara prefecture),Himeji Castle (Hyogo prefecture),cultural assets of the ancient city of Kyoto (Kyoto and Shiga prefecture),traditional thatched-roof residences in Shirakawa(Gifu prefecture),and Gokayama (Toyama prefecture),and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Genbaku Dome(Hiroshima prefecture).Itsukushima shrine (Hiroshima prefecture).

 Natural heritage site are: Shirakami mountains district(Aomori prefecture),Yakushima island (Kagoshima prefecture).

 You can read my last trip back to my country “Japan” and trip to Himeji castle as family trip here.

 You also can visit cultural heritage/natural heritage website and can read brief history about each site and pictures. To visit the website,please click here.

 Bellow are some of the pictures I took when we visited my family in Japan and tripped to Nara and Hyogo area.

 This is Daibutsu (
Great Buddha of Nara)
 You can find him at Todaiji temple in Nara prefecture.
 To read more about Todaiji temple,please click here.

 Bellow,you can find Japanese Deer pictures. You can find a lot in Nara area. You can give them deer biscuits and they will bow when you give it to them. They can be spot around Todaiji temple or Nara park. This area is very popular destination for elementary school excursion.

 Bellow are pictures taken at Himeji castle. Top is Himeji castle itself,down is Samurai and Hime you can take picture with at the Himeji Castle.

 From east coast of the united states of America to Japan,it is almost 14 hours flight. It is long trip back home,but I always am looking forward to back seeing my family and enjoy the stay. What I miss a lot other than family are chimaki (that is a sweet snack where you can buy only around May 5th:Kids’ day in Japan.It is sticky rice cake kind of thing), fluffy not overly sweet Japanese cakes, Uiro (Japanese sweets made from rice) and some deserty bread,and Okowa (red bean and glutinous rice, which you sprinkle black sesame seed and salt over it and eat),and Mochi (rice cake).Things you cannot find here in US.

 Last time when I backed to Japan,I made red wine risotto. It is nice to let them taste what I learned how to make it here in US. It is also nice being there and eat what I used to eat,and dishes made by my mother. Sometimes,we eat out and go to Chinese restaurant. It is one of those things me and my husband will be looking forward to when we back there. Dishes made at Chinese restaurant in Japan are really tasty. Not too greasy,not filled with bunch of broccoli… really good. If you like to eat good Chinese dishes in USA,I recommend to try “P.F.Chang” restaurant in USA.

 Every time I back to Japan,I find a couple of odd things in snacks newly introduced to Japanese people. I tasted chocolate covered potato chips once.It was a limited snack that you can get only in Hokkaido (Northern diamond shaped island). Somebody got it for my family. I was iffy first but I really liked it a lot. Saltiness and sweetness went well together.

 My husband and I once visited Disney sea,which is sea theme attraction version of Disneyland. There,we got cappuccino pop corn. It was really long line and,if I remember right,we had to be in the line for about 45 minutes. It was really long wait but it was really good. If you ever visit “Disney sea”,you should try the cappuccino pop corn.

 Anyway,if you visit Japan, try visit these historical places and explore inside the castle. It is really amazing. Castle site, in general, is really big. View is breathtakingly beautiful. Especially Himeji castle site was quite large and, require lots of walking up and down. I think we went up about 7-8 stories to the top part of the castle when we did exploring inside the castle. It was quite an exercise.

 I am sure you can have lots of interesting experiences there  in Japan. And don’t forget to check our Shrimp burger and Teriyaki Burger at McDonald in Japan. These burgers are things we make sure we get when we back there because you cannot get those burger back in US at American McDonald…

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