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Have you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying the treats and chews? Not just pictures,but in video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures?

I have started series titled “Palette’s Note”, which you can read about products detail and see video clips from Palette’s taste test.

This time,I like to put out detail on Deer Antlers.

Pal with Antler hold

Palette enjoy her Antlers

In previous entry titled Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs, I talked about what Deer Antlers is, and how much I love (and of course, how much our stumpy “Palette” the Corgi loves) these Deer Antlers for long lasting chew.

To recap, Deer Antlers is Deer horn if you will.Deer shed Antlers once a year and, it is harvested for dogs to chew on.

Our Antlers come from Domestic free-range Elk/Deer and, comes with different thickness,texture,color,shapes( Some are branched out two ways,some are straight, some are different shapes), length and it gives your dogs more variety of fun to chew on. No antlers come exactly the same.

We have 6 sizes available; XS (2″-4″),S (3″-6″), M (4″-7″), L (5″-10″),XL (6″-10″), XXL (6″-12″). Below are pictures of L size and XXL size Antlers.


 Deer Antlers “L” size


Deer Antlers “XXL” size

 I have found this long lasting chew “Deer Antlers” almost 1.5 years ago. I was not sure if Palette would enjoy it,but she was hooked with this Antlers and goes back to Antlers religiously 2 times a day,each about 15 minutes chewing session and despite the fact that how much she enjoy gnawing so much and going back to Antlers daily,it has been lasting 1.5 years or so.

Same Antlers are being chewed for so long. She likes to carry the Antlers around the house and gnaws on different spots. If you were giving bully sticks for long lasting chews,you would be spending much more on them.

Bully sticks are fun and nice snack but 6″ long bully stick for my 32lb Corgi lasts about 30 minutes and gone. So, lots of bully sticks are needed to provide and satisfy urge of chewing of your dogs throughout a year.

Antlers have no odor,no stains,no splinter like smoked bones (chewing grinds down rather than chunk off from the Antlers), and it provides natural minerals, etc I liked the fact that the Antlers I got 1.5 years ago is still being enjoyed by our dog as much as she did before and,it really was worth the cost for me.

And,of course, there is nothing artificial in it. This is the reason why I started offering the Antlers for others.

Lets watch how she gnaws on her Antlers.This video clip was taped in August 2009. The video clip you find on  entry titled Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs was taped in May 2009.

You can see what it is like 3 months later.

Palette and Deer Antlers August 2009


If you were a blog subscriber, please click here to watch video clip.

Below is pictures of exact Antler Palette was chewing on in May 2009 and August 2009 video clip.Picture was taken in May 2009,and August 2009.You can see how the Antlers go shorter by her chewing action.

The Antler she got 1.5 years ago was L size Antler and,it was around 9″ long. As of August,it is now 4″ long. I did not measure Antler in May 2009 but you can see how much progress she has made during the 3 months. And,you can see that Antlers is not broken off but rather grind down.



Deer Antler picture May 2009


Deer Antlers picture August 2009

 There is another  brand of Antlers.It is chalky and most size are 4″-6″ long and only difference is thickness of the Antlers.

Have you ever wondered why it is so chalky? I asked them why. They are washed in water  and sanded.That is why, it is chalky. That is why all comes straight shape. Ours come with varied shape.

 I wrote Palette’s Antler has been enjoyed for more than 1.5 years,but how long it would last for your dogs will be depending on dogs’ jaws ability to chew and how long they spend on it.

Please observe how they chew and if they were putting their whole body weight on Antlers and trying to break into half, please take it away.It is not the good chew for them.

As with any chews,supervise your dog. And when it gets small enough for dogs to swallow,please take it away.

It is always good practice to wash the Antlers with warm soapy water thoroughly before handing them to your dogs.

If you were interested in our Antlers,please check out our Antlers here. Please note that size of the Antler is not the length ( estimated length of Antler is provided) but by weight.


Palette is getting tired from chewing Antlers


 Now,she is REALLY tired. She needs good power nap!

 Palette gnaw Antlers ..on her favorite bed..

 One same Antlers can provide Palette so much fun,and I am sure you can clearly see how much she loves it. I was asked if it needs to be kept in fridge. Answer is “No”.You do not need to keep it in your fridge. You keep them at room temperature.

Have you got Deer Antlers yet?

Join Palette’s secret Deer Antlers club. Palette would enjoy Deer Antler pawty with other furry friends!

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.

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