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Transportation system Part II (request stop)

 In previous entry titled “Transportation system” I wrote about transportation system in Japan and other countries. Here,I like to take a closer look on bus.

 In Japan,bus is coach type bus. We do not have double decker bus like England. Some bus take tour guide and tourists to tourist destinations, some goes around local area and takes people to Airport, some bus just go around local areas.

 Normally,you wait for bus and if bus driver saw people waiting at bus station, they would stop and open door. Occasionally, station is used not just for one route and people want to ride on different route bus that uses same bus station. If that happen, bus driver wait for a second with door open, making sure the people they see at bus station are not for their bus,and they close door and off to their next bus station.

 According to wikipedia, in England, there are bus stations that are called “request stop”. What it means is that bus driver stops at those bus station only if people they saw were raising their hands. If you were just waiting at the bus station and if you failed to raise your hands when you saw the bus,the bus would passes by you. This kind of information maybe something you would like to keep in mind if you happen to travel to England. To read more on request stop,please click here.

 One other thing I found bus in overseas different from bus in Japan is that, I do not remember seeing machine that spits out tickets and give you change installed inside the bus. Many bus in Japan has ticket machine installed next to driver seat and you can buy ticket while you ride the bus. Also,the same machine can exchange currency with coins for example. You can exchange 1 dollar bill with 4 of 25 cents coins while you ride if needed.

 And,Japanese bus have automated system that announce next bus station name. It’s very clear sound and easy to catch where you are at. Many Japanese bus has bell attached to window area and if you heard your station name called,you ring the bell once and driver stops. If nobody rang the bell and if driver did not see anybody at bus station,they would not stop.

 Back in 90’s, I have visited my friends in Boston. We took bus to mall. I was told back then that you will ring the bell when you recognize scenery and think it your station to get off. I don’t remember bus driver did announcement “Next bus station is XXX”.

 In Japan,bus are ran by either train companies or bus company,not via cities. So, you would not see much difference in transportation system if there were any.

 Here you can peek through what kinds of travel packages with tour bus are offered. Some travel agencies offer tours in English.

 It is very interesting to travel around the world and see different things,experience different things. Traveling is not just for fun but also a good opportunities for you to broaden your views of things.

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