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Music effects on dogs

 Now and then,I browse around youtube and watch interesting video clips.

 Yesterday, I came across a Doberman dog singing along Pink Floyd music,and one with Afghan dog singing along harmonica.

Palette looked at me as if to say “Let me see”. So,I put her on my laps so that she can watch the videos with me.

Interesting thing happened. With doberman video clip,Palette tilted her head,ears forward,stared at the screen.

With Afghan dog singing,she put her head onto her paws and sighed. This got me thinking if dogs have taste in music just like us.

Every Christmas, our family and Palette travel by car for 12 hours to visit my mother-in-law. It is a long trip,and when she was 2 years old, Palette kept barking whole trip.

Music playing in the car?? Heavy metal or radio station music.

When Palette was 1 year old,it was not a problem because she slept most of the time whole way to my mother-in-law house.

3rd year (last December),we played Irish Celtic music during the trip,and it made a lot of difference in her barking.

She was more quiet,and calm. And if I pretended I was sleeping, and checked her out with my one eye open, she was sleeping in her crate next to me.

As you already know,I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I wonder if it was because of Welsh heritage in her.

I know there are CDs that has calming music for dogs, but have you ever wonder if there are any science behind it? Have you ever wonder how it came out? Here is how it came out.

Professor Susan Wagner at Ohio state veterinary college studied  on music and dogs. She tried to help dogs that suffer from anxiety with music. What she tested were reactions against type of music: Pop,Rocks,Heavy Metal,Classical music, and talk radio.

Her result was like this. Pop music,and talk radio had not much reaction from dogs.However, when she played Heavy Metal or Rock, it made them anxious. With classical music,the dogs showed favor.

Interesting thing she states is that music waves through listening music make your brain wave speed up or slow down depending on type of music.

For dogs,kennels,shelters,place like these become stressful places for them,so she tested the psychoacoustically arranged music CD at the place to find out what reaction dogs show.

150 dogs attended the testing. And, 20% of the dogs fell asleep,and 70% of the dogs calmed down. (to read full story of this study, please click here)

So,that is how the calming CD for dogs came out.

In summary, from my experience of looking at how Palette reacts to music differently, the study result sounds right.

Doberman dog singing caught her attention more and heavy metal music played in the music made her bark whole way 12 hours in a car.

Afghan dog sing along harmonica made her sigh and Celtic music played in the car made her calm and sleepy. I first thought that she maybe showing “Boring” sigh towards Afghan dog singing to harmonica but,sigh was probably indication of her calming.

When I pet our dog with fast pace, she sometimes pant and make funny noise,tongue hanging out. When I pet her slow pace,she tend to yawn big and gives me a sigh.

If your dogs were barker in the car,you can play classical music or calming music CD arranged for dogs.

I have not bought this CD so,I cannot tell you what it was like for her, but it is interesting thing to try and see if it makes any difference in your dog’s behavior during anxious,stressful time for them.

You can see selection of calming music for dogs CD here.

What is your dog’s favorite music?

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