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Picnic in the snow: Dec ’09

 Hi. I am Palette, tri color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I am k9 executive chef at my mom’s “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen” and,I have dream job of all anipals (aka doggy friends) out there. I do taste test for every single products and every batch of biscuits/Jerky she make for my anipals (aka doggy friends) in US.

 Today, my mom let me write about my exciting day for her blog. I thought I would let you all know what is happening here.


 Me at age 3 months old, first time in the snow.
 This is me, 3 years ago. First time in the snow. We did not get much snow at the time but, I enjoyed sticking nose into snow, sniff deeply, running in the snow, splashing snow with my signature bunny-hopping. My mom and dad thought I was cute in the snow, and took picture of me. *Pause*

 Then, back in March this year, we got heavy snow too, and I enjoyed it very much. ( You can watch me playing the snow here.) So, I was counting down days to snow magically appear in our yard, but apparently, snow fairy missed counting days. The snow appeared last night, just like that *snap!*

 When I woke up today.. ohh… snow fairy gave me a quite big present, before Santa dog comes town with surprise!

 Outside the house. White snow covered field
 Can you see the mail box at left side corner? It got covered with the snow pretty good. Almost whole car tires are about being stuck in the snow too. You can see how much we got snow.

 B.U.T.  I love snow, and I figured out the way to have fun in the deep snow and big pile of snow was not much of problem to me. See? I am a smart Corgi!

 When mom opened the door, I was mesmerized by the view of the snow. We never had such a big pile of snow. Mom brought shovel and showed me you can make tunnel to walk through easier.

 That is a good idea!! So, to go down to yard area from top of entrance steps, I  reach out paws straight, sled down. Then, I moved around, sticking head to sniff the snow, I made my own tunnel/circle what I would call it “Palette’s snow circle tunnel”. Then, far end, I twirled in the snow, and made potty area. Mom did not videotaped how I made the Palette’s circle but, you can see my work.

 Pembroke Welsh Corgi “Palette” enjoy snow tunnel Dec ’09

 If you were a blog subscriber, or reading this from Facebook page,please click here to watch video clip of me enjoying my snow circle tunnel.

 Resting in the snow circle tunnel
 Resting in my snow circle tunnel.. Being a stumpy dog, it is a lot of work to bunny hop walk in the snow… Wonder how much calories is burned, bol. (bol=bark out loud) It is a lot of fun though. My dad was very surprised seeing me following my long leash to back to where I came from.

 Biggest fun with surprise I got today was .. *drumming, please!* I got to do the picnic in the snow! Looking over endless white snowfield, it is such a comforting way for me to do picnic Occasionally, I saw plowing trucks passes by…  I have never seen such a weird monster in the snow and, I had to protect my lunch and made sure I have it with me until the plow truck passes by and disappear in my view. Have you done a picnic in the snow? I did not do for long time but,it was fun.

 What was my lunch ? Well.. while I lost my mom in my supervision, she went out in the snow and hid my lunch. The lunch was like twig, and it was.. brown color, with fresh bread-like smell to my nose. I never get this all the time and, it was a big surprise for me. I like my mom more than yesterday

 Can you guess what it was? Tadah!!- Grass-fed Angus beef bully sticks. You too can get it from my mom here. It is very yummy, and when I get it, I love to toss it in the air, try to catch with paws and herd it. My mom is trying to catch the moment, but no, I play hard to catch. Catch my moment if you can,bol.

 Anyway, mom caught the moment when I found my lunch in the snow.

 Pembroke Welsh Corgi “Palette” enjoy picnic in the snow Dec ’09

 If you were a blog subscriber, or reading this from Facebook page,please click here to watch video clip of me enjoying picnic in the snow.

 So, now you saw my picnic moment briefly. I stayed there a little, enjoyed the view and decided to continue my picnic in the house.

 On my way to picnic in the house..

 Mom caught me. I was on my way to picnic in the house,but I couldn’t stop chewing. I can do two thing all at once! What a talent!

 Pause with my lunch for picnic in the house
 Before entering to house, *pause*, *pause*, I gave my mom my signature pause. (with my lunch)

 The  fierce Corgi look!
 Ah, I remember human model lady Tyra always say on her show, “Give me your fierce look” to other human when taking pictures. I maybe should give my mom ” the fierce Corgi look”.

 Final pause before entering house with my lunch
 Anyway, that was my story about today. I hope everyone is having fun with your mom & dad. Did you get snow fairy’s surprise present too?

 Until next time, anipals(aka doggy friends).*wave*

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