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Marissa with 2 dog crews,June 13th, 2009

I just received mine(Baguette biscuits).
I really liked them… I love treats that the dogs cannot swallow whole
the first time (since my 2 seem to do that). They actually tasted it
and took their time eating. I’m gonna take it as they loved them,
because as I type this, they’re sitting in the kitchen by the bag!

Thank you so much thumbsup


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Golden week, Children’s Day in Japan

 Each country has its own annual events throughout the year. Each cerebrate their special day in their special ways,and it passes on generation to generation. One of the unique events in Japan probably is Golden week. So,what is “Golden week”?

 Golden week is a holiday week,and usually starts from end of April through beginning of May. People gets off from work or school,and usually family spend their time traveling to their favorite places. Often times,it is highest price season for Air tickets or hotel reservation charge,and all highway gets bumper to bumper.Very heavy traffic jam.

 During the Golden week, it usually includes “Children’s day” (kodomono hi). In Japan,there are boy’s day,girl’s day,not just mother’s day or father’s day.Everyone gets to be cerebrated.

 Children’s day fall on May 5th it is also “boy’s day”. It is the day to cerebrate for boys to grow healthy. IF you live in Japan,and if you had son,your family would display a helmet replica,samurai clothes,samurai sword,bow/arrows inside the house,and carp streamers (koi  nobori) outside the house. In Japan,carp is thought to be a lucky fish,so it is for symbol for kids’ success.

 This is Yoroi Kazari (samurai clothe family would display on May 5th. This is Japanese site and,you would probably cannot read letters but you can see the pictures of it.)

 This is Koinobori (carp streamer.This is Japanese site and,you would probably cannot read letters but you can see the pictures of it).

 One more thing, that you would have on Children’s day is Chimaki. It is  a rice dumpling that is wrapped in bamboo leaves),or maybe you also find kashiwa mochi (rice cake in oak leaf).Kashiwa mochi usually have sweet azuki beans paste inside.These are very special treat of the day. You would not find Chimaki other season but May around Children’s day. Chimaki is one of Japanese food I miss a lot.It really is tasty. 

 On the Children’s day, many events are hold locally. Last time I backed to Japan in May,there was similar events and we had some taiko show (Japanese drummer show) on the events.

But best of the best Taiko group in Japan is called “YAMATO”.They tour around the world and very good and very famous. Look at their Drumming skill of Japanese Taiko Drum bellow. If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook please click here to watch the video.

What do you think of our holidays in May and this amazing Japanese Taiko Group “Yamato”?

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