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Bizarre Pet insurance claim:Hambone Award

 In previous entry titled “Why do dogs eat inedible?” , I wrote about I had one incident that got me worried very much when Palette swallowed coin. Then, in entry titled “Dog proofing your houseI wrote about Golden Retriever that ate 5 golf gloves,10socks, 1 stocking and 1 towel and those inedible items were found when vet tried to treat what they thought was tumor.

 Dogs have curious mind, and they can get into things you would not imagine. Sometimes,such mishaps require surgeries and, I would imagine occasionally, Pet insurance companies would encounter very unusual pet insurance claims.

 This year, Pet insurance company “VPI” launched their first national award called “Hambone award”. It recognize unexpected mishaps. Each month,they add nominee to their website and after 12 nominees are up, people vote for one that they think is most unusual claim. The nominee that received most vote gets “Hambone award”.

 You can read many unusual mishaps at VPI website (Please click here) and also you can share your own mishaps too (Please click here). 

 Sometimes,by reading others’ mishaps,you can learn something from them,and maybe you can prevent similar things happen to your dogs.

 Among bizarre claims, this is what I thought many dogs could go through same mishaps. Many dogs love chasing objects,loves balls.. This case, the object fetched was unusual.

 Labrador retriever named “Marley” and his owner went to beach. Then,they played fetch. Then,the owner spotted Sea Urchins laying a lot on ground,so she started pick it up,threw them back to sea. What happened next? Marley could have thought they still were playing fetch and he went to fetch the Urchins the owner was throwing back.

 Lulu, the English bull dog is in love with pacifier and, she ate 15 pacifiers during 6 months.The owner has spotted Lulu licking the pacifier, said “No” but then,she did not pick it up then thinking Lulu would not eat it. However,Lulu ate 15 of them during the course  of 6 months. The pacifiers were removed from Lulu and,beloved pacifiers are not laying around in their house anymore. I think when you find your dog showing great interests in something in inedible, it is better to take it away right on the spot.

 According to VPI, this Hambone award was named in honor of a dog that got stuck in fridge and ate entire Thanksgiving Ham while waiting to be found.(Read more on here.)

 With Palette,we have not had any mishaps that require surgeries. She has had leg surgery 4 years ago. Palette was limping 4 years ago, and we were under vet’s office pet insurance and some of the cost incurred to diagnose what was wrong with her leg (such as x-ray etc) was covered by pet insurance. As a result,we did not get answer to what was causing her limping (vet thought it was ligament tore but,when they cut her leg up,ligament was perfectly fine, and vet was scratching their head. Palette is not limping now but wonder what was causing her limping.),but surgery cost was high. Having insurance helped to some degree. When expensive surgeries are required, having pet insurance could help some.

 What do you look at when you decide or compare pet insurance plans?

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