How to order items from Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen and shipping information updated on October 8th,2016

<Online store address>

Click here to visit Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen. Or, copy, paste the link below into your browser.

<Store location>

Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen

P.O.Box 366, Ladysmith,VA 22501

<shipping and Handling>

Fee is Flat rate $7.99 for order $0 through $99.99

Free shipping with order over $100

We ship the orders by USPS as main method.

For those in postal zone 1-4 from us 22501 in VA, we will ship your order by first class parcel or priority mail;takes 2-3 days.

For those in zone 5-8:IL to west,FL,AK,HI, order will be shipped by first class parcel or retail ground;takes about 3-8 days.

When made to order biscuits or Jerky were ordered, we will ship your order by first class parcel or priority mail.

<Free Shipping orders>

*** Please note that starting from Jan 2014, all free shipping orders will be shipped by Retail ground or lowest cost shipping method unless orders include Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen Brand biscuits or Jerky.

Orders scheduled to be shipped via retail ground should NOT contains GDK’s biscuits or Jerky.

Since we do not use preservatives including natural preservatives for those treats, we would love to deliver the freshly made GDK’s treats the quickest way possible to your door.


You can now select the print and mail option with  payment choice of check, money order, and cash (For cash payment, local pick up only).

If you would like to make a payment with check, money order, and cash, please type in what payment form you would like to use (example, type in check if you would like to pay with check).

Then, enclose the invoice along with the payment and mail it to Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen P.O. Box 366 Ladysmith VA 22501

When your check/money order is cleared, we will process your order and ship your order.

<How to pay with your card>

If you would like to pay with card, rather than logging in to paypal account,here is how you can purchase by typing in your card information.

1.Click “check out” button

2.Once you click “continue” button on shipping fee calculation page

3. You will land on page that says “please complete your payment on paypal site.

It has “place  order” button on top along with paypal logo and credit card logos like this

paypal-cc-pay-now, and you will see the invoice preview on the bottom.

4. Once you click “Place an order” button, you will arrive the page which, top side of the page is where you log in to paypal and the bottom half is where you can see the clickable button that says “pay with debit or credit card”.

Click that “pay with debit or credit card”. button.

Then,you should land on the page where you will enter the card information.

5. Type in the card information. Then,you will click “Pay now” botton on the bottom.

***** Please note that until you will click the “Pay Now” button, payment process is incomplete. Please make sure you will finish the payment process by clicking the “Pay Now” button if you place an order using your card ********

<Free Shipping>

With order over $100,we offer free shipping everyday

If you use promotional code when you automatically get free shipping without code, the merchandise subtotal after discount applied must be over $100.Shipping fee, sales tax fee excluded.

** “Free shipping with order over $100” is valid for all 50 states,no coupon code required.

<GDK Coupon for your next order>

Once you order from us, you can get discount coupon code for your next order.

<How to use GDK Coupon code>

1.When you place an order online, checkout as you normally do. Then, after typing in your shipping address,and go to next page, and under the payment page,you will find the coupon code box where you type in the coupon code.

2.Type in the code, click “apply coupon” button.

3.If the coupon is applied, right next to the “apply coupon” button, you will see the code you have just typed in and also see the link that read “remove coupon”.

On the same page,after coupon code is applied, at right hand side, at about special instruction box,you will see the invoice detail with the code applied.

When code is typed incorrectly, or the code you type in was expired, you will see the error message.

<Sales tax>

VA customers will be charged 5.3% sales tax

<When the products to be shipped>

We will ship your orders every day if your order contains our made to order Jerky or biscuits in your order.

We will ship your orders every day if your order weigh more than 13 oz for zone 1 through zone 4 from our zip code 22501.

Otherwise, orders for zone 1 through zone 4 (orders less than 13 oz) will be shipped via first class parcel and ship on Money through Wednesday..

For customers in postal zone 5 through 8, your order will be shipped on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday unless your order contain made to order biscuits and Jerky.

<Return Policy>

Please read  “Terms and Condition” (click here)

==If you pay for the order by Money order ==

** Money orders can be purchased at post office or bank via debit card,credit card or cash.

** Fill out the necessary areas on the money order.

Write down “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen” on the line of “payee”,”pay to the order of”,”pay to” line.

And, if there were “signer” line for the purchaser on front of the money order, sign it.

Fill in your name on the line of “From” “sender””remitter”.

If there were a line of “purchaser’s address”, write down your address.

** If you were not sure which address to write or not sure how to fill out the money order,please ask the post office or bank personnel.

** Mail it to Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen, P.O.Box 366,Ladysmith VA 22501 along with the copy of order invoice

** After money order is cleared,we will  process your order and,ship your order


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