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Underdog to wonderdog

 When you introduce yourself to someone new, often times you would tell them what you like to do,hobbies,interests and all that. One of which includes favorite books,favorite movies,favorite TV shows.

 For me, one of my favorite TV shows are dog related TV shows. I like watching amazing animals show off their skill of tricks and performance (Flyball,Frisbee,Agility, Dancing etc). I also like to watch dog training TV shows such as “It’s me or the dog”(Animal planet channel) , where you learn some tips in the area of positive dog training department.

 Another TV show I like watching is titled “Underdog to wonderdog” at animal planet channel (every Saturday 8pm EST).It is an one hour long show and,each week,1 hosts,1 dog trainer,1 dog groomer,and 1 dog carpenter in the TV show rescue one dog from shelter. Then,each has assigned job to make a rescued dog from shelter to be able to fit into new forever home as comfortable as possible.

 Show starts from the dog’s background story. Then, team works on their part to make the dog as comfortable as possible to be fit to the new family. Some dogs that appear on the show are fearful, and that is a dog that you find him at the very corner of the shelter’s cage,shaking. Some are complete untrained dog. Some are returned to shelter twice because of behavior problems. Some dogs show that they are not
comfortable enough to take a yummy treats from Andrea at first,some dogs
show aggression towards men although women are fine to be around..
With help of positive dog trainer on this show “Andrea Arden”,these fearful dogs gain confidence through the training with her,and complete untrained dogs learn doggy manners, and they turn out to be a completely different confident friendly well behaved dogs, and I am amazed with the ending.  Andrea,the positive dog trainer transform these dog to confident friendly dogs that can fit perfectly to chosen families. During the training session part,you can learn some training tips too.Apparently,she has 5 books that she published for dog training. It maybe worth checking them out if you liked how she trains the dogs..

 During the hour long show,you will also watch the dogs being groomed by groomer “Ali”, and gets a great make-over. She gives great tips in the grooming segment such as what kinds of shampoo she is using,why she is using the particular one etc.l.

 At the end of the show, team visits the chosen family with new confident friendly dog,and gives the family very big surprising present:a dog house resemble to their own house in their backyard. The canine carpenter “David” is very good at  making dog house that represent each family’s characters through the dog house looks and function.Every details he put is amazing.

 Bellow link,you can watch clip from the show. It is heartbreaking to hear how the dogs’ life used to be before the show but,it is always end up with happy ending: nice forever family with more confident not timid or fearful dog,and I like watching this show.

 Please click here to watch video clip of this show.

 What do you think of this show?

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