Palette’s note;Baguette biscuits (grass-fed buffalo liver biscuits)-Updated on Nov 3, 2009

*** Taste testing video is added. Red part is updated area  

 When you pick up treats for your dogs, what would you look at? Ingredients? Fancy looking pictures? Description of the products?

 Have you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying them? Not pictures,but in video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures?

 Some of you may have already recognized I have been putting up treats’ video on youtube so that people can hear the sound,see Palette in action and get more detail on products.

 With “Palette’s Note” series,I like to put taste test videos. This time, Baguette biscuits.

 Baguette biscuits is grass-fed buffalo liver biscuits. It was inspired by Palette’s love of baguette (French bread). Palette looves our homemade pizza night or soup day with homemade French bread.I take time and make everything from scratch.

 She sits VERY pretty next to us with drool and being hopeful and wait for the bread rain. Then, if the long hard stare with drool was not successful, she then proceed to  show off her various repertories of tricks to see if any of her tricks can bring bread rain.

 I realized that she likes crunchy,chewy thing and,she really liked my homemade bread.This repetitive scenes inspired me to come up with our first baguette biscuits recipe.

 Since then,I started baking these every Christmas for our neighbor dogs or in-laws dogs along with my 12 kinds of Christmas cookies I bake every Christmas for human neighbors and in-laws.

 Those dog biscuits were well accepted by them,and our dog really liked them, so I started baking for our dog to have the biscuits as snack before bed.

 She cannot wait for bed time.

 Eventually,it lead to create the K9 Restaurant For Good Dogs;”Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen”.

Baguette biscuits ..

  This baguette biscuits is unique. Unlike other biscuits,it is puffed up,light and crunchy biscuits with real buffalo liver bits.

 For us, ingredients is most  important aspects,and we use fully grass-fed buffalo liver from Wisconsin state. We do not use grass-fed buffalo liver with grain finished.

 The animals are raised without antibiotic or growth hormone in their life. Grass-fed meat has higher amount of omega 3 fatty acids (good for skin and coat),high in protein and low in fat compare to commercial meat.This is our liver biscuits with a little exotic twist using fully grass-fed buffalo liver.

 Biscuits will be made to order,freshly baked approx 12 hours before shipping time.All will be vacuum-packed to seal-in the freshness.

 Please store this biscuits in freezer for longer shelf life in your air-tight zip bag after receiving your order.Biscuits are 1.5″ in size.

 Our biscuits have no salt,sugar, preservatives,artificial colors etc. We offer biscuits freshly made with simple, high quality ingredients with no fillers. 

 Our biscuits are lab tested,and registered with department of agriculture.

 Ingredients:Unbleached all purpose flour,water,grass-fed buffalo liver,baking powder,Extra virgin olive oil for browning.

 Let’s watch Palette in action with Baguette biscuits taste test.

 Video clip 1,if you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Palette and Baguette biscuits Part I

 Can you see the bubble on side of the muzzle? Can you see big drool coming out from her? She really likes baguette biscuits.

 Video clip 2. This is how every night is like. Palette cannot wait to go bed. If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Palette and Baguette biscuits Part II

 Can you see she puts her nose right on the biscuits at all times and,she gets jumpy too?

 Can you hear how crunchy the biscuits is?

 Our baguette biscuits is not dense biscuits,not crumbly biscuits.It is puffed,light crunchy biscuits.

 Palette taste test every batch we bake (she is a quality control officer,aka k9 executive chef),and she gets always one more extra to have fun with.

 How she gets fun with biscuits? Here is how.

 When biscuits come out from the oven, she is usually right behind me for taste test. After biscuits got cool down a little,and taste test finished,I pick one biscuits,and grab one empty cereal box and put biscuits in.
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 Then,close it up,and let Palette play with it.

 Some of you may be familiar with Buster cube food dispensing toy that spits out kibble from hole as dogs roll with nose.

 I was inspired by that toy and,I made inexpensive homemade buster cube for Palette to play with. It can be inexpensive  interactive toy too.

 Watch how she play with baguette biscuits in the box. If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video.

Palette and Baguette biscuits in the box

 In case you are wondering about the fate of the box that had baguette biscuits, it was tore up and she played with it like you might already have seen on our previous entry;Exercise;Palette’s way.

 One small empty box can provide Palette so much fun.

 To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.

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2 Responses to “Palette’s note;Baguette biscuits (grass-fed buffalo liver biscuits)-Updated on Nov 3, 2009”

  1. Rugby James Says:

    Yassy, I smiled and giggled all through this blog post!! I really love your thought to the texture of things that our dogs might like! What a great idea!! And I loved your descriptions of Palette drooling and going through all of her tricks to make the bread “rain” for her!! What a wonderful post, and I love your care and attention to quality details in what you bake for dogs!

  2. yassy Says:

    Thank you!I am glad to know you enjoyed our blog posts:-)