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Quiznos/Panera bread menu “Yassy’s Version”-updated on Oct 5,2010

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As you already know,I like making re-create meal with some twists from restaurants or eatery places that I visit. It is fun to brain storming what is in the sauce or soup. This time,I like to show you my way of Quiznos’ Beef dip sandwich.

 My husband likes my Beef dip sandwich and,it is pretty easy to make.Probably it will take you about less than 20 minutes to wrap it up if you bring to work as lunch.

 Here is a thing. My husband loves Panera bread’s French Onion soup in the sourdough bread,and he likes Quiznos’ Beef dip sandwich. So,I kind of mixed the two dish together.

So, how do you make my version of “French dip sandwich; French Onion Dip Roast Beef Sandwich”? Here is how.

French dip sandwich; French Onion Dip Roast Beef Sandwich with caramelized onion..

 I usually use hoggie roll/Italian bread you can find at bakery store. The bread I used for the picture above is Crusty Italian bread with sesame seed. Then,I get mild Swiss cheese slices (our favorite is Boar’s head baby Swiss cheese). Then,I pick up 1 can of Beef broth 10oz can by Campbell’s (here). Then,thinly sliced roast beef..I think 7 oz roast beef makes 2-3 sandwich worth. And,you need good red wine (Please do not use cooking wine but use REAL wine),and one bottle of balsamic vinegar,fresh or bottled thyme leaves, and one white onion.

  White onion is to make caramelized onion. You may wonder why I do not use regular yellow onion. I use White Onion/Valida Onion because it is meatier and sweeter and great choice to make caramelized onion, French onion soup,Deep fried onion petal etc. I use yellow onion for dish like Fried rice, stir fry etc.

<Caramelized onion>

 Before starting on bread, you would like to make caramelized onion first.

1. Pour a little bit of Extra virgin olive oil plus 1 table spoon of butter into skillet and put sliced white onion and sprinkle Morton’s Natures seasons and stir them occasionally until onion gets soft,and translucent and a little bit dark brownish color.
<French onion dip>

1.Pour all can of beef broth,add about 1/4 cup of water,1/4 cup of red wine,sprinkle of thyme leaves,and dash of Balsamic vinegar and simmer on stove-top

<Assembling to make the sandwich>

2.Slice the bread into half if the bread was long bread, and then cut length-wise and toast it

** Since you are to broil the bread with topping later,you do not want to toast the bread too much at this point

3. Place bottom part of toasted bread on non stick foil lined cookie sheet

4. Pick some thinly sliced/shaved Roast beef and,put them into simmering Beef broth mix and after about 2-5seconds,put those beef on top of toasted bottom part of bread in the cookie sheet

5.Place 1-2 slice of baby Swiss cheese on top of roast beef and broil it (“high”) until cheese gets melt very good

6. On top of the melted cheese, put some caramelized onion and put the top part of  toasted bread and sandwich is done!!

7. Pour some simmering beef broth mix into small container if you bring to work and you can microwave it and dip the sandwich and eat them warm at work.

 At home, you can put some broth mix into some container for each person to dip the sandwich and you are ready to eat.

 My Au jus/dipping sauce is basically French onion soup minus onion and crouton. My secret ingredient is dash of balsamic vinegar. It makes difference in taste.

 It is usable recipe when you had left-over grilled beef(if the beef were not heavily sauced,and simply salt and pepper and bit of herb taste on beef) or roast beef.It needs to be thinly sliced/shaved  for easy chewing but,it is another way you can make to use up your left-over roast/grilled beef.

 If you haven’t visited Panera bread, here is a website. I love their baked potato soup.

 If you haven’t tried Quiznos Beef dip sandwich or other tasty sandwich,here is menu list.

Enjoy my French dip sandwich


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