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Why dogs do zoomie after bath time?

 In previous entry titled “Bathing your dogs “, I wrote that I used to take Palette to groomers’ for bath, but now I bath her.

 I also wrote that best thing about
bathing your dog at home is that you can save your money and you can
make lower the stress your dog would be getting from groomer and,you can
finish bathing a lot quicker. This way, dogs do not have to be at
groomers for 5 hours waiting for you to come pick them up.

 Then, I wrote about Palette’s strange habit after bath time. As soon as she is
released from shower room after dried by air dryer, she goes living room,and start
racing around the house zillions of times. This crazy running act is also called FRAPS; Frenetic random activity periods.

 Sometimes,she runs around,and
then come to me in the shower room cleaning the tub and tools, then she
barks at me with Play bow posture.Then,she goes back to her racing
around the house.Moment later,she lay on her side,then take a nap. To
me,she looks like saying “Hey,I am clean.Look!I am clean!”

 Sometimes, she throws herself onto the carpet and rolls on the carpet with tongue
hanging out. Big grin on her face.I cannot help myself smiling back at

 I can guess why Palette rolls on the carpet after bath though. You all know that dogs and human have different opinions when it comes to sense of smells. I think that Palette cannot agree with the scent left from being bathed and she might be trying to get her familiar scent back on her by rolling on the carpet.

 If she went for walk after bath and other dog comes sniff at her, Palette would smell like coconut. I wonder what information he/she can get from coconut smelling dog when they sniff at Palette Palette might be a little embarrassed with the smell.

 Now, why she does the crazy zoomie every time she gets out from bath? If I were her, and if the fur was still wet, not completely dried, I can imagine I would race around the house, but I dry her fur thoroughly, and I have hard time understanding her strange routine after bath.

I got bathed! Now is the Pal’s Zoomie time!

 Apparently, many dogs seems to do the same thing after bath;racing around the house whether they are being big dogs or being small dogs.

 Do your dogs do zoomie routine after being bathed? If so, have you ever wondered why dogs do zoomie after bath?

 So,this time, I thought I would look for the answers to the question “Why dogs do zoomie after bath time”.

 I came across youtube video on Cosmo,the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, zooming after bath. 

Cosmo, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, zoomie time after bath

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facebook, please click here to watch the video.

 Why dogs do zoomie routine after they are being bathed?

 According to article written by Kelli Giles at Codyandcompanypetproducts blog site, there are some theories behind them.

1. Dogs’ instinct tells them to zoomie to keep the fur dry

2. Just being happy free from the bath tub, and zoomie is the way they can get all sorts of our attentions 

 To read the full article by Kelli Giles at Codyandcompanyblog site, please click here .

 I came across one article that states dogs do zoomie from fear, but I disagree with it. Palette runs very fast with her tongue hanging out and, she comes to me in the shower room cleaning the tub and tools, then she
barks at me with Play bow posture.Then,she goes back to her racing
around the house. Does dogs feeling “fear” would act like this?

 I think that only dogs themselves know for sure as to why dogs do zoomie after being bathed, but I feel that Palette does zoomie because she feels good being clean, and zoomie can get all sorts of attention from family members.

 On the side note, I came across interesting tips on how to stop your dogs from shaking, and spraying water all over you when you bath them.

 Article written by Paris and John at website says, holding the muzzle prevent them from shaking off the water. Some seem to suggest to hold nose for the same purpose but, base reason is same.

 Dogs’ shaking starts from head to rear, so without head being able to shake, they cannot shake off when they feel like shaking after bath.So, this tip can buy you some time for grabbing towel while you are holding muzzle/nose with one hand and then cover with towel and start drying.

 I thought it very useful tip.

 To read full article written by Paris and John  at,please click here .

 Some tips on bathing your dogs at home..

 ** Before bathing,
brush your dogs and get loose/dead hair first. That would decrease the
amount of hair you need to clean up after bathing time

** Use the non skid mat for the slippery tub floor

** Don’t forget to
rinse off the soap from dogs very very good until you hear the squeaky
sound.Otherwise, dogs get itchy from leftover soap on the fur.

** Personally,
I do not let Palette dry naturally because if you leave your dogs dump,
it can become perfect condition for hot spots.Our vet told us to keep
the fur dry and clean and never leave your dogs dump when Palette had
hot spots once.

** After every bath time, Palette gets cool down treats and that is what she looks forward to when she gets bathed.

 What are your theories on why dogs do zoomies after being bathed?


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