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Have fun with your dogs; Agility

 When you have fun with your dogs, what games/sports do you play?

When Palette and I have fun together, we play all kinds of fun games.

One thing we play a lot is “Find it” game after training time-Palette is supposed to sniff the treats,stay still where she cannot see where I hid the treats and,with “Go find it!” release call, she goes sniff out the yummy with nose up in the air, nose on the ground.

After a while, I have leveled it up to “Find the toy” game- Palette is supposed to sniff the toy,stay still where she cannot see where I hid the toy and,with “Go find it!” release call, she goes sniff out the toy I hid and then, she has to get it and bring it back to me. By doing so, she is eligible for the exchange with jackpot treats.

You can see her playing “Find it” game in previous entry titled “Find it” game here .

Another game we play a lot is fetch ball and Frisbee. When she sees balls,Frisbee, she gets so talkative and I can see her little nub/butt moving left and right and it is always fun to play with her.

You can see her playing ball/Frisbee in the previous entry titled “Playing game of Fetch ball/Frisbee” here.

A couple of years ago, I got Palette “weave pole” for her birthday so that we can have fun at home. It is one of the obstacle in the sports called “Agility”.

Agility is a canine sports that dogs goes through all kinds of obstacles with direction of handlers such as tunnels, A shaped obstacle called “A frame”, dog walk,weave pole, jumping bars,teeter etc..and compete the time to finish the course, and how precisely completed the each obstacles.

It is very exciting to watch team work of one handler and one dog and also exciting to see performance of the dog going through the obstacles.

According to Wikipedia website, the dog sports “Agility” was born in England 1970’s and first agility  performance documented is at “Cruft Dog Show” in 1978 and agility was performed to entertain the crowd between the classes.

You can read more on history of dog agility at wikipedia website here .

I think Agility is great sports for both human and dogs.

For dogs, they can have outlet for pent up energy plus it is fun for them. Most of all, this canine sports has running,climbing,jumping etc so, they can have physical exercise and mental exercise both through fun sports.

For us,human, it is fun playing Agility sports with dogs and we can make our bond stronger through the sports and, since this sports seem to involve some level of handling/training skill to teach what they are suppose to do with the obstacles,what obstacles to clear next etc, it will be good also to re-enforce the obedience skills.

I remember my puppy class training trainer in the past used one last session for similar to agility sports but just a couple of easy one and let the dogs experienced stuff like tunnels with closed end;which dogs cannot see through the other end since it is not like tunnel with open end like tube style. And I remember she was talking about it could build dogs’ confidence level through the sports too.

You can see list of obstacles and description at wikipedia website here .

I am still a beginner knowledge level, and not familiar with detailed rules,levels and all that. Palette and I are having fun playing weave pole at home but someday, we would like to attend agility class or some sort and we would like to have outside the house too.

So, I got Palette weave pole for her birthday a couple of years ago, and our weave pole has 6 straight up poles,some space apart in between one pole to the other and Palette weave through the pole.

Before teaching the weave pole itself, I was teaching her to weave through my legs as one of her tricks in her training time, so I thought it will be easy for her to understand what the obstacle “weave pole” is.

When I got the weave pole tool, it came with guides,which you can stick it to pole and dogs can follow through to the end. So, I set up the guide with weave pole, but just about 4 poles,not all. Then let Palette sit next to me and lured her with treats and let her walk along the guides.

I have repeated it over and over and gradually made it to 6 poles with guides and repeated over and over again and gradually I have took one guide at a time when I think she understands the pole without the guide and as final goal;no guides and weave through.

She loved weave pole and she weave through with tongue hanging out looking up to me and it is fun. She cannot weave through as fast as dogs in competition can but that is ok. We are playing it for fun.

She loves weave pole so much that she sometimes weave through,walking speed and turn around and weave back to the starting point.

Got caught playing weave pole myself…

Mom said “stay”, and disappeared for a second and backed with yummy!


What the Agility course is like?

Below are some of the youtube videos I have come across.

AKC National Agility Championship

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

Sometimes, things does not go as it planned…

Agility bloopers-World Championship Basel 2006

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

Sometimes, dogs can loose handler in sight..

Where is mom?

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

Along side the dog agility sports, since 2 years ago, cat agility is also performed.

You can watch the “Cat Agility” video at youtube here .

 Do you do any canine sports with your dogs?



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