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Amazing Doberman Pinscher “Donnie”

  Recently, I came across the show titled “Dog Genius” at National Geographic Wild channel. The show was very interesting to watch and I thought I would share a bit with you here.

 One segment was about our eye movement with dogs’ behavior.

 In the experiment, one person sat in the chair and moved the eye to some direction and dog followed the direction the person was looking at, and found a treats on the floor. So,it means that dogs are paying attention to your eye movement, and act accordingly.

 Next part was funny experiment.

 Let the dog sit in front of you and place the treats in front of the dog and say “wait” and keep the eye open. Dog would keep “wait” cue and should keep looking at you for your next release call.

 Now, close your eyes and see what happens.

 In the show, the dog in the experiment kept “wait” a little when one person was closing her eyes, but after some moment, he broke the “wait” cue and ate the treats. I thought it was fun experiment.

 What would your dogs do if your eyes were closed and his/her favorite treats were sitting in front of him/her? Would they eat it?

 The show itself were very interesting and loved watching the show but most amazing segment in the show was about Doberman Pinscher named “Donnie”.

 Donnie is like a canine toy artist. He arrange his toys in specific patterns or specific theme such as “triangle art”, “all face down art”, “all frog toys art”, “holding hand art” .. It was jaw-dropping..

 Most touching part is where Donnie’s mom said that the day after Donnie let her place her arms around him,he arranged toys looking like “holding hand”.

 Animal behaviorist and a professor at the University of Michigan, Dr Barbara Smuts, mentioned in the show that she is not sure about motivation of this behavior but it might be Donnie’s way to express himself through the toy art.

 Bellow is the youtube video on Donnie.

Donnie the Dog Genius

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 What do you think of Donnie’s toy art? Do your dogs arrange toys like Donnie??

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