Trash VS Rubbish

 These days, people move more towards to go green,and you can see many eco friendly green products from green doggy bed made from plastic bottles to green cleaning products. People are more concerned about being friendly to our environment.

 Just changing the products you would use in your daily life is not  only one thing you can do to be friendly to our environment. Not littering is other thing you can do to help our environment stay clean.

 In USA,most people would use the word “Trash” when they describe the garbage from household,but in England, they use the word “Rubbish” to point out the household garbage. “Rubbish” can also mean “not true”,”not good”,”to criticize”.

 Putting out signs or posters in public place to ask people not to littering is one thing,but according to BBC news, one lady in England has started “The clean-up campaign”. She asks kids who buy sweets,snacks to write down their name on it with permanent marker. If she found a named wrapper with children’s name on it,she will have a chat with him/her,ask them to pick up some litters.She says it is working.
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 When I came over to US, one of the thing I was very surprised at was about trash.  Japanese household does not have big Trash bin like US people do,and no trash service people with big truck would visit each house to pick up their trash.

 In Japan, each household bring their own trash bag to designated area on designated day of the week,and Truck visit that site every week to pick up the trash. Also,not all trash should be in the same bag. You need to put the trash to right bags. One for flammable trash,one for non flammable,one for newspaper,one for aluminum cans,one for non aluminum can,one for plastic bottles etc and each trash is to be out in certain ways.If the bag was not taken out the way it supposed to,the trash service people would not pick up your bag.

 If you visit Japan,you would probably wonder which litter box you would put the trash in your hand need to go to. We have many kinds.. When I was in Japan (7 years ago),it was just about simple ways to take out the trash but when I backed in Japan to visit my family,it was a real culture shock. So many kinds of litter box, and since household trash has to be put out certain way,my family had some different trash bin for different thing,and I had to ask them which one my trash needs to go.

 In Nagoya city,Aichi prefecture,Japan,they take used oil as trash if not animal sourced oil such as lard. How to take the oil out as trash is to wash the plastic bottle,take off the label,pour the oil in,cap it and take out on certain days.I am not sure where this oil trash goes but it maybe good idea to be taken care of that way.

  What do you think of the cleaning campaign by England lady?

    What do you think of Japanese way of putting out the trash?

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