Palette’s note; Surf Turf Jerky (Fully grass-fed Buffalo meat+Wild caught Salmon Jerky)

 Have you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying the treats and chews?

 Not just pictures,but in video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures? I have started series titled “Palette’s Note”, which you can read about products detail and see video clips from Palette’s taste test.

 This time,I like to put out detail on Surf Turf Jerky 1 oz.

Surf Turf Jerky was created from ideas of providing freshest, healthiest, and most importantly palatable dog treats that people can use them as training treats.

 After switching Palette’s diet, I have realized so many of the dog treats that are sold as “all natural dog Jerky treats” are filled with sea salt, garlic, sugar, lecithin (additives), rice flour etc and also some are enriched with other vitamins.

 Some Jerky sold as wild caught salmon Jerky is gray colored sandy texture although wild caught salmon is bright orange color. It seemed like they had more flour than actual salmon meat. If they have used meat as base,it should be fibrous as you can see in the video clip below.

 Also,some Jerky is preserved with Vitamin E (Mixed tocopherol).Mixed tocopherols is delivered from soybean oil. Some treats are preserved with rosemary oil.

 Some dogs including Palette react to natural Vitamin E delivered from soy. Many dogs love those Jerky that has sugar,garlic, salt,smoked flavor added etc and price maybe affordable price.However, are they really good for them?

We wanted to eliminated all those fillers and provide Jerky made out from just high quality grass-fed/wild caught meat sold for human consumption.

 Grass-fed meat is low in kcal and fat,and has more protein and has more Omega 3 that is good for skin and coat. Wild caught salmon provides high omega 3 as well.

 Surf Turf Jerky is made with American FULLY grass-fed buffalo meat with wild caught salmon with skin on.We do not use the grass-fed buffalo meat with grain finished.

 The Jerky strip is approx 5″ long and 4-6 strips of Jerky will be in the package. Jerky will be made to order (we start making them approx. 16hrs before shipping time,and we offer freshest Jerky ever on the market),and is sold by weight.

 Surf Turf Jerky is easy to break into small pieces and great healthy training treats with benefit.

 Ingredients: Fully grass-fed buffalo meat,Wild caught salmon with skin

 Let’s watch Palette in action with Surf Turf Jerky taste test. If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch video.

 Surf Turf Jerky Part I

Can you see how much she gets excited for this Jerky? Can you hear her panting from excitement? Can you see how serious eyes she gets? Can you see how slimy my hand got from her?

I keep Surf Turf Jerky in freezer, she always come trot to me very fast once she knows I am heading to freezer door.

 She knows yummy Jerky is in the freezer and knows she gets small snack time a.k.a training time. She sits nicely and we enjoy training together.

 When we use this broken bits as find it game treats, she puts her nose high up in the air with brisk walk or running up and down stairs trying to find where I hid the tiny piece of Surf Turf Jerky.

 Of course,she never forget to sniff out all over me to make sure I am not holding the treats in my hands or having broken bits in my pockets.

 Let’s watch another Palette in action with Surf Turf Jerky.  Since she loved the Surf Turf Jerky so much that she thought one moment and figured out how to get more Surf Turf Jerky from me.

 If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch video.

Surf Turf Jerky Part II

  We sell by weight and Jerky strips’ number can vary.

 We do not use any preservatives including natural ones. Therefore, these Jerky needs to be stored in your freezer for long shelf life in air-tight zip bag after you have received your order.


  Our Surf Turf Jerky is lab-tested and is registered with department of agriculture

 ** Every 4 packages of Surf Turf Jerky you buy, you will receive 1 count of free 1 oz package of Surf Turf Jerky. **

  To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.

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