Japanese cooking: Gyoza (Pot sticker)

 When we eat out, one of our staple dish on our table is Gyoza (It is Chinese dish called Jiaozi originally, and Japanese call it Gyoza. People here in US recognize it with name of pot stickers or Chinese dumplings).

 You may think that making the Gyoza is difficult but,it is not so. It just that a little time consuming to make it and, when we go to Asian store, sometimes I buy frozen bag of Gyoza.

 However, oh boy, oh boy, it is expensive.. I maybe paid about $8 or so per bag. With that $8 budget, you can make a lot more Gyoza than you get in a bag. I think that getting Gyoza at restaurant also lot more expensive than you would spend on ingredients to make it. So, in this entry, I thought I would introduce how to make Gyoza AND, how to cook Gyoza perfectly on skillet; crunchy outside, juicy inside.

 Here is how you make Gyoza.

**( I know wrapper can be made just warm water and flour, but I have not tried making it on my own, and I would update wrapper recipe if I could make wrapper nicely myself here)

1. Take about 6 leaves of Nappa cabbage (hakusai in Japanese), boil it in water, cool it down a while, chop it fine, squeeze out excess water from Nappa cabbage

2. To 1 pound of ground pork (or any other ground meat of your choice), add 2tsp sake, 1tsp sugar, 1 tsp table salt,2tbs soy sauce, 1/4tsp ground pepper,one clove of grated garlic, a little bit of grated ginger, drizzle of sesame oil,and add 50ml of water little by little and mix well

3. Add chopped Nappa cabbage to #2 and mix until it gets a little sticky texture

4. Place one Gyoza wrapper (usually round,white wrapper. But in a pinch you will be able to use wantan wrapper) on your hand, place small amount of the filling #3 in the center thin oval shape, then, wet the wrapper edge on your side

5. Hold the wrapper with filling with your left hand (make your left hand like letter shape “U” with your 2nd finger and your left hand thumb)

6. Close the edge pinching the wrapper edge as if making plaits

*make sure you do not put any air in the Gyoza pocket. Air in the Gyoza can expand and can make hole when cooking.

At this point,if you made lot more than you need, then roll it around on flour or corn starch and shake off any excess and freeze them

7. Place non stick skillet on stove with high heat, make it screaming hot. Add oil , put Gyoza and occasionally,shake the skillet to move the Gyoza around,and cook until wrapper gets crisp up a bit.

8. When you see outside gets crisp a bit, add a bit of water (1/4 C to 1/3C) to the skillet

**Watch out for spattering when you put water

9. Put lid on,bring heat down to medium heat and steam till water gets evaporated.

10. When all the water got evaporated, bring the heat up to high temperature,and add a drizzle of sesame oil and cook 1 minutes or so more. A little bit of sesame oil to cook will make this Gyoza extra yummy.

When you serve, put the crisp side on top, and serve with  vinegar dipping sauce or bottled Gyoza dipping sauce (you can find at Asian store)

 <Gyoza dipping sauce>

Mix 2tbs soy sauce, 3 tbs rice vinegar, 1 tsp table sugar, drizzle of sesame oil, add freshly ground toasted sesame

If you had too much Gyoza made, make gyoza soup.

Here is how you make gyoza soup.

Just warm up the chicken broth, add cooked gyoza or frozen gyoza (if you like to make with uncooked Gyoza), and heat/cook through

Add chopped green onion. VoilĂ , you just made Gyoza soup!


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