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” Hello,I am home” from 1300 miles away: Brindle’s story

 In these days and age, many people enjoy social network websites such as Face book, Twitter etc.. And enjoy connect with people who has similar interests to you or re-connect with old friends who you lost contact with, or connect with family who lives overseas.

 A few weeks ago, I have read a story involving social network site,rescue group and a dog on local news paper and,I thought I would share the story with you.

 It is a story about a dog named Brindle (litter from lab mom /boxer dad), who was found emaciated in Oklahoma with hookworms, heart worms, and dislocated hips far far away from his old home in Virginia. He also had lots of ticks. The kind heart lady’s family took him to their home and took all the ticks off from him taking over 20 hours for several days.
 Brindle was escape artist and, Brindle sometimes came home by himself, and other times,animal control officer notified the owner and Brindle came home with $100 fine each time.

 Over times, he could not afford to pay the fine every time animal control officer find Brindle and he came to heart wrenching decision: gave him up for adoption hoping Brindle would find family who has someone during the day to keep him occupied. ( To read full story Part I ,please click here.)

 After 11 years later from the day he gave Brindle up for adoption, he received a message on Face book and, he and Brindle was re-united with help from northern Virginia rescue group “Animal Allies”. How Brindle ended up as stray dog is mystery, but the kind heart lady took Brindle home for care and contacted the previous owner whose information was kept in microchip. ( To read full story Part II ,please click here.)

 I thought it was great that many people: the family took Brindle home and care him, vet, rescue group etc, stepped up to help Brindle and his old family, and that  Brindle could go back to familiar place.

 After reading the article on newspaper, I also thought that anyone who lives with dogs that has microchips need to make sure the information on the microchips is updated every time you move. Maybe easy area to miss during stressful moving time but,it is important to note to ourselves.

 Is your dog escape artist? If your dogs go missing and needed help from others,you can post lost/found pets information at following websites.

 ** (click here
 ** (click here)

 As a side note, I came across the information about GPS tracking collars/ GPS microchips for dogs.

 According to website, GPS Microchips collars do not require injection of the chip, and collars use memory card or USB type chips. Both traditional microchips and GPS microchips requires us to find the dogs first,then scan the chips to make the device effective.

 As for GPS collar, it seems there is variation as to how far you can track the dogs with GPS collar,and it sounds very expensive: more than $200 for device with added monthly charge up to $20. It seems,you get receiver that receive information on where the escape artist dog is via e-mail,text message etc..
( To read more on GPS tracking systems for dogs, please click here)

 I think it is very high tech device and some dogs’ families may find it effective/useful for their dogs, but working on the prevention would be more effective such as daily walks, play balls or Frisbee (Physical exercise), training (mental exercise) etc …If you give lots of mental/physical exercise plus made the fence escape difficult, maybe these could lessen the self rewarded escaping. I also think that bringing them to daycare (to get out pent up energy and socializing with other dogs) or have someone come over to watch over your dogs maybe good idea if you leave your dogs long.

 Case in point, imagine your dogs had digestive upset. Then,you may think about pumpkin or slippery elm barks or probiotics to give with food to stop the digestive upset. However, as long as you do not find the cause of digestive upset and change it, same problems can occur again. Prevention is more effective than after result solution.

 So, why do dogs escape? Maybe dogs that escape from fence is very curious about outside the fence, or maybe bored being left in the fence, or simply loves digging under the fence and wondering around as self given rewards?

 ** If your dogs love digging under the fence or any other areas you do not like it to be dug, and if they did not have place they can dig for fun in the fenced yard, provide the safe digging area. Make sand box, hide treats and toys and let them dig there to their heart contend.

  What are your theories on why dogs escape? And What are your thoughts on GPS tracking systems for dogs?

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