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Morning service in US VS Morning service in Japan

 When I was at University student, I used summer vacation or winter holidays to visit some of my pen pals from abroad. My very first overseas experience was at age 16. I visited Bellingham,Washington state for 2 weeks as home stay during Christmas holidays with other high school students.That particular program was for high school students lived in our prefecture and director of the program picked one student from each high school and I was one of them.

 Since the first experience of home stay program, I started visiting pen pals in US,UK,Australia,France,Holland.. It
was very interesting to experience different culture, sceneries, and
ordinary life in each countries. I visited US second time in 1995.I
visited host family I stayed when I was 16 years old and my pen pals.

 Often times,people ask me “What do you call this in Japanese”. So,I tell them what it is called in Japanese,but sometimes, what we call in Japanese and what English speaking people call in English are similar or same.With some words,just accent to pronounce it is different.

 Here are some examples.

 We say “Coffee” as “koh hie”, “Beer” for “Bi-ru”,”bell” is “bell” in Japanese…”morning service” is “morning service” in Japanese,”tea” is “tea” in Japanese . Some words,we pronounce very similar or same. So,even if you don’t know any Japanese,if you ask for “Lemon tea” for example, Japanese people would understand what you want and will bring “Lemon tea” as per your request. Lemon is lemon in Japanese too.

 I wrote “morning service” is “morning service” in Japanese. It is true but,in this case, it means different things in Japanese.

 In English,I think people point out service at church. In Japanese,morning service means, morning menu at Cafe. Japanese restaurant or Cafe offer drink,toast,salad as breakfast with lower price.In English speaking countries,same thing will be called breakfast specials.

 In Japan,restaurants open at about 10am,so for business people who needs breakfast outside the hotel,Cafe started offering breakfast special til noon with the name of “morning service”. With this offer,business man can sit at Cafe,reading newspaper to catch up latest news and can enjoy breakfast with lower price.

 According to Wikipedia Japan, one cafe in Nagoya city offers unlimited toasts and boiled Egg,one cafe in Okazaki city offer Udon (Japanese noodle),drink,desert. If curry restaurant offers morning service,they give you Chapati in morning service menu.

 Look at particular cafe menu (click here to see menu.Menu is in Japanese but you can see pictures)

 This cafe offers morning service
 *Coffee,toast or sandwich,egg,salad,and juice (such as OJ) is $4.80

 I think average cup of coffee at cafe in Japan cost about $3.5 so,it is very nice price for breakfast.

 If you visit Japan and stay in Business hotels in big city,you maybe maybe not get free bread and drink.
Some business hotels in big city offer free meals for breakfast to compete with other hotels surrounding them.

 When I backed to Japan last year and when our family visited Hyogo prefecture to visit Himeji Castle, we stayed in Business hotel and they gave us free breads and free coffee.

 Japanese language sounds difficult to learn for some people but,some words are pronounced same,and most people in Japan would understand you say “Sorry,Thank you,Ok,Hello,good bye,yes,no” .

 If you visit Japan, talk to Japanese people. You may carry interesting conversation with them.

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Summer events in Japan;Tanabata festival,summer festival,bon festival

 Summer brings many exciting moments to people’s life. It is a season of Grilling,festivals,beaches, or family vacations. Many countries have their own big festivals. In America,July 4th will be one of the big events’ day in summer.

 In Japan, there are 3 festivals during summer. One of them is “Tanabata festival”. It is also called “star festival” and it falls on July 7th.

 This festival is cerebrated based on Chinese legend. According to Japanese website Altair (star of herdsman) and Vega (star of weaver-princess) were both hard workers. Altair was on one side of the Milky way and took good care of cows and, Vega was very good at weaving,worked very hard. So,head of the stars told them to become wife and husband.However,once they got married,all they do was chatting,and  they did not work at all. Altair’s cows got very skinny and were very sick,and Vega kept saying she would weave tomorrow every time head of the stars asked her about the loom. Head of the star got mad at them,and they were separated on opposite side of Milky way. And they were allowed to meet only once a year (July 7th),and other days they were ordered to work very hard.

 Children write their wishes on strips of papers,and they put those wishes on bamboo trees. It is believed that the wishes kids write on those strips would come true.

 Another festival is called summer festivals and they are held locally. Men wear headbands,Happi (summer festival clothe), and carry float(mikoshi) around the neighborhood,shouting wasshoi,wasshoi..
Festival location usually have vendors that sell festival foods and drinks.
One of the most amazing floats you can find during the summer festival is in Hirosaki,Aomori prefecture. If you visit Japan,look up the schedule of Neputa matsuri in Hirosaki,and see the float yourself. Very beautiful,very big,I am sure you will be wowed.

 If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook please click to watch the video here .

 Other than tanabata festival,summer festival, you would find “Bon festival” in Japan. It usually held in mid August around 15th. It is kind of like a memorial service to our ancestors.During the time,it is believed that their souls are welcomed with sacred fire and seen off with bonfire.

 Locally,people enjoy bon dance festival.Bon dance is the dance people dance around drum set on scaffold.  People show up in various costume.Some shows up in casual wear,some comes in yukata. Yukata is single layered cotton material kimono. And you will find many vendors at the festival locations. Some sell food and drink,some offer game such as picking up the small balls in the water with thin papers.The more balls you get,the better the prize will be.It is fun game for kids.Food there can be expensive. One can of beer can cost up to $5,while at store,you get it around $2-$3. During this bon festival season,many people go back to hometown just like people in America go back to hometown in Thanksgiving. Traffic jam is always the problem during this season.

 If you visit Japan,and had a chance to write your wishes on strip of paper to decorate bamboo trees,what your wish will be??

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Secret behind Palette’s white teeth

 Here is my question to you. Look at 2 pictures bellow and,what would you say to comment about the pictures. Many would notice Palette’s white teeth and comment about it. Our vet look at Palette’s teeth up-close, and she always praise me for doing great job for her teeth. Her breath is very sweet and not stinky at all.

 Picture 1 <Palette enjoys her petting>

 Picture 2 <Palette shows teeth>

 Palette is 3 years old. I brush Palette’s teeth daily and,she has never had her teeth cleaned professionally for 2 years. Would that makes you wow?

 There are many things that could contribute to her white teeth,but one thing anybody can do is to brush your dog’s teeth. It is easiest way for anybody and,if your dog’s teeth were white and clean,it would save you professional teeth cleaning bill. And,it would  reduce more stress for your dogs that undergo teeth cleaning at vet office.

 When Palette was puppy,vet tech told us to touch her mouth a lot and gives her a treat. It is not necessary be for time I plan for brushing her teeth. when I pet Palette,I pretend to look at her teeth,and lift up her cheeks and look around,and praise her and gave her treats. Touching muzzle (for teeth cleaning) or paws (for nail trimming) from early age is very helpful. It can get them used to be touched.

 The same vet tech recommended us to use kids tooth brush because it is very soft,and cheap. Just don’t use human toothpaste. It is not designed for dogs to use it and,you need to use the toothpaste for dogs. I recommend to use the one with enzyme. My particular favorite and Palette’s favorite brand is CET brand toothpaste. It has 5 different kinds of flavor,I believe,and Palette’s #1 choice is seafood flavor. One paste costs about $8 but,it seems working real good.

 Some dogs do not like teeth brushing. You can start with touching muzzle,and if they were fine with it,then dub the toothpaste onto cloth and wipe around their teeth. If that was too much too soon,then,step back and just let them lick the toothpaste. Eventually,use the toothbrush to brush dogs’ teeth and make it short and talk to your dog with soft voice,and praise them. Talking to dogs really help them calm down when dogs being teeth brushed or being bathed. I brush Palette’s teeth daily. What would her reaction to teeth brushing? She sees the brush and come trot to me,and quietly sit right next to me for teeth brushing time.

 Some people may provide smoked bones,hooves,raw marrow bones, bully sticks,Deer Antlers, dental chew or dental liquid that you are supposed to pour some into dogs’ drinking water to clean dogs’ teeth,but I would not expect it to clean teeth like Palette’s.

 Smoked bones (pet bones from pet stores :shin bone,marrow bones,knuckle bones,rib bones,cow hooves) splinter sharp and,can cause teeth wear or teeth break. I am not comfortable giving those to her. Raw bones from heavy big animals like cows (marrow bone, knuckle bone,femur bone etc etc) is very thick bone and again,teeth breaker or wearer and,I don’t give those to my dog. Some people give them with no incident but I personally stay away from those.

 With bully sticks and Antlers, I think it is good chew and dogs love them,but it is not a magical chew for cleaning teeth. Bones or bully sticks or Deer Antlers encourage the dogs to chew,but if you look closely,all they use is back molar area only. They would not use front teeth,they would not use canine teeth. So, you need to brush dog’s teeth. You can see how Palette enjoy Buffalo bully sticks.Watch closely.She is NOT using canine teeth or front teeth. With Deer Antler, you can see how Palette is chewing in our previous entry titled “Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs”. Again,she uses back molars area only for Antlers,no front teeth or canine teeth.

 If you were a blog subscriber, or reading this from Facebook page,please click here to watch video clip of Palette enjoying Buffalo bully sticks.

 With Dental chew,it is highly processed and, I personally stay away from it. I prefer as minimally processed as possible. Being natural is best. Even if I give the dental chew to her,she would probably chew about 1-2 minutes and everything will be gone. I don’t see the value of giving dental chews for cleaning teeth with such a short time chewing action.

 Lastly, with liquid type of dental products, I have not used it for my dog so,I am not sure how effective it will be (I wonder if dog can have white teeth like Palette without actual teeth brushing  if dogs drink water with dental cleaning liquid in it),but you need to read the label as well just like you would for food. Some of the products contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs (you can read on xylitol on previous entry titled “xylitol“. Read the label before you buy it.

 So, if you look for chews that would “help” cleaning the dog’s teeth in addition to brushing teeth, I would recommend Deer Antlers. Bully sticks is fine but it does not last as long as Deer Antlers would. For my Corgi,she has the same Antlers for 1.5 years now. With bully sticks that she is eating in the video above, she ate it all in 30 minutes. Guess which is worth the cost for me. Definitely Antlers.

 Diet is also something that helps cleaning the dog’s teeth.

 With kibble, canned food, or home-cooked diet, again,dogs do not use canine teeth or front teeth so, brushing teeth is best way to keep their teeth free from getting tartar build-up. Brushing your dog’s teeth by yourself is more cost effective than getting teeth cleaned professionally,and avoid risk from general anesthesia for dental cleaning. (To read previous entry on “general anesthesia and dog”,please click here.)

 With raw diet though, dogs use all teeth; canine teeth,molars, front teeth. If you feed big hunk of meat, they sink in their canine teeth into meat, and use the teeth to rip or tear. Sometimes,they use front teeth to bite pieces to pull, and they use molar to take some chunk off from edge of the meat. By this chewing motion, grain or silver skin or sinew in the meat acts like Dental floss if you will. This is another way to help dog’s teeth clean. Bellow is my dog “Palette” enjoy goat leg meat. Watch closely. She use more canine or front teeth to work on it.

 If you were a blog subscriber, or reading this from Facebook page,please click here to watch the video clip.

 Another video bellow is Palette eating Buffalo ribs. I waited a white til some meat is gone so that I can tape to show you where she use front teeth and ripping meat off the bone.

 If you were a blog subscriber, or reading this from Facebook page,please click here to watch the video clip.

 In summary, recipe for Palette’s white teeth is as followings.

 1. Daily teeth brushing with CET tooth paste that contains enzyme
 2. Daily gnawing for Deer Antlers (she gnaws 2 times a day 15 minutes per session)
 3. Raw diet

 I give buffalo bully stick to Palette occasionally especially on big meal day as a snack. She gets buffalo bully sticks approx. once a month. If she were lucky, she gets jackpot (buffalo bully sticks) as rewards for “find it” game.

 Getting dogs used to the handling of the muzzle is  good for you not just for brushing teeth training,but also to notice teeth wearer or broken teeth at early time. Brushing teeth is probably not fun time for many dogs,but as simple as brushing dog’s teeth can extend their life too.

 Just remember to keep it short,talk to them,praise them and use the time as another way of bonding time. It may take a while for dogs to get used to all teeth brushing routine but, worth it for their health!

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Thai cooking: Papaya salad

 7 years ago,I was still in Japan and never had Mexican food,Thai food,Vietnamese food.. now,came over here,I see so many fresh produce,spice,herbs and I maybe having too much fun playing with it. I like to try new thing with my twist when it comes to cooking. I like to be creative with it. I cook many different kinds of dishes and,when I find it so yummy,I tend to file the recipe in recipe file and next time when I make it,I tweak it my way. When I have my favorite flavor,I like to use the key ingredients and whip up something nice.

 My first experience with Thai dish is probably about 6 years ago. I worked for Airlines and, co-worker from Thailand brought Thai dish. It was very aromatic and spicy dish but,it was very delicious. Then, we had a chance to try out Thai restaurant and,experienced more Thai food. Pad-Thai, Penang curry,Thai dumpling,Thai tea, Thai Coffee etc etc..

 Japanese,Chinese,Vietnamese,Thai,and Indian dishes looks very complicated to make it but it’s really not that complicated. Some of the dishes like spring roll or dumpling can be time-consuming but not complicated to make it. In fact,it maybe fun to make with whole family. It’s fun.

 This time, I like to introduce “Papaya salad”. I leaned from Thai lady.This is very spicy but cannot stop eating.Very addictive flavor. I tweaked a little because some of the ingredients were not something I always had in hand.

 Obviously,key ingredients here will be green papaya. It is very big unripe papaya. One green papaya maybe about 1 feet in size. You can find it in Asian store. If you did not find one,you can use boiled green beans,chopped lettuce, half cut cherry tomatoes,shredded carrots,bean sprouts,shredded cucumber etc anything you would use for your salad is fine. One green papaya gives you lots of shredded papaya.So, it is good salad dish for party or when you bring large number of people to your house.
1> Prepare vegetable/papaya for salad
2>In the sauce pan, add 1/4cup of fish sauce and 2tbs brown sugar(if you go authentic,use palm sugar), and dissolve the sugar with heat
3>chop 1 clove of garlic and Thai chili peppers (I use 5-6),and add them to the sauce pan
4>Add 1 fresh lime juice, 5-6 of cherry tomatoes  cut into half to the pan,squash the tomato a little with potato masher
5>(if you go by authentic,add 2tbs of dry shrimp powder. You can find them at Asian store)
6>Taste the dressing and if it was ok,pour it over salad before eating. I like to add lime zest over the salad too.

 Here is my take. When I cook fish,I sometimes cook it with salad dressing. It may sound strange but it goes really well. For example,last time when I cooked fish,I just skillet flounder fish fillet (I think white meat fish will be best for this) with salt & Pepper.Then just about done in a minute,I added splash of  salad dressing and finished cooking fish in it. Salad dressing does not have to be just for salad. You can use it for marinade or cook with it.

 Enjoy! For lime wedge,toss it into disposal in the kitchen sink. It becomes kitchen disposal freshener.

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Trash VS Rubbish

 These days, people move more towards to go green,and you can see many eco friendly green products from green doggy bed made from plastic bottles to green cleaning products. People are more concerned about being friendly to our environment.

 Just changing the products you would use in your daily life is not  only one thing you can do to be friendly to our environment. Not littering is other thing you can do to help our environment stay clean.

 In USA,most people would use the word “Trash” when they describe the garbage from household,but in England, they use the word “Rubbish” to point out the household garbage. “Rubbish” can also mean “not true”,”not good”,”to criticize”.

 Putting out signs or posters in public place to ask people not to littering is one thing,but according to BBC news, one lady in England has started “The clean-up campaign”. She asks kids who buy sweets,snacks to write down their name on it with permanent marker. If she found a named wrapper with children’s name on it,she will have a chat with him/her,ask them to pick up some litters.She says it is working.
(To read full story,please click here)

 When I came over to US, one of the thing I was very surprised at was about trash.  Japanese household does not have big Trash bin like US people do,and no trash service people with big truck would visit each house to pick up their trash.

 In Japan, each household bring their own trash bag to designated area on designated day of the week,and Truck visit that site every week to pick up the trash. Also,not all trash should be in the same bag. You need to put the trash to right bags. One for flammable trash,one for non flammable,one for newspaper,one for aluminum cans,one for non aluminum can,one for plastic bottles etc and each trash is to be out in certain ways.If the bag was not taken out the way it supposed to,the trash service people would not pick up your bag.

 If you visit Japan,you would probably wonder which litter box you would put the trash in your hand need to go to. We have many kinds.. When I was in Japan (7 years ago),it was just about simple ways to take out the trash but when I backed in Japan to visit my family,it was a real culture shock. So many kinds of litter box, and since household trash has to be put out certain way,my family had some different trash bin for different thing,and I had to ask them which one my trash needs to go.

 In Nagoya city,Aichi prefecture,Japan,they take used oil as trash if not animal sourced oil such as lard. How to take the oil out as trash is to wash the plastic bottle,take off the label,pour the oil in,cap it and take out on certain days.I am not sure where this oil trash goes but it maybe good idea to be taken care of that way.

  What do you think of the cleaning campaign by England lady?

    What do you think of Japanese way of putting out the trash?

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Clicker training;Clicker is your friend

  If you have read dog training books or dog training TV shows,chances are you have heard of the term “Clicker training”.

Have you ever wondered how it was applied to canine training?

 According to

The trainer’s whistle tells seals or dolphin or whale they did good job and they have just earned their yummy fish. (to read more,please click here)

Clicker training was first introduced to me when I enrolled into puppy training class.

Clicker is small training tool that has metal that makes unique sound. This sound is so unique that dogs would probably not hear the same sound in their daily life other than in clicker training session. This makes training more effective.

Below is Palette’s clicker. White clicker is the one I got from puppy training class,but it makes louder sound and it made Palette scared of the sound.

Therefore,we got 3 tone adjustable dog bone clicker (green one) that does not make too loud noise. Maybe the fact that Palette being a herding dog,she maybe sensitive to the sound. I use green one for Palette’s clicker training.

th Dog bone clicker



Clicker training basic..

First,puppy class trainer has taught us to teach dogs to associate clicker sound and yummy treats.

During this session,we were told to just click and treat,click and treat.

After dogs started looking for treats when they hear the sound, it can tells you they now know what clicker sound means.

What kinds of treats you would use for?

Since repetition is the key,and give lots of treats during training session, it is best to find something you can break into small pieces by hands or by scissors to lentil size (quarter inch or less),which dog can swallow treats and not require crunching.

This means,no biscuits treats for training session because crunching slow down the speed of training.

I like using dehydrated dog treats that you can snap into very small pieces. Currently,our dog “Palette” is getting Aunt Jeni’s lung treats.

It is a dehydrated grass-fed beef or lamb lung treat.It is flat type,not cubed type.Very easy to break with your hands. Small sheet of dehydrated goat lung treats “Dogitos” makes lots of training treats.

Dehydrated treats such as our brand of “Surf Turf Jerky” (Grass-fed buffalo meat with wild caught salmon with skin on.This will be made to order.), or Wild West Cowboy Jerky (Grass-fed Beef  Jerky treats made with single ingredient “Grass-fed grass-finished Beef meat”.This Jerky is also made to order Jerky.) etc.. that we have on our store is also easy to cut to small bits with hands or scissors.

Below is how I broke up Dogitos (dehydrated lung treats)  into pieces.

Piece you can see on your left hand side is about 1 inch or so I think. You can see how much you can get out of small piece of treats.

Please don’t give your dog 1 whole piece as training treats per click.It is way too much for training treats.


Goat Dogitos (dehydrated grass-fed goat lung treats) cut into small pieces for training ..

After dogs associate the clicker sound with yummy treats, you can use the clicker for almost anything to teach.

Basic command from sit,stay,down to funny/cute tricks such as play bow, to behavior reinforcement such as heal (loose leash walk),go to crate on cue,or to grooming matters such as nail clipping. Possibility is unlimited. And, it is a lot of fun for dogs.

With impaired hearing dogs,they can use flash light or hand sign instead of clicker.(to read full story,please click here)

How clicker training works is that, when dogs did what you asked them to do,click the clicker and give them a treat.

Repeat it,finish the training with success or better yet fun game like “Find it game” just like I do for our dog “Palette” (To watch how Palette play “Find it” game,please click here.).That is it.Very easy.Kids can train dogs, too.

Good thing about clicker is that you can mark your dogs exact behavior you like without delaying split seconds. If you teach “Sit” with clicker,as soon as your dog’s butt touch the floor with paws all on floor,click and treat.

Therefore,they know sit means 4 paws on floor with butt on floor.If you use “Good boy” as way to tell him he did good.Sometimes,he may perceive it as you rewarded him the behavior of  “sit and then jump up”.

I use clicker until Palette knows cue & behavior,and I fade it away and use verbal reward with unscheduled treats or nice quick petting ( I sometimes give her 3 pieces of treats,sometimes I just give verbal reward only for couple of times and then next time she did correctly,I give 1 treats or I let her do all the commands without treats and give her one small snack such as trachea (AKA Moo-tubes) at the end and she crunch it down as jackpot treats, etc.

I make myself hard to predict. Reward does not have to be food.It can be nice couple of petting,or big gesture to tell them they did good,or fetch ball.

The treats does not have to come all the time after each every single command once they know what cue was it for. After all,you would not want them to rely on clicker to give you nice behavior,and you would probably don’t have treats or clicker all the time.

If Palette seemed to forget what the cue was for, for example,I go back to click and treats again.

After 3 years of clicker training for Palette,I taught her lots of things. She can do many things. She licks her muzzle on cue,help you taking off your socks,shake hands,wave paws,high 5,play dead,go hide on cue,go get leash for walk,close the door,weave through my legs,figure eight,scratch on cue etc..list goes on.

Clicker training is fun,very effective way to train your dogs.

However, you cannot feel hurry.You still need patience,and repetition with baby steps. Make your bond with your dog stronger through the training and have fun with them.

The Key for the training,I think,are being patient,be calm (don’t get frustrated),be consistent, and make it fun,make the training time short.

I usually do training about 5 minutes or so per day. See what Palette leaned with clicker training;Close the door,with video clip.

When I do laundry,she usually follows me to the room,then wait on me with down position.As soon as she sees me out from the room,she goes behind the door and close the door for me.

If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Palette close the door on cue..


  Are you ready for clicking?

** Please note that I am not a dog trainer.**


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Marissa with 2 dog crews,June 13th, 2009

I just received mine(Baguette biscuits).
I really liked them… I love treats that the dogs cannot swallow whole
the first time (since my 2 seem to do that). They actually tasted it
and took their time eating. I’m gonna take it as they loved them,
because as I type this, they’re sitting in the kitchen by the bag!

Thank you so much thumbsup


* *Feedback is used with permission**

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Golden week, Children’s Day in Japan

 Each country has its own annual events throughout the year. Each cerebrate their special day in their special ways,and it passes on generation to generation. One of the unique events in Japan probably is Golden week. So,what is “Golden week”?

 Golden week is a holiday week,and usually starts from end of April through beginning of May. People gets off from work or school,and usually family spend their time traveling to their favorite places. Often times,it is highest price season for Air tickets or hotel reservation charge,and all highway gets bumper to bumper.Very heavy traffic jam.

 During the Golden week, it usually includes “Children’s day” (kodomono hi). In Japan,there are boy’s day,girl’s day,not just mother’s day or father’s day.Everyone gets to be cerebrated.

 Children’s day fall on May 5th it is also “boy’s day”. It is the day to cerebrate for boys to grow healthy. IF you live in Japan,and if you had son,your family would display a helmet replica,samurai clothes,samurai sword,bow/arrows inside the house,and carp streamers (koi  nobori) outside the house. In Japan,carp is thought to be a lucky fish,so it is for symbol for kids’ success.

 This is Yoroi Kazari (samurai clothe family would display on May 5th. This is Japanese site and,you would probably cannot read letters but you can see the pictures of it.)

 This is Koinobori (carp streamer.This is Japanese site and,you would probably cannot read letters but you can see the pictures of it).

 One more thing, that you would have on Children’s day is Chimaki. It is  a rice dumpling that is wrapped in bamboo leaves),or maybe you also find kashiwa mochi (rice cake in oak leaf).Kashiwa mochi usually have sweet azuki beans paste inside.These are very special treat of the day. You would not find Chimaki other season but May around Children’s day. Chimaki is one of Japanese food I miss a lot.It really is tasty. 

 On the Children’s day, many events are hold locally. Last time I backed to Japan in May,there was similar events and we had some taiko show (Japanese drummer show) on the events.

But best of the best Taiko group in Japan is called “YAMATO”.They tour around the world and very good and very famous. Look at their Drumming skill of Japanese Taiko Drum bellow. If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook please click here to watch the video.

What do you think of our holidays in May and this amazing Japanese Taiko Group “Yamato”?

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Amie with Liberty and Oscar,June 9th, 2009

Yassy, the Baguette biscuits sample just came in the mail – they’re SO cute! They look a little like chocolate chip cookies!

Both Liberty and Oscar loved them. In fact, they were very encouraging
that I open the mail right away, and I wasn’t sure why until I saw what
was in the envelope! They really enjoyed a biscuit each and both asked
for more, but I’ll save the rest for a time when I really need them to
pay attention! lol

Thanks so much!


* *Feedback is used with permission**

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Puppy mills Awareness Day

  When you get a dog for your family, where would you look to find one? Many people may first look up on the internet. Could be breeder directory,rescue organization website, local shelters .. Some may look up newspaper or internet classified add. Some may go to pet stores.

  Getting a dog is very exciting thing,but take a moment and think where you are getting a dog from. And make sure to go look the puppy’s parents and conditions they are living in. It is very important thing when you get a dog. Because if you just go to pet store or make agreement online without seeing their parents and living conditions,you could be supporting a puppy mills business.

  What is puppy mills?? Puppy mills is the facility that have hundreds of dogs,and keep them in small cages without offering normal dog activity (walking,running,sniffing the ground etc),without proper care (water,food,bonding) and sell puppies for profit. Usually,dogs have bad skin conditions,matted, and no real bonding experience with human.

 Some Puppy mills sell puppies through auction with description being how many puppies one could have. They don’t talk about temperament or what the dogs like to do,they  just shout out litter numbers they can have.. You can see clip bellow.If you are subscriber of blog or reading from Facebook page,please click linkable.

Video 1:CBS NEWS: Goldstein Exposes Puppy Mills

Video clip 2: Dog auction exposed

 So, if you look shelters/rescue groups and did not find good match with your life style,try look for reputable breeder. It is best if you could visit their facility,meet puppy’s parents,and actually spend some time with breeder,ask about the dogs (health,diet,training etc),spend time with puppies,and look the living condition they are raised in. These points will tell you a lot about how potentially your puppy-to-be is raised. Some breeders will like to visit your house to see what house the puppy will be raised in, some will give you questionnaires sheet to fill out and, find best match with you. Reputable breeders should know a lot about dogs or breeds they have,and should help you along the way after you bring puppy to your house.

 You can find more on puppy mill story here.

 Coming September 19th,2009 (puppy mills awareness day),there will be a parade in PA demonstrating against the puppy mills. The dog trainer “Victoria Stilwell” from “Its Me Or The Dog” will be there to march as well.  The event’s organizer has Facebook page.You can join them and watch for schedule detail, or you can visit their website here.

 For kids to learn about animal care,humane society has program for youth.

 Dogs are our loving companions, and they should enjoy days running around the yard,cuddling up with human for petting/massage, learning tricks. Dogs should be dogs. They should not spend all of their life in small tiny cages.

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