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Christmas in Australia

 In the entry titled “Christmas around the world“, I wrote about how Christmas is cerebrated in Japan, and introduced the website where you can see how the Christmas is cerebrated in other part of the world.

 It is interesting though when you think that Christmas is in December but in some parts like Australia, December is summer and, they use fake snow and spend December with BBQ.

 When northern hemisphere is winter, southern hemisphere is summer. Australia have very hot Christmas. When I have visited Australia, it was around November/December. Australia was hot.I wore sunglasses, shorts,T-shirts.. it was very different season from Japan. I remember we had BBQ at backyard. It is a shame I did not get to spend Christmas in Australia. I bet it will be  very different from ours, and would find very interesting experience.

  According to, on Christmas day, it can be as hot as 100F and  many families spend their Christmas at beaches, backyard etc. You would find Santa Clause at beaches.

 Staple Australian Christmas meals are pork, ham,turkey, with flaming Christmas plum puddings for desert. It seems, just like wishbone game of Turkey during Thanksgiving day in the states,there is a similar tradition in Australian Christmas.

 Australian Christmas tradition goes, whoever found the small favor (used to be gold nugget) will have good luck in coming year.

 Another popular treat in Australia is Mince pie (also popular in England) and,it is really tasty. I am not sure if there are any difference in flavor between mice pie from Britain and Australia, but the one I got to try in London was very tasty. This is one of the treats I brought home when I visited London.

 You can read more on Australian Christmas here.

 You can also read about history behind Australian Christmas Tradition here.

 Did you know there is Australian version of Christmas carol? If you read the lyrics, it is not rein deers that pull Santa Clause sleigh. Instead, sleigh is pulled by 6 white kangaroos (boomers).

 You can listen to Australian Christmas Carol sung by Rolf Harris bellow. If you were a blog subscriber or reading this from Face book, please click here to watch the video.

Six White Boomers (Sung by Rolf Harris)

To read lyrics, you can visit santaswarehouse web site here.

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