“Momo” the police dog in Japan

 When you hear the police dogs, search and rescue dogs, what comes to your mind might be bigger dogs such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever,Bloodhound.

 Recently, tiny little long haired 7 years old chihuahua,6.6lb, named “Momo” passed the exam to become a police dog in Nara prefecture ( western part of  main island of Japan).

 Nara prefecture is famous for Daibutsu (statue of Buddha) and Deers that bow to you when you show the Deer cracker treats called “Shika Senbei”. “Shika” means “Deer” and “Senbei” means “cracker” in Japanese. Nara prefecture also has another historical sites and if you had a chance to visit Japan, Nara prefecture might be interesting place for you to visit.

Deers in Nara prefectures..

You will see many Deers resting under shade like this..

If you give Deer Treats to them.. you will see them bowing to you..

Deers in Nara prefecture bow for Deer Treats

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Daibutsu (Statue of Buddha)…

 “Momo” means “Peach” in Japanese. If you read “Momo” putting accent on first part “MO” like “MO-mo”, it means “thigh” in Japanese. If you read the name putting equal accent on both part like “mo-mo”, it means “peach” in Japanese.

 Sometimes, same letters with different ways of reading them make complete different meaning in Japanese. Rain, for example, is “Ame” in Japanese. If you read the word putting accent on “A” part, like “A-me”, it means “rain” but if you put the accent on “me” part like “a-ME”, it means “candy” in Japanese.

 According to reuters website, she was one of 32 successful candidate dogs out of 70 dogs. Article says that her test was to find a person in 5 minutes after sniffing the cap very briefly.

 “Momo” is scheduled to work from January 2011 in search and rescue team for situation like earthquake. The team hopes “Momo” can search the narrow area where bigger dogs cannot squeeze in to search.

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 “Momo” maybe the first police dog in Japan, but did you know there is Chihuahua – Rat terrier mix named “Midge” is also police dog in the states?

 “Midge” is the world’s smallest drug sniffing dog in Ohio state.

 To read the full article on “midge” the drug sniffing dog at cbs news website,please click here .

 It makes sense that when it comes to narrow space to search and rescue, these little police dogs will be able to search better, and become useful.


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