Bonefish Grill menu: Bacon wrapped sea scallop with mango salsa “Yassy’s version”

 As you already know, I like re-creating meals from restaurants or eatery places that I have visited. It is fun to brain storming what is in the dishes I like.
 One of the restaurants I like to go to is Bonefish Grill.Some of the reasons I go there are for their bang bang shrimp (spicy shrimp tempura in chili flavored sauce), Crab chowder, Bacon wrapped sea scallop, and more. As you can tell, I like many of their dishes. Depending on where you are seated, you can see how their kitchen is running too, and I love to see how chefs are cooking. I would probably be watching kitchen more than TV at the restaurant.

 Recently, I tried re-creating their bacon wrapped sea scallop. Their Bacon wrapped sea scallop comes with mango salsa and salsa has its zing to it. Their scallop is very juicy and tender and their bacon is very crispy. It is very tasty dish.

 In the past, I have tried wrapping bacon around the scallop using kitchen twine or secure the bacon using toothpicks but, I could not wrap the bacon to stay secure around the scallop like I see in the dish.

 One thing I noticed is that their bacon is quite thin compare to store bought bacon strips, so maybe they get their bacon unsliced and slice very thin on their own, and maybe that is why,their bacon can stay secure around the scallop. So, my version of their bacon wrapped sea scallop is oven baked sea scallop with Mango salsa. I think it came pretty close in taste wise for the mango salsa.

Oven baked sea scallop with Mango salsa
Here is how you can make oven baked sea scallop with Mango salsa.

<How to make oven baked scallop>

 1. Preheat the oven at 400F

 2. Place paper towel over small plate,place sea scallop, and cover it with another paper towel and press a little to take moisture out from the scallop

 3. Line the non stick foil in baking sheet, place pat dried scallop, sprinkle Montreal steak seasoning a little

 4. Place scallop with baking sheet in the oven and bake about 8 – 12 minutes.

<How to make spicy Mango salsa>

1. To 8″ non stick skillet, pour bit of Extra virgin olive oil and cook 1/8 red onion chopped to about 1/4″ size, 1/8 C red pepper chopped to about 1/4″ size, 1/8C green pepper chopped to about 1/4″ size

2. When vegetable got softer, add handful of small diced Mango

3. Add about 1/2C Mango Nectar

** Mango nectar I used is by Hero brand. It is a product of Spain. Mango Nectar is made from water, Mango puree, sugar,and lemon juice. You can get them at local super market on fruit juice ail

4. Add about 2-3 tbs white sugar

5. Add about 1/2 tsp- 1.5 tsp of Sriracha

** Sriracha is Thai version of hot sauce. A little goes long way. The one I normally use is by Huy Fong brand with green top. You can get them at Asian store. Add tiny bit first and add more later if you prefer. Remember that it is easy to add sweetness but hard to take out spiciness.

6. Add about 1/2 tsp – 1.5 tsp of wasabi powder

** Wasabi powder can be found at international ail at local super market. The brand I used for this recipe is by sushi chef brand. Adjust spiciness to your preference.

7. Add handful of chopped cilantro and simmer for a couple of minutes

8. Finish it off by adding splash of lime juice to lighten up the flavor. I added about 1-2 tsp

9. Serve with oven baked sea scallop

** You can adjust spiciness with wasbi powder and sriracha to your preferred spiciness

** Mango salsa maybe good sauce for grilled chicken, fish, shrimp etc..

** I think if you omit vegetables ; red onion,red pepper,green pepper from this recipe, it would make nice dipping sauce for spring roll too.


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