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Puppy mills Awareness Day

  When you get a dog for your family, where would you look to find one? Many people may first look up on the internet. Could be breeder directory,rescue organization website, local shelters .. Some may look up newspaper or internet classified add. Some may go to pet stores.

  Getting a dog is very exciting thing,but take a moment and think where you are getting a dog from. And make sure to go look the puppy’s parents and conditions they are living in. It is very important thing when you get a dog. Because if you just go to pet store or make agreement online without seeing their parents and living conditions,you could be supporting a puppy mills business.

  What is puppy mills?? Puppy mills is the facility that have hundreds of dogs,and keep them in small cages without offering normal dog activity (walking,running,sniffing the ground etc),without proper care (water,food,bonding) and sell puppies for profit. Usually,dogs have bad skin conditions,matted, and no real bonding experience with human.

 Some Puppy mills sell puppies through auction with description being how many puppies one could have. They don’t talk about temperament or what the dogs like to do,they  just shout out litter numbers they can have.. You can see clip bellow.If you are subscriber of blog or reading from Facebook page,please click linkable.

Video 1:CBS NEWS: Goldstein Exposes Puppy Mills

Video clip 2: Dog auction exposed

 So, if you look shelters/rescue groups and did not find good match with your life style,try look for reputable breeder. It is best if you could visit their facility,meet puppy’s parents,and actually spend some time with breeder,ask about the dogs (health,diet,training etc),spend time with puppies,and look the living condition they are raised in. These points will tell you a lot about how potentially your puppy-to-be is raised. Some breeders will like to visit your house to see what house the puppy will be raised in, some will give you questionnaires sheet to fill out and, find best match with you. Reputable breeders should know a lot about dogs or breeds they have,and should help you along the way after you bring puppy to your house.

 You can find more on puppy mill story here.

 Coming September 19th,2009 (puppy mills awareness day),there will be a parade in PA demonstrating against the puppy mills. The dog trainer “Victoria Stilwell” from “Its Me Or The Dog” will be there to march as well.  The event’s organizer has Facebook page.You can join them and watch for schedule detail, or you can visit their website here.

 For kids to learn about animal care,humane society has program for youth.

 Dogs are our loving companions, and they should enjoy days running around the yard,cuddling up with human for petting/massage, learning tricks. Dogs should be dogs. They should not spend all of their life in small tiny cages.

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