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Why dogs don’t chew as much as human do?

 Have you ever wondered why dogs don’t chew as much as you do and they don’t get digestive upset? When you look closer how they eat, it is noticeable their way of eating food is like this: grub food, chew food a couple of times to manageable size to swallow, and swallow. If they misjudged the size of food to swallow, they are more likely to regurgitate the food and re-chew it to more manageable size and re-swallow them. Give them a piece of meat bigger than the size of their mouth and watch how they eat. 

 Human does not eat food like dogs do. We chew food to digestible size in our mouth, and food gets mixed with your saliva that has amylase enzyme. The food in your mouth gets digested a little in your mouth and then partially digested food gets sent to your stomach. 

 Reason why dogs don’t chew as much as we do and do not get digestive upset is lies upon dog’s digestive system.

 First, you need to close look to tool they use to eat the food “Teeth”. In the previous entry titled “Dog teeth and tooth fairy legend“, I wrote adult dogs have 42 teeth (human has 32 teeth). Those teeth have their function of their own.

 Dogs have 4 types of teeth.

 *Incisors: cut food
 *Canine teeth:hold/tear food
 *Premolars: cut/hold/shear/rip/chew food
 *Molars: crushing food

 Which teeth is which type of food? You can see picture of the dog teeth picture here at wikipedia.

 Teeth shapes, function are vary from animals to animals and,it reflects their diet. Dog’s teeth has no function to grind food as well as we can. They do not have flat teeth you have to grind food. Also,if you look closely, dogs cannot move jaws side ways too. Then, how do they digest food? Here is how.

 Dogs grub the food, chew to smaller pieces and while chewing,food gets lubricated in their mouth with their saliva. Human saliva does have amylase enzyme to partially digest food, but dogs do not have it in their saliva. So, the lubricated swallowable size of food gets sent to their stomach for digestion.

 According to bestdogfoodguide website, dogs’ stomach has strong acid and this strong acid compensate for lack of amylase in their saliva and lack of chew to digest food. The strong acid in their stomach kills bacteria and function to digest food.

 Digestive tract between human and dogs is also different. Human has lot longer digestive tract. According to bestdogfoodguide website, human digestive tract is as long as 4.9 feet while dogs’ digestive tract is as long as 7″ to 2.6 feet. So, food stays lot longer time for human than for dogs. This fact and fact that dog saliva has enzyme called lysozyme to kill off bacteria in their mouth are the reasons why dogs can eat raw meat and do not get sick with salmonella.

 You can read full article on dog digestion at bestdogfoodguide website here.

 Now, I have to wonder whether they can enjoy Umami (deliciousness) like we can in our mouth?

 Or, since they recognize object with their nose first, they taste Umami (deliciousness) with smell of object?

 What are your thoughts on this?

 ** Avoid letting your dogs eat corn on the cob.Cobs can block the digestive tract and it is not safe.

 If you were interested in raw food diet for dogs, we have 4 part entries. Click here to start reading on raw food diet.

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