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Do dogs have differences in hearing ability according to ear shapes?

 There are herding dogs, working dogs, hound dogs (for hunting ), sporting dogs etc.. and each type of dogs developed their ability and their appearance etc according to the task for the breed.

 It is very interesting to look at dogs and learn why they look how they look.

 For example, Palette is Corgi and Corgi is in herding group. Corgi is very long body with stumpy legs. Have you wondered why they are with stumpy legs?

 In previous entry titled “History of breed;Pembroke Welsh Corgi ” ,I wrote that Corgis are bread to herd cows and they nip the cow’s heel. Since Corgis are so short in height, if cows tried to kick back, they are short enough to duck,and they can avoid injuries.

 Sporting breed “Labrador Retriever” have webbed paws; webbing between the toes, help them swim better and also helps to keep snow from building up between the toes.

 You can read more on Labrador Retriever at wikipedia website here .

 Hunting breed “Blood hound” has wrinkly lips and neck with long ears. They are known for amazing scenting ability. According to wikipedia website, their long ears prevent wind from scattering the scent on the ground and wrinkly lips and necks are designed to catch the stray scent particles in the air.

 You can read more on Bloodhound at wikipedia website here.

 So, for Bloodhound, shapes or position of ears sound more like for purpose of works rather than hearing ability.

 Now, you see dogs with all shapes of ears; German shepherd has straight upright ears, Miniature Schnauzer has half folded ears, Bulldog has rose ears ( You can see what rose ears look like at English bulldog club of America website here .), and Beagles has folded ears…

 Have you ever wondered whether German shepherd dogs that has straight upright ears can hear better than beagles that has folded ears?

 Palette has straight upright ears and when she wants to hear something very carefully, her ears move to the direction where sound might be coming from, and tip of the ears is positioned a little bit forward.

 Once I was curious about what she would do if I cup her ears with my hands and I hold her ears with hand like making dorm over her ears and she was stay still for a second or two but, she shook her head to free her ears to ..probably to hear better.

 What are your thoughts on this?

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