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 In previous entry titled transportation system, I talked about each country has its own unique way to travel from one place to the other and,British Taxi drivers need to take test called ” The knowledge”, and they are required to know all possible roads, traffic pattern, fastest way to get to the destination.

 I am not sure if Taxi drivers in Japan is required to take specific taxi drivers test but, I found some difference between taxi drivers in Japan and the one in England.

 When we want to take a taxi, usually you raise your hand to stop the taxi. It will be same manner in England, but after stopping the taxi, what would you do next?

 In Japan, we usually have taxi drivers open the door.Not that drivers come out to open the door for you but rather,open the door automatically for you to get in. This is very good especially for senior customers who might have hard time pushing the door open or close. If you happened to be stopping the taxi in Japan with you being standing on side of the road where you can get into from left back seat side of the taxi,then drivers open the door for you to get in.  The taxi has automated door (only back seat,left side)  and you do not have to open/close door by yourself. Then, driver asks us where we want to go and we are off to the destination. However, when we took taxi in England, me and my British friends did not get into taxi right away. We asked drivers where we want to go and drivers agreed and then,we opened the taxi door and got inside,closed the door ourselves.

 Lets watch what I meant by automatic door for Japanese taxi.  If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please click here to watch video.

 Automatic door of Taxi in Japan

 I love seeing all different kinds of sceneries or interesting places and leaning interesting cultures and I love to watch the TV show called “Amazing race”. The teams appear on the show compete each other traveling around the world with some challenges ahead of them and, often times,they use taxi on the show and,it seems, everyone on the show never get in the taxi without asking anything, always ask where they want to go or whether the drivers know the place they like to go by standing right next to the front seat door area. It is interesting to watch for me.

 Biggest difference I found between taxi drivers in Japan and ones in England or USA is that, if you use taxi, you are expected to pay tips to them. In Japan,we pay price indicated on meter and that is it.No tips. In fact, Japan does not have tip system and you do not get charged food service tax or be expected to leave tips at restaurant.

 And, usually, if you use taxi in Japan, you are most likely able to see the price per kilo meter with sticker placed on windows. If it were Nagoya area Taxi (Nagoya is in Aichi prefecture,right in the middle of main land of Japan), it is roughly about $5 per kilo meter and they add another $1 per 270 meter. 1 kilo meter is about 0.6 mile. So, we can guess how much it will be if we know how far it is from the point we take taxi from.

 Any blog readers from England? I have one thing I like to know.

 Why is it that people in London get out from taxi, go up to front windows and pay for ride? In Japan,we pay inside,then get out from taxi.

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