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Japanese cooking: Rice Gratin

 When outside is getting colder, my comfort foods are stew, gratin, something that makes your body warm. One of my favorite dish is potato gratin, and I thought I would introduce different kinds of gratin we have in Japan,which you maybe have not tried but easy to make and maybe you would like them.

 Rice gratin is, basically white sauce pour over fried rice (non soy sauce base fried rice), and baked in the oven for some minutes. It is different from potato gratin you are familiar with but,it is tasty.

 Here is how you make it.

1> Start making white sauce.

 On most food TV shows,they will tell you to make white sauce, equal amount of butter and flour,cook a little on stove top and add milk to it. For this gratin, white sauce is a little thicker and ratio is 1:2 (1 being butter,2 being flour). For 400ml milk, you need 2 tbs of butter,add 4 tbs of flour,cook them in sauce pan,add 400ml milk and dissolve the ruex.

 If you were making white sauce for pasta, I usually make sauce with this ratio with half amount of milk to add and, keep adding the milk to my preferred sauce thickness. Then,I add Molton’s Nature’s seasoning (blue cap seasoning bottle) and sprinkle nutmeg, add grated Parmesan cheese. This is my cheesy white sauce for pasta.

2>Make rice part.

 Cut hot dog or smoked sausage,carrot, onion,green pepper into small cube, and saut├ęs them in butter in skillet. Then, add cooked white rice (I prefer to use rice brand “kokuho rose rice”)  and mix with vegetable mixture,cook through. And season it with Molton’s Nature seasoning.

3> Smear butter around the baking dish;bottom,sides both. And, add rice into the baking dish,pour the white rice, sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese, bake them with about 450F oven for 15-20 min till brown up a little on top.

4>Cool for 4-5 min and enjoy!

** If you were in very quick cooking mood, you can make just rice part and, you can have rice only as buttered rice. If you had leftover rice,then you can make omelet,cover the rice with omelet and have it as omelet and rice. For kids, you can let them draw face on omelet and have fun with it.

When I was a little, omelet and rice was one of my favorite dish and, my mother always let me draw face on omelet.I remember I drew like animal (koala bear face) or just girl face.. it was fun.

 Since this dish is made in one baking dish,washing dish is easy, and great for family meal. Everyone can have meal at the same time with fun conversation over this meal.

 My family likes this dish and so does our stumpy dog ‘Palette’. We do not feed her cooked people food but she sometimes get crunchy cheesy topping around the edge.


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