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Japanese/Thai cooking: Porridge

 Have you ever wondered what to do with leftover rice from takeout place like Chinese restaurant? You can make Fried Rice with it (For recipes,please check our previous entry titled “Fried Rice,Omelet and Rice,Chicken rice,and Rice pan cake“). Then, if you had leftover Fried rice with Soy flavored,you can turn it to BBQ Fried rice. Just add your favorite BBQ sauce and,if you had vegetable you like to finish off,you can add to the dish and voilĂ ! You can eat different flavor dish in a minutes. You can make BBQ Fried rice and top it off with omelet and you can make BBQ Omelet and rice.

 If you had plain leftover plain rice,you can make rice porridge out of it. In USA,it seems chicken Noodle soup is a dish you would make when you feel sick. In Japan,porridge is the one. My mother used to make Porridge when I get sick. Porridge is lean dish with easily digestible rice dish, it helped me feel better sooner.

 Basic Porridge recipe requires cooked white rice,egg,and nice soy sauce,green onion and kosher salt. Here is the basic Porridge recipe. I recommend you to use cooked Kokuho rose rice and Extra Fancy Whole bean soy sauce imported from Japan made by Kikkoman Japan Co. (you can find them at Asian store) for best result.

 1>Put cooked rice in a sauce pan,add water to the pan enough to cover the rice and heat through.
 2>When the rice gets boiled, add cracked egg,kosher salt, dash of soy sauce,and finely chopped green onion. Then,mix well and done. Egg gives the porridge creamy texture/taste and, I really like them.

 I sometime cook Porridge for dinner. It does not mean one of our family members is sick or anything,it just that we like to eat Porridge now and then. When I make step-up Porridge,I make it to Thai style,and make it have a little zing to it.

 What I call Thai Porridge needs following items: cooked white rice,knorr chicken bullion cube, meat (ground pork,ground beef,ground chicken will be good candidate to use),Fish sauce (this is Thai version of Soy sauce),Soy sauce,sugar, cilantro,pickled jarapano jar,sesame oil,garlic, and ginger.

 Here is how I make it.

1> Put 1/4 lb worth of ground meat, add 2tbs of extra fancy whole bean soy sauce,1 tbs of sake (recommend Gekkeikan brand),1tsp grated ginger,1 clove of grated Garlic,and 1tbs of white table sugar,and break up the meat and cook til you see no pink color

2>Add cooked white rice to the pan and add water enough to cover the rice,and add about half cubed knorr chicken bullion

3> Wait till rice gets boiled,and put to simmer and add chopped pickled jarapano (you can control how much you want it to be spicy.You can also use fresh chopped Jarapano), and chopped cilantro, dash of Fish sauce,dash of sesame oil and mix well and serve.

 If the rice were not looking like risotto,you want to add more water and adjust seasoning to your taste.

 If you want it to be leaner Porridge,you can replace the meat with chicken breast.In that case,I recommend you to start with rice and water and chicken bullion to cook first before adding the meat in the pan. Cooking the meat in liquid makes meat tender and does not come out to dry meat piece.

 My dog’s diet now is raw diet,so I don’t make this anymore,but when she was on kibble,I used to make Porridge for her when she had digestive upset. For her,very easy.I used no seasoning.

 Here is how I did.

1> Boil the chicken beforehand,shredded it
2>Put cooked white rice,pour water enough to cover the rice,bring to boil,add handful of boiled shredded chicken,add cracked Egg and done.

 I have seen boiled ground meat with rice for dogs,but I think boiled chicken is much leaner and better.

 My dog loved it a lot and diarrhea ended quite soon. I liked making Porridge for my dog such time before because this provides liquid which dogs with diarrhea needs to avoid dehydration,and meal is really lean. I have never used pumpkin for diarrhea episode. Always,she had Porridge when she had diarrhea. And,she also had probiotic which gives good bacteria into guts.

 Some people tend to give Yogurt to give good bacteria into dogs’ gut but I think probiotic has more number of good bacteria than Yogurt and,some dogs cannot tolerate diary products well,so I recommend to give probiotic rather than Yogurt.

 Please enjoy Porridge recipe and let us know how it came out.

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