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Japanese cooking: Katsu Don (Pork cutlet & onion in Teriyaki sauce over rice)

 This is one of my favorite Japanese dish. This is basically, deep-fried pork cutlet and sliced onion over rice and soy base sauce is pour over them. Katsu is “deep-fried pork cutlet” in Japanese. If you did not have pork in your freezer/fridge, you can use veal cutlet or maybe cubed beef steak pounded to thin and deep fry them.

 First,you want to start cooking rice. Rice used for Japanese cooking,my personal choice brand, is called “Kokuho Rose Rice”. You can find them at local grocery store at international ail. Cook them accordingly to the direction on its back of the package.

 Second, you will start making sauce to pour over rice. Bellow is for 4 serving worth amount of sauce.

1>Place a sauce pan over stove top, pour 14 oz of water (400 ml water), add 6 tbs soy sauce (I love kikkoman brand bottle imported from Japan), 6 tbs Mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine.I love Mirin imported from Japan) and slice about half of big onion and put those Onion into mixture of water,soy sauce,mirin and cook through

2>While sauce is cooking, prepare to make Katsu (Pork cutlet)

I usually use Pork tenderloin OR Boneless Pork chop.Pound them thin with meat mallet or back of the knife and sprinkle Morton’s Nature seasoning, and flour them,dip them into beaten egg and roll them onto Panko bread crams.  It is always practical to heat the oil while you are dredging meat into flour,egg,panko. That way, you do not have to wait till the oil gets heat up after you have done everything for cutlet.

3> When oil gets heat up,fry them to deep golden and place them onto paper towel to drain the excess oil.

4>When everything is done, put the cutlets to soy sauce mixture,and beaten 3-4 eggs into measuring cup and pour them onto cutlet and sauce and cook through.

5>Put rice on soup bowl, put cutlet with egg and Onion onto rice and pour extra sauce from sauce pan and voilĂ ,you made Katsu Don!

** My husband does not like to eat egg cooked in the sauce and what I usually do is as following

His meal: put rice,top it with Katsu,scoop some onion, and pour some soy sauce mixture without egg

My meal: Same as my husband but since I love egg with sauce,I make sunny side up for mine and put Sunny side up onto Rice,Katsu,Onion, and pour sauce over and crack the sunny side up as I eat.

If you had leftover Katsu,make Katsu sandwich. Bread,cutlet, mixture of ketchup+Worcester sauce,sliced tomato,lettuce and you have big sandwich for yourself to enjoy!

If you like to make Katsu for Party scene,you can make Kushi Katsu.Kushi means toothpicks.Basically, skewed little pork cutlet with onion. I know my husband love this but it is so time consuming and I tend to make Katsu more than Kushi Katsu. Here is how you make it.

1> Cut boneless pork chop to strips and sprinkle Morton’s nature’s seasoning, slice onion

2>Take a toothpicks,skew them in order of Pork chop strip,onion,pork chop strip,onion and flour them,dip them into beaten egg, and roll onto Panko bread crumbs.

3>Then,deep fry them.

4>You now made Kushi Katsu.Sauce I make is usually mixture of Worcester sauce+Ketchup.

When you hear Japanese cooking,it has impression of all complicated cooking but it actually not so. If you have got basic of our flavor:Soy sauce,Sake,Mirin,Rice vinegar, you probably can make thousands of different kind of Japanese dishes.


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