Pumpkin rolls, Caramel Pumpkin Pie rolls

  When fall comes with Halloween and Thanksgiving, Pumpkin is the King of the vegetable and, Food related TV shows, magazines starts to spotlight on Pumpkin.And you start seeing unique squash and pumpkin at the grocery store.

 One of the grocery stores we go to sometimes carry very interesting fruits and vegetable, and now and then we look around and read the label.

 One of the interesting vegetable I found at the grocery store is called “Blue Hubbard Squash”. Have you heard of them? I had never seen one before and it was giant sized squash with strange outer texture. The label said that it can grow to 24″ long,weigh about 20lb. It was real huge squash. When I looked at it, I wondered how we can cut those… According to Dave’s Cupboard blog, people seem to use the clever to cut it open and skin seems very thick.

 You can read more on Blue Hubbard Squash at Dave’s Cupboard blog here .

 This fall, I wanted to make something special with pumpkin.I decided to whip up Pumpkin roll, Caramel Pumpkin pie roll for special season. And,I thought I would share the recipe with you. It was big hit among family, and every time somebody in our family grab the one pumpkin roll,especially caramel pumpkin pie roll ones, you would find yourself being greeted by Palette up close… with wet nose AND drool. I do not know why but she is the biggest fan of my fresh baked rolls.. even if she is napping, she wakes up in the snap and greet you with wet nose and drool..

 So, how do you make Pumpkin rolls, Caramel Pumpkin Pie rolls? Here is how.

Pumpkin rolls..

Caramel Pumpkin Pie rolls..

** I love variety of flavors so, I usually makes one big batch of Plain pumpkin roll dough and divide the dough into two and make half of the dough with flavor. **

0. Preheat the oven to 200F and if oven was preheated,turn it off.

** This oven will be the place where you will be proofing (to cause (esp. bread dough) to rise due to the addition of baker’s yeast or other leavening) the dough**

1. To a measuring cup, pour 1C Milk and microwave about 40 seconds and take temperature and make sure the milk is warmed to 110F.

** The temperature should not be above or less for proper proofing with yeast. If the temperature was bellow 110F, microwave some more seconds till it reach to 110F

2. To the lukewarm milk 110F, add 2 1/4tsp of dry yeast (2 1/4tsp dry yeast is equal to one package of dry yeast) and add 1/8C of sugar and mix well and let it sit to proof about 5 to 10 minutes

** When proofed properly, you should see fluffy bubbles on top

3. In the big bowl, add 2.5C of bread flour, 2 tsp of table salt, 1/4 C butter melted, 1/8C white table sugar, 1.5C pumpkin puree and mix well 

4. Add milk – sugar-yeast mixture to the flour mixture and add 2.5C of unbleached all purpose flour and mix well and knead to smooth surface with elastic dough.

** I usually knead about 8 minutes and do “the windowpane test”.

What is windowpane test??

 Windowpane test is the test the gluten development in the dough.

 What you do is to cut off small piece of dough,and gently stretch out/pulling to see if it will hold a paper-thin membrane.If it tore apart,you would knead a bit more and do the test again.

 Some people use mixer to knead the bread dough but,I like kneading with my hands.It is comforting and,good arm exercise,and fun.

5. Now is the time for preparing 1st proofing the dough.

IF you make 2 kinds of flavor like I did; Plain and caramel pumpkin pie rolls, divide the dough in half.

6. One half will be plain pumpkin rolls and roll to one big ball dough,and drizzle Extra virgin olive oil onto big bowl and smear inside the bowl and all the surface of the dough for plain pumpkin rolls and place the dough in the bowl,cover it with Saran and put the bowl inside the oven that was preheated to 200F.
 7. Other half will become caramel pumpkin pie roll.

** To the small bowl, add 3tbs of dark brown sugar, 1/2tsp vanilla extract, zest from 1 lemon, 1/8tsp cinnamon, 1/8tsp all spice, 1/8tsp ground ginger, 1/8tsp nutmeg and mix well and place the dough onto the bowl and knead

8. Dust the surface of the counter/mat and knead the caramel pumpkin pie rolls dough till it gets not sticky,but rather smooth

9. When dough became manageable without getting piece of dough sticking to your hands, drizzle extra virgin olive oil onto bowl and smear all around the inside and smear extra virgin olive oil all around caramel pumpkin pie rolls dough and place the dough onto bowl,cover it with Saran and place the bowl inside the oven that was preheated to 200F

10. When both dough are in the oven, let it proof inside the oven for 90 minutes.

** 90 Minutes later, dough should be doubles in volume

12. Take the proofed dough out from the oven, and divide one ball of dough to 10 pieces and roll to shapes you like and place them onto lined half sheet pan

** I usually place non stick foil in the half sheet pan and then place the dough on them

13. After shaped to your preferred roll shapes, and line them up on the half sheet pans, cover it with saran and put them back into oven to proof again.

14. Let the dough proof for another 60 minutes.

** Dough should be doubles in volume

15. When dough got doubles in volume, take the half sheet pan out from oven and preheat the oven to 375F and when preheated, take off the saran and place the half sheet pan to bake for about 15 minutes or so until golden on top.

 When it is done, ready for taste testing! BUT you cannot taste test without someone else greeting  you..up close..

Hello,mom.What you eating behind my back? You cannot fool me.I got good nose!



What? I can taste testing this? Yay! You are da best!

Stay,pumpkin roll…stay…

I am a lady.I don’t eat in one bite..nom..nom..slurp!

Pumpkin roll, here I come for the second bite.. Hmm..this is so good!

Are you sure all gone? Let me investigate.. Sniff, sniff..

I smelled some more crumbs..Let me make sure nothing yummy is left…


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