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Pet Food Pantry Updated on Oct 11,2009

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 These days,I have seen so many news about what economy is effecting people and furry friends. Some people has to give up their dream home,and some people leave the be-loved furry friends in the house, some other people choose to live in a van with many dogs because they do not want to be separated from furry friends that spent many years together. There is no question about dogs/cats are part of the family.

 Recently, I found out that non profit organization is giving their helping hands to people and furry friends in need. The organization is called “Pet Food Pantry”. You can find such organization across the country. Here is a couple of sites I found. 

 This site ( Click here) is for nation pet food pantry search site. You click on states you live in and it gives you the contact information. This one (Click here ) is a list of service you can get.

 So,what is “Pet Food Pantry”?? Pet Food Pantry is an organization that give you pet food,toys,treats etc with low cost or no cost. In other words,it is a food bank for Pets. In VA, for example, if you were about to force to the situation where you cannot keep your dogs/cats with you,you can create Paw Alert (Click here) ,and you can find a shelter for your furry friends. Also, you can visit Humane Society of Fair fax country in VA ,and apply for “Pet Food Pantry” recipient. (Application form here.)

 Recently,I came across some more website that may help people with pets. One website is called (click here) and the other is called (click here).These sites have list of Pet friendly rentals which you can search state by state.

 Also, for those who are looking for foster groups, no kill shelters, there is one website called no paw left behind (click here). You can search those groups by entering zip code.

 I think that Pet Food Pantry idea is great one,and I hope this idea keep the furry friends and people together,and no more abandoned furry friends in news..

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