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Why did you decided to welcome dogs that you have chosen to your family?

 4 years ago, when leaves started changing its color, we have welcomed our first ever dog ‘Palette’ to our family. She was like fluffy small ball with big ears and I remember thing like she was scared of trash bin lid,trash truck,sound of microwave door shut,or herself on mirror, hated being bathed, loved peeling off soccer ball skin taking hours of her time, loved her rabbit squeaky toys and carry around, love to chewing off toys’ ears (many squeaky toys of hers have no ears. Some are survived her chewing phase and have ears)  or loved to be cuddled/petted, loved to spend her quiet time under the bed napping.

 One thing that has not changed from the day she met us is that she always get excited to find either of us sit on couch or on floor and she never miss any chance to get close to us and get cuddled and tummy rub. She has her own “me” time,but she loves getting attention as well.

 For me,having a dog in the family is very first experience. Palette is my first dog. For 4 years,I have been enjoying every single moment with her. She is fun to play with,  she always brings fun/smiles/laughs in our family. We love her quirky  side too. 

 When we were trying to pick Palette as our dog, we came across books talking about how to pick puppies that match your life style or whether or not pick male dog or female dog from training perspective etc. We really did not have preference as to gender.

 For us, reason why we picked Palette was she was the only puppy that gave attention to us when we walked in, and wanted to investigate us, and also was the only one that responded toys we threw for her to go get it.Ultimate reason ‘why’  is that, she was the puppy before we say anything,she just came to us quietly and sat right next to us while other siblings were running around crazy.

 My questions to you this times are..

1> Why did you decided to welcome your dogs that you have chosen to your family? Was it by looks? Was it by something they did (behavior) when you were to pick one? Was it by gender?

2> If you have chosen the puppies you picked based on behavior, what behavior was it?

3> If you have chosen your dogs based on gender, why did you choose female dogs? Why did you choose male dogs?

Please tell us your story. We love to hear your thoughts on this.

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