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3D movies and eye health

 Since the huge success of the 3D movies “Avatar”in 2009, I cannot help noticing many movies that come out is with 3D. 3D hype would not stop there. If you go to electronic stores, you find 3D TVs, and I recently saw the advertisement on 3D DVR…

 Back in October, on Halloween season, one talk show tried broadcasting the show in 3D. Viewers were instructed to wear the red/green 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D show on the Halloween week,but it was not much of “wow” factor. Only section I felt “3D” was when someone on  the show tried throwing things at you or bat flying out etc.. It was one hour show,and wearing the 3D glasses whole time made my eyes tired and I kept taking it off every so often, and I did not think it was worth broadcasting the show in 3D.

 On the talk of 3D TV programs, starting Feb 14th,2011, sports channel “ESPN” will air the 3D programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However,to enjoy the sports programs in 3D, you need a 3D TV, 3D glasses, and 3D top box, and 3D services.

 That would be very expensive to get ready and enjoy the programs. 3D TV runs around $800-$3,000, and one pair of 3D glasses runs around $200, and in addition to those, it requires added service fee from network..

 Since lately it seems like everything is with 3D and, already 3D movies are quite expensive ( 3D movie tickets range from $15 to $20 per ticket depending on where you live.If you go with family of 4, it will cost you roughly $60 or so for one movie without drinks or popcorn.), I wonder if TV networks would join in the 3D hype and in the future, they would start offering the 3D programs more with higher price tag on it like movies.

 I personally think that good movies in 3D would be action-pack movies, horror movies, and movies with great scenery (my husband call it “Epic  movies”), and I do not think that movies that carry stories at one specific places would not be using the 3D technology to full to their benefit.

 Recently, I came across the article in the local newspaper on 3D and effects on eye health.

Why do you find the depth in 3D screens?

 According to the article written by Peter Svensson, 3D technology used in the screen and 3D glasses creates the illusion of depth by showing the different images to each eyes. That is why, even though things you see are at the different distances in real life,it appears to be in different places in each eye’s fields of view. Therefore, people feel the depth in the screen.

Why do you feel like something is approaching at you in 3D screens?

 Peter writes, our eyes track an approaching object by turning inward, toward our nose and we will be looked like cross eyed then. And 3D screens elicit this response and, we see things in the screens as if they are approaching at us.

3D screens and eye health..

 Watching the exciting movies with 3D; feeling depth in the scenes or makes us feel like we are in the same field to the characters in the screens, are fun, but as Peter writes, when our eyes turn inward,eyes expect us to focus on closer,but since screen itself is not at close distance, eyes must focus back at the screen,which after all forcing the eyes to work hard, and result in discomfort and fatigue.

 So, 3D movies are fun to watch, but for eye health, it is not good. I cannot imagine going to 3D movies every so often, or wearing the 3D glasses long period of times at home to enjoy TV programs everyday.That would be very tiring for my eyes.

 To read a full article on 3D screens and eye health written by Peter Svensson, please click here .

 Under the 3D trend in movie industries, I hear old movies being converted to 3D and re-lease to the public with more high price tag on it.

 For example, “Titanic” seems to be re-release in spring in 2012. I think that stories and everything was great “as is” in 2D format but, since they would not be re-shoot the scenes with 3D cameras to make the proper 3D movies, and they would convert the movies that were shot with 2D cameras afterwards, I wonder how good the quality would be for post- conversion. And does it worth the higher price tag on it?

 You can read more on “Titanic” 3D re-release here .

 Another trend in movie industries, it seems there is many re-make of the old movies with new actors/actress.. I personally would like to see movie makers’ own fresh and new creativity, not re-making or re-releasing the old movies with a twist.

 I think that not every movies should come out with 3D. What matters most to us viewers, I think, is the creativity in story lines with great scenery etc and the technology itself is just there to enrich/supplement the great movies, and we should not rely on technology fully for the great movies.

What are your thoughts on 3D TVs,3D movies, re-leasing the old movies in 3D etc?


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Palette’s note:Grass-fed Angus beef Tendon (Paddywack)

 When you pick up
treats for your dogs, what would you look at? Ingredients? Fancy looking
pictures?Description of the products?

 Have you ever wondered if you
could actually see how other dogs are enjoying them? Not pictures,but in
video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures?

 Some of you may
have already recognized I have been putting up treats’ video on youtube
so that people can hear the sound,and see Palette in action and get more
detail on products.

 With “Palette’s note” series,I like to put taste test videos. This time, “Grass-fed Angus beef Tendon (Paddywack ) 8″-11 .

Grass-fed Angus beef Tendon (Paddywack) 8″-11″…

 Grass-fed Angus beef tendon (Paddywack) is a tendon from neck, and dried. They are made in Argentina.

 These are made from grass-fed Angus beef that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life, and they are approx 8″-11″ in length.

 They are not pliable and, it is rather crunchy chew. Our k9 executive chef “Palette” enjoys this  Grass-fed Angus beef tendon (Paddywack) to her heart content for 20 minutes plus, and proceed to double check for crumbs, and check under the doggy bed, check on the doggy bed where she chew treats on, and making sure there are nothing left on them..

 Since Tendon is
not something you can break into small bits to use as training treats,
this is more for snack. Great snack as occasional jackpot treats for “job
well done” for your dogs.

 Our k9 executive chef “Palette” jumps and twirl for this Angus beef tendon (Paddywack) when she sees it or smell it. I usually use this chew as occasional jackpot treats,especially for her
favorite game – “Find your toy” game.

 “Find your toy” game is basically a game one level up from “Find it” game; treats search game. Instead of asking Palette to look for small bits of treats I hid in various  places, I pick one of her toys, let her sniff at it, and ask her to stay on the spot.

 Then, I go hide the toy itself. With the release cue “Go find it!”, Palette start the toy search. When she find the toy, she needs to grab it, and bring it back to me to trade the toy with the jackpot treats.

 She enjoys this game a lot and, she would enjoy the unexpected treats and after she gets her chew from me, she trots to her doggy bed and settle on it and enjoy every bite of the treats.

  Ingredients: Angus beef tendon

 Let’s watch Palette in action with Angus beef tendon (Paddywack) taste test.

 If you are a blog subscriber,please click  here to watch the video Part I and please click here to watch the video Part II.

Palette and Grass-fed Angus beef tendon Part I

Palette and Grass-fed Angus beef tendon Part II

Can you hear the
sound of crispiness? Can you see how excited she was for the treats?? Within a second or two,you will see her nose get very wet

Why my nose is very wet,you may ask??

Answer is… Angus beef tendon (Paddywack) treats in the house!!

Um.. I would need a piggyback ride..

Nom,nom,nom… Hmm,THAT is what I am talking about! Paws up!

Enjoying the chew with one leg kicked out


I am getting tired…still enjoying the chew with two legs kicked to sides..

Making sure no crumbs are left..around my paws..

Under the doggy bed..

Under the bed.. very thoroughly checking for crumbs of chew..

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.


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Summer in Japan; Sudare (Bamboo blinds)

 In previous entry titled “Summer in Japan: Fu u ri n (Wind chime) and cicadas “, I wrote that most
Japanese houses have fans (“Sen puu ki” in Japanese), or air
conditioners to cool off, but there is some other things such as Fu u ri n (Wind chimes) that make us
feel “cooler” than it really is, and makes us feel “soothing”.

 Hearing the Wind chime in hot humid summer makes you feel “soothing” and feel “cooler” than really is, but there is one more thing that you would see in Japan during summer.

 When you look at traditional Japanese house from outside, first thing you will spot on where you normally see glass window is called “Sudare”. It is a blinds that made from bamboo and, it is almost like a giant sushi mat. Usually, it is hang under the roof and it shield the direct sun light and create cool shade.

Bamboo blind (Sudare) can be much bigger size than regular window
height, and those giant bamboo blinds are rest against roof top and set
outside the shops,for example. This creates the cool shady area outside
the store and you will see the giant Sudare outside some of the stores
in Japan during summer.

 Do you know how the Sudare (Bamboo blind) is made? I came across the youtube video on how the bamboo blinds are made.

 How Edo Sudare; Bamboo blinds, are made

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 Sudare (Bamboo blinds) are also is a big part of traditional Japanese street performance. The act is called “Nan kin Sudare”, and performers make all kinds of shapes using the Sudare (Bamboo blinds). The youtube video bellow uses music to perform the “Nan kin Sudare performance” but, traditionally, performers chants the poem as they make shapes out of bamboo blinds.

 I found Nan kin sudare chant lyrics at wikipedia website. To see the lyrics for Nankin sudare performance, please click here .

 Nan kin Sudare Performance

 If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 If you removed the Sudare;bamboo blinds, from the house, you will find 3-4 lanes for sliding doors/windows. The first window/door you can slide around is called “Amado”, and it is a rain door and when typhoon visits Japan, many families close the rain door “Amado” and lock them. It is to protect windows from flying object via typhoon (strong wind and rain). When you close the “Amado”, inside the house without the light becomes dark.

 Behind the “Amado”, at our house, we had 2 layers of thick glass windows. “Amado” and these 2 layer of windows are usually set aside and use them when typhoon hits the region.

 Behind the protective windows, you will find the light weight screen window called “Amido”. During the summer, some families open doors wide and just keep”Amido”; the screen window close to let the cool air come in. “Amido”; the screen window, prevents the insect coming in to the house.

 Behind the “Amido”, you will find the regular glass window.


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Titer test for dogs

 In the previous entry titled “Weight management for healthy,long life for your dogs “, I wrote that we recently visited vet clinic for yearly checkup and the vet there asked about secret behind Palette’s weight loss, and about the raw diet Palette is on a lot on that day. I wonder since more and more people are interested in the fresh food diet for themselves, I wonder if they started seeing more raw-fed dogs.

 On the same day, the vet asked about re-vaccination for Bordetella, and something else. Since I believe that vaccination is not going to be given without risk, and I do not see the point giving those vaccinations to Palette for the disease , for example, Bordetella, she would be less likely exposed to (She does not go to dog parks, she does not go doggy day care or any other places where many dogs are ). So, I said “No,thank you” for the re-vaccination.

 Just like dog’s diet I think that it should be tailor to each individual dog’s life style and for some other vaccines, I would be happy if vet themselves keep educating themselves with recent studies on vaccines or protocol etc.

 At the same vet clinic, we had been asked about re-vaccination by our regular vet, but she was more understanding and, she did not push it, but the vet on the yearly checkup day,who we met for the first time, was telling us to do “Titer” if not re-vaccination.

 I was familiar with the term “Titer”, but my husband was not so familiar with the term so, the vet explained about it.

 So, what is “Titer”?

 “Titer” is the name of the test, and this test measure the amount of antibody to disease.

 According to the book titled “Stop the shot” by John Clifton, he explains that vet draw one ounce of blood, and the original sample is expressed with ratio 1:1, then discard one half of the blood, and replace it with a dilutant, and this first diluted solution is expressed with the ratio 1:2.

 So, with the first step,the original blood sample was diluted by half.

 Then, he explains, vet will test the solution to see if there were any antibody in the diluted sample. If there were, vet will dilute the diluted sample by half again and check the anti body in the sample.This second solution is expressed with ratio 1:4.

 So, vet will keep diluting the sample and keep checking the antibody in the sample and when he saw no antibody is present, he would stop the dilution and he will look the ration of last solution. That number will be called “Titer number”.

 With common sense, higher the number is, the more anti body present in the blood, but it is not the test to check the immunity.

 John writes, even if titer score were lower, it does not mean that the dog in question has no immunity to the virus. He writes that if the dog were vaccinated in puppyhood, it is most likely that the immunity is present, and it does not mean they need another shot.

 So, although, our vet on that day gave us an impression that if the titer number were lower, it means Palette would need another shot, but I do not think it right considering it is not the test to check the immunity against the virus.

 According to article written by Christie Kieth on “Titer”, she writes immunity to specific virus is reliant to memory cells,which orders immune system to create the  antibody and dispatch them to the infection.

 To read the full article by Christie Kieth on “Titer”, please click here .

 According to Dr Schultz, who is a professor and chair of pathobiological sciences at school of veterinary medicine, he has been studying on vaccination since 1970’s and he has learned that the immunity can last as long as dog’s life time, and he also learned that we humans are over vaccinating our beloved furry friends.

 He writes that side effects of over vaccinations are skin problems, allergic reactions, autoimmune disease etc..

 To read full article written by Dr Schultz on vaccination, please click here.

 Dr Ron Schultz, Dr Jean Dodds, and advocate for vaccination Kris Christine have launched the project called “Rabies Challenge Fund”. With the Rabies Challenge Fund, they would try to get the evidence to show that the Rabies vaccine can last longer than 3 years, possibly 5 years, 7 years, and avoid unnecessary re-vaccination to cause adverse reaction from the vaccine.

 To learn more on Rabies Challenge Fund at Rabies challenge fund website, please click here . You can also see the update on vaccination legislation by clicking the update button.

 In the past, when Palette was a puppy, I assumed that everything what vet says is what we do for the health for Palette, but then, after switching the diet to raw diet and started paying more attention to overall health matter, I learned a lot more.

 Learning about over-vaccination was one of them, and I hope more and more people would pay attention to what they are giving via vaccination and, I hope many more people would stop and think whether the vaccination in the question are necessary or not.

 The vet we met for the first time on the yearly checkup recommended for “titer” for shots we have skipped, but like I stated, I do not see the point to even do “titer” for the disease like Bordetella because Palette does not go dog park, does not go groomers often, does not go to doggy daycare where many dogs are, and less likely exposed to the virus.

 It is a conclusion of me weighing risk vs benefit.I prefer not over-vaccinate Palette.

 We left the clinic after the talk, but Palette was acting as if to say “Get me out,get me out” facing toward the door that leads to the lobby right from the moment she came back from weigh-in/blood draw for Snap 4D test for tick/heartworm.

 After Palette came back to exam room,where we were, after a while, the vet came in and started asking question on diet, and then subject moved to vaccination. Whole time we were talking with him, Palette was restless and she was acting unusual way.

 I thought that after vet tech draw blood for snap 4D test for tick/heartworm check and weigh-in, Palette was to be getting physical exam such as teeth,ear,eyes, heart etc.. just like regular lady vet does in front of us.

 But it wasn’t. She came back to room, and vet walked into the room, and he talked about she has nice white teeth etc.. and it seemed like he already checked her behind the door,away from us.

 Later, I found out why she is usually calm with the lady vet, who we see normally and acting out on that day.

After the vaccination/titer test talk, I had something I wanted to ask on that day, and he sat on the floor and tried to check Palette but,one point time, she did not like the way the vet touched or something and she growled at the vet.

 For me, it was strange because she does not mind being touched whether it is muzzle,paws, other area and, usually, she stands still and let our regular lady vet do whatever she wanted to do such as pulling up the lips or check ears, check heart, whatever. And she loves to come to the lady vet and being pet.

 With the vet we saw on that day, Palette rather wanted to be away from him. With the regular lady vet, her ears goes flat on her head, head low, butt up in the air, butt wagging and trot to her and lay down in front of her and while she pet her, she pants with her tongue hanging out.

 Now, when Palette growled at the vet, he yanked her leash, placing finger in front of her and said “no” with stern tone.

 I train Palette with clicker training; the positive training method, and I do not like physical correction method.

 After observing how he dealt with Palette’s not so good manner, I would imagine Palette must have been so stressed out behind the doors.

 Palette’s very first local vet we used to go to was also the one Palette did not wanted to come closer, like the vet we saw on that day. Common things I see between the two vets are, they seemed not taking time to warm up with Palette via petting or calling her name with happy voice etc and rather, they are sort of like the one who come in and do what they need to do before getting to know her and, physical correction does not help either.

 The regular lady vet we see usually comes in to room, greet Palette with happy voice first and, she sits on the floor and give her nice petting while she talks to us and then, after a while, she asks us to put her onto the table in the room, and gently examine Palette while she talks to her with gentle voice etc..

 When we made an appointment for yearly checkup, I did not specify which vet we like to see, but from now on, I would make sure we get to see the lady vet who Palette likes.

It is true that, some dogs may act out at vet clinic just because they are not being used to be touched paws or muzzle etc, but at the same time, whether ones are groomers or vets, their handling skill is also important.

 Choose the vet that takes time to get to know your dog and listen to you and your dogs, and when you go to vet clinic, it is helpful if you educate yourself on things like vaccination beforehand, and be the voice for your dogs. They cannot speak English and their health is depending on you.


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Japanese cooking; Sanshoku Soboro (crumbled seasoned meat,scrambled egg,saute sugar snap pea over rice)

 In the previous entry titled “Bento box culture in Japan “, I wrote that Japanese school usually have
Bento box day once in a while, and when they have special events like
sports festival, parents bring the Bento box for family members from house, and when
kids got lunch time break from events, kids and parents sit around the
Bento box and eat them.

 I remember I was helping my mother making bread dough and we made pig in the blanket and other type of bread one time, and some other time, my mother brought rice with bunch of different kinds of side dish in the container and we sat on the picnic mat and my grandparents,parents, and us kids talked about sports festivals result or got encouragement for next sport I was supposed to participate in from grandparents and my parents.

 When I was a high school
students, we students brought Bento box every day. And when I started going University, since where I lived was 8 minutes walk away from school, I went back to home and cooked lunch with my friends.

 When I started working, I brought Bento box every day. Bento box is one of Japanese culture, and I
am very impressed to think how long my mother kept making Bento box for
family and, help us family be healthy with home made Bento box for

 One of the popular dish in the Bento box for especially kids are called “Sanshoku Soboro”.

 “San” means “three” in Japanese and “shoku” means “color” so, you can imagine that the dish has 3 colors on the plate. “Soboro” means “crumbled and seasoned meat/fish” in Japanese. Generally, seasoned with sweet Teriyaki sauce with hint of ginger.

 Since the dish is very tasty and easy to make and probably many people would enjoy them, so, I thought I would share the easy,quick cooking popular Japanese dish “Sanshoku Soboro” with you.

 So, how do you make “Sanshoku Soboro” ? Here is how.

Sanshoku Soboro..

 As you see in the picture above, dish is assembled with 3 components with 3 different colors. Egg for yellow, thinly sliced sugar snap pea for green, and seasoned crumbled chicken for brown.

 Traditionally, green part is made with spinach as my mother used to make but you can use sugar snap pea like me. I just like the texture of the sugar snap pea and bright green color for the dish.

 For brown part, traditionally, it is made with ground chicken. But you could swap with any ground meat you like.

 There is a dish called “Ni shoku Soboro”, also and “Ni’ means “Two” in Japanese, and as you might have guessed it, some dish are made with two colored components; Egg for yellow and brown for usually Flaky Mackerel.

 <San shoku soboro>

-Saute Sugar Snap pea-

1. Remove the string from the sugar snap pea and thinly slice about one handful or two of sugar snap pea diagonally.

** Snow peas, Sugar snap peas both have string on them and remove the string by breaking the tip of sugar snap pea/snow peas and gently pull the string down.

** Snow peas/sugar snap pea both have strings on both sides. You can watch how to remove the sugar snap pea string with youtube video bellow.

How to remove strings from Sugar snap peas

 If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

2. Put the skillet on the stove and drizzle extra virgin olive oil onto the skillet and when the skillet become hot enough, saute the thinly sliced sugar snap pea and season them with Molton’s Nature’s Seasons with blue cap.

-Scrambled Egg for Soboro dish- (For 2-3 adult serving)

1. Crack 3 eggs into measuring cup.

2. Add heavy cream to make the 3 egg and heavy milk amount reach to 1C line on the measuring cup.

** I tried making scrambled egg with milk, but I find that adding heavy cream to the egg mixture makes much fluffier tastier scrambled egg.

3. Sprinkle Molton’s Nature’s Seasons with blue cap onto egg and heavy cream mixture.

4. Add 2tsp sugar,2tsp sake to the egg-heavy cream mixture.

4. With either chopstick or fork, beaten the egg until egg and heavy milk etc gets mixed well. You should not see egg white, egg york separated. Egg york,egg white, and heavy cream etc should be mixed well, and beaten egg mixture should have even color.

** Mixing until everything mixed well ensure that the air would get in into the beaten  egg and you can get fluffy scrambled egg

** When my mother has taught me how to make scrambled egg, she taught me to use the chopsticks and tilt the measuring cup or container that has egg in it a bit to your side and beat the egg with chopstick with motion from right hand corner to left side corner, moving chopsticks out from the egg and back in to right corner side to left side corner with rather fast speed.

 By doing so, you can get a lot of air inside the beaten egg and you can make yummy scrambled egg. But you should not over-beat the egg. 

5. Put the 9″-10″ skillet on stove with medium high heat and add about 1/2tbs butter and let it melt

6. When butter is melted, tilt the skillet side,forward, etc and make sure the surface is buttered.

7. Pour all the beaten egg-heavy cream mixture onto the skillet and,using the wooden spoon, stir it circular way and push the egg toward center and repeat for about a couple of times with rather slow speed.

** Pushing the egg toward center ensure that the runny egg can settle faster.

8. By 2nd or 3rd circular stir with pushing egg toward center, you would see the egg start to set better

9. When almost all eggs are set, you can then break the egg into larger pieces and when you think all cooked through, you can place them into bowl

-Soboro (seasoned crumbled meat)- using ground chicken

1. Set the sauce pan on medium high heat and add about half pound of ground chicken

2. Break the ground chicken a little and, add 2tbs soy sauce, 2tbs sake,2 tbs sugar

3. Continue to cook until you see the no liquid is left

-Soboro (seasoned crumbled meat)- using canned Mackerel

1. Set the sauce pan on medium high heat and add drained canned Mackerel

2. Break the Mackerel with wooden spoon a little and, add grated ginger a bit, 1tbs soy sauce, 1tbs Mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine),1 tbs sugar

3. Continue to cook until you see the no liquid is left

-How to assemble-

1. Plate hot steamy kokuho rose rice on center

2. Top the rice with your Soboro, sugar snap pea, and scrambled egg

Some people put rice into bento box or rice bowl and cover the whole surface of rice with topping, and garnish it with pickled ginger.



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Palette’s winter treats diary; January 16th,2011

 In the previous entry titled “Palette’s summer treats diary;June 13th,2010 “,
I wrote about how excited our dog, “Palette” becomes when she hears the
command “Go get leash” for walk. Then, she tends to walk much faster or tries to jog back home with me since she gets excited about her cool down

 Palette really loves my cool down treats, and when we come back
home,she literally right passes over me, dragging the leash, and position herself in the
kitchen and wait in her imaginary line for the treats.

I am the first in line! YES!!

My butt is sliding down, but eyes on my mom for yummy treats!

“Palette’s summer treats dairy” series, I thought it would be
interesting for you to tour around our kitchen to see what kinds of cool
down treats she is getting, and share her cool down
treats’ recipes.

we go for walk daily except on rainy days or snowy days, cool down
treats are actually given after each walk or each bathing time or occasionally, I give cool down treats after physical activity inside the house such as fetch ball/Frisbee all year
round. So, we will have the series all year round and keep introducing
new recipes of her cool down treats. Now, I will pass a pen to Palette
to write her diary here.

 January 16th,2011

 Dear diary,

always, I waited for my mom to get
ready for walkie looking through the windows from top of the stairs, and I heard my mom says “Palette,
go get a leash” as she walked up to poopy bag storage box.

 I stood up with excitement and, went in the room to get the leash for walkie and brought it back to my mom who was waiting for me to come down at the bottom of the stairs.

Leash to mom..Here I come!

we went for walkie a little longer distance than yesterday, near lake area. I hold the head high to feel the fresh air, and sometimes, nose down to the ground to read all the daily doggy news walking through the fallen leaves.

 On the way home, I found a bird poop on the road, which I could not just pass walking by. I sniffed the bird poop on the road very  carefully. I heard my mom said  “Palette, lets go.”, but I just could not pass walking by. There was something about it.

 I thought that maybe I could claim the bird poop I found the road so that it is not going to go away, I decided to make it yellow. Now, that is mine. I should find it tomorrow again.

 Walking back to home, I started thinking about what would come up next. Yes, “Cool down treats time”!! I want to go home now! I walked to home very first, and before my mom get the leash off from me, I ran upstairs, and headed to kitchen.

 Then, that is when my mom took the picture of me waiting in the imaginary line for treats in the kitchen.

 Ahh..I see you holding the cool down treats

 My nose is getting wet..

 Yesterday,I got Frozen Asian pear butternut squash yogurt treats that has hint of beef flavor to it. That was last one. From today, I will be getting Frozen Papaya Green beans yogurt treats that has hint of buffalo flavor to it.

 Frozen Papaya Green beans yogurt treats..

 Here is how you make them.

1. To the mixer, add rough sliced 1 Brazilian papaya (peeled and seed removed) 10 oz, steamed green beans 6.5 oz, 6.5 oz of Stoneyfield organic plain yogurt and add 1tbs of buffalo rib flavored water to the mixer and puree

**When you steam the green beans, add water to the sauce pan, drop one buffalo rib bone, and place vegetable steamer and place green beans and steam them. From  the sauce
pan that you used to steam the green beans, you will take 1 tbs of water and pour into the mixer to puree green beans,papaya, and yogurt.

** Papaya fruits has compounds called papain, which aids digestion and known to be good for joints. However, I tend to give trachea,gullet,poultry feet etc regularly for joint health for Palette. Papaya is, for her, occasional treats.

2. Pour those onto ice cube tray and freeze

** This will be about 12 blocks of treats in one ice cube tray with my mom’s

** Frozen Papaya Green beans yogurt treats whole ice cube tray is roughly about 309 kcal (you can see more detail at website here ). So, each ice cube given is about 26kcal.

Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.

Give me,give me,give me..!!

Here I come!

Hmm…nom,nom,nom.. That is sooooo good!

Pardon my drool around muzzle,it is just that tasty!

 Yesterday,I saw mom pulling papaya and green beans out from fridge and heard * zap,zap,zap..* in the kitchen.I knew she was making something
I smelled sweet papaya, and I could not wait to get the frozen papaya green beans yogurt treats.

 I love tropical fruits such as mango, papaya but always when mom served me, it is already cut to pieces and I had never seen what it looks like. Mom showed me ingredients for my cool down treats before she uses it so I get to see with my own eyes, and smell them good with my good nose.

Brazilian papaya..

Sniff,sniff.. umm.. I donno what it is..

If I bite into it, I may find out what it is..

Mom wanted to take a picture with this strange thing, but there is something about this that I like..

 Something about this that I like..Hmm..

I hope mom is not watching me.. nom..nom..nom..

 Then mom showed me green beans..

 What is that? What is that? Can I sniff better?

Got you,mom! I gonna take it away from you..**grin**

Oops! Sorry,mom..

 The fresh ingredients (papaya and green beans) were so yummy, and so was cool down treats. This is the best part when I go for walkie I always wait nicely in front of the freezer door.I know where they sleep in I sometime wish I could open the freezer by myself to self serve… Tweat-ful tummy sounds so good..


Now, I would need a power nap after walkie. I am getting sleepy…


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Cooking with fresh ingredients Part III

 In previous entry titled Cooking with fresh ingredients Part II “, I wrote that since Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign;bring
fresh food to school lunch menu, I have started noticing many more
celebrity chefs are working on their own project to encourage people to
eat fresh food not processed food.

 Also, not only fresh food for humans, people are showing more interests in fresh food diet for dogs too. I feed our stumpy little dog “Palette” fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet and, her menu is always fresh and she gets wide variety of food and,not just main diet menu, her treats are also simple ingredients treats and,I never give highly processed,sugary treats. If fresh food is better for humans, then why not for dogs, isn’t it?

 When I go to grocery store, I see all kinds of fresh produce and, sometimes, I find very interesting vegetables and fruits and, I am really looking forward to go to grocery shopping wondering what I would find this time.

 Under the such fresh food movement, I think restaurant is trying to focus on more fresh food, but I think that most cases, their plates still lack variety of vegetable.

Sometimes, their dish has full of cream,butter etc and they come out greasy, and salted heavily, and with very little vegetable. Most of the times, it seems plate comes with 1 or 2 kinds of vegetable.

 Recently, we visited Italian restaurant.Since I love Marsala dish, I ordered the Marsala dish. I was shocked to see the sauce; oil was separated from sauce, and meat was sort of swimming in the broken sauce. Vegetable on the plate was mashed potato and green beans.

 I ate some of it and I was thinking about bringing leftover by shaking off the greasy sauce. After a while, waitress came and put the leftover into the container saying “You know, this is the best part of the dish. ” pouring the greasy broken sauce..

 Other time, at another Italian restaurant, I ordered gnocchi with sherry lobster sauce that comes with grilled scallop and roasted sweet potato. Sauce was so salty like sea water, and gnocchi was also salty, and scallop was overcooked and only thing I could eat was roasted sweet potato..

 Technically, vegetable on the plate was potato (for gnocchi), a little bit of spinach,and sweet potato.This was the most heavily salted dish I ever tasted at restaurant. They do have tasty lobster bisque but I have hard time finding the main dish I enjoy..

 At another American steakhouse restaurant, they have nice big prime rib dish. Mostly, the plate is prime rib and rest was either steak fries or baked potato.Technically, on the plate itself, vegetable was only potato.

 When I ordered sesame crusted salmon with ginger mustard aioli, and the salmon self was nicely cooked; juicy, flaky and nicely seasoned, but I think that chef might be bathing the fillet with oil to cook and it was a bit greasy side. I could eat only the half of the salmon fillet.On the plate, vegetable was mashed potato and deep fried spinach leaves.

 They do great job on spinach salad for appetizer and they have nicely seared Ahi tuna dish.So, with the restaurant above, if you choose appetizer wisely, you could get more variety of vegetables for the meal.

 I think since I use lesser than 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil for meals I cook at home, dishes served at the restaurant here in the states maybe having much more oil in it.

 If you see the plate from traditional Japanese restaurant in Japan, you would be surprised to see how different the restaurants’ plate are;variety of vegetables on the plate makes very colorful plate, and they do not use so fatty sauce/dish.

 Fish is usually grilled/broiled or simmered in light sauce, if not sashimi dish.Vegetables are served either lightly cooked, or in vinegary sauce etc.

 That being said, food here in the states seems to revolve around meat while our dish is revolve around rice and a little of this, little bit of that and we tend to eat/plate up  much more vegetable,fish and fruits.

 One thing I was amazed about food in the states is that you can get all kinds of meat; Beef,Lamb,Pork,Chicken, Turkey,Elk,Goat,Buffalo etc etc while meat in Japan is,as far as I remembered, limited and you see Chicken,Beef,Pork but I do not remember seeing any more than that. I had never had Turkey,Lamb etc until I come over to the states.

 With fish, I think grocery stores in Japan has wider variety of fish and has more whole fish then grocery stores in the states. I think we Japanese eat more fish on the diet too. And cooking method for fish is a bit different.

 Chefs in the states seem, tend to come up with rich heavy sauce using butter or if lighter sauce such as lemon butter caper sauce, often times, I find the taste is bland for fish dish. As for cooking method for fish, I think that most of times, I feel chef might be bathing the fillet with oil to cook in the skillet if not grilled because fish dish comes out bit greasy side.

 Chefs in Japan or mothers in Japanese family tend to season them with much more lighter sauce, and cooking method is very simple. My mother for example, broiled the fish with head still on and no heavy sauce was needed. If fish were not broiled, fish was simmered ginger soy flavored sauce or sweetened miso flavored sauce. Or simply she bought sashimi.

 Cheese here is so wide variety too, and cheese is one of the thing when my family comes over to the states, they buy a cheese and enjoy them to their heart content.

 Produce,spice,herb are also wider variety than Japan.

 So, food source is quite wide to make a nice dishes made with fresh food using more vegetable on the plate. However, according to news paper article written by Jennifer Motl, American people are supposed to eat 2 C of fruits and 2 1/2C of vegetable per day, but 75% of them eat fewer than 1.5C of fruits per day, 1/3 C of dark green/orange vegetable and legumes.

 She points out that why we fall so short when it comes to vegetable/fruits department are taste,convenience,cost,availability,family habit, and lack of knowledge.

 She writes, variety is the key for the taste and, if you find all kinds of variety in the same fruits, for example, Apples, you can try all kinds of Apple and see what variety of an apple you like.

 For me, personally, I love the crispness of Fuji Apple and it is the variety I am familiar with from young age.

 She also points out that even if you think you do not like the particular vegetables, you may change your mind once you have tasted the fresher food a.k.a. home grown vegetables and fruits.

 I think it true. I used to grow sweet peppers. Green peppers, Red peppers, Jalapenos.. fresh from garden tasted much much different from the taste from you get with vegetables from grocery stores.

 Also, when in- law family took us to Florida state, my husband, who hates fish, tried grouper sandwich and he loved it. Fish in Florida might have been much fresher than fish we can get at where we live.

 Also when he visited Maryland, he had seared Ahi tuna. He did not order it, his friend did, and he was told by his friend to try and see if he likes it. He was hesitated but tasted it and then.. guess what? He liked it.

 Yet, try and error, I made fish menu once a week with different kinds of cooking method, different kinds of sauce and he now can eat fish without much of complaint. He found out that he can eat it better if fish was white meat mild taste fish.

 Also, since the time in MD, he order seared Ahi tuna at restaurant sometimes and eat happily.

 I myself used to hate fish as a kid, and my mother always plate up a small amount of fish on my plate and, I had to eat at least one bite. But then, tasting all kinds of fish, I found out that I like Mackerel (Saba), Horse Mackerel (Aji), Shishamo (Smelt in English?) and I like other fish too when she made Tempura with it.

 At elementary school, when I had something I could not eat because I did not like the food, I could not just stand up and bring the plate back to the front, and we kids had to remain seated and eat while others were doing next scheduled thing (cleaning). Occasionally, teacher came up to me and said as long as I take at least one bite, I can bring the plate to the front and I can play with other kids before cleaning time.

 Recently, I made Pork Gyoza dumpling with pork tenderloin with vegetable. My husband is not big fan of pork meat and secret vegetable I put into the Gyoza dumpling, but he loved it. He said it was the best pork Gyoza dumpling I ever made What I made was basically mu-shu pork made with Pork tenderloin with vegetable wrapped with Gyoza dumpling wrapper.

 Mu shu pork is basically a simple stir fry with hoisin sauce in it. The flavor is big,and bold.

Mu shu pork Gyoza Dumpling..

 I think sometimes, different sauce,different cooking method can change your mind for not so thrilled vegetables on your plate.

 For the solution regarding cost problem, Jennifer suggests that buying the vegetable in season because it is the cheapest time of the year.

 She writes we can find what’s in season by visiting the Fruits & Vegetable more matters website. I think it is a great website because you get to see what are in the season and then, if you click the vegetables or fruits that interests you, it shows, “how to select”,”how to store” and if you were interested in nutrition of each food, you can see what nutrient you can get through the vegetables/fruits you have clicked.

 To visit Fruits & Vegetable more matters website, please click here .

 And, last but not least, home growing the vegetables and fruits for fun,taste and cost. Even if you do not have garden space outside, you can grow at your porch,too. If you have kids, they can help harvesting all kinds of vegetables and fruits and it is fun for them.

 To read full article by Jennifer Motl at website,please click here.

 If you have a picky eater in your family,do you have any tips?


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Is dog’s mouth cleaner than human’s?

 People say “Dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s” and, “Dog’s licking help heal the wound faster”, but I have to wonder if it really is true judging from dogs’ fascination for cats’ poop, licking their own genital area etc..

 Dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s??

 Recently, I came across an article about this subject written by jackinabox at hubpage. She thinks that the notion of “Dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s” could stem from the fact that when the dogs lick wound, it seems to help them heal faster.

 According to her article at hubpage, dog’s wound licking behavior makes the infected area clean, and help removing the dead tissue, and dog’s saliva help loosen the scab on the wound.

 When I cut my finger, I wrap my finger with band-aid, so our dog “Palette” has not had a chance to lick my wound and I do not know if her licking my wound could help heal faster or not. However, jackinabox states in the article that if dogs lick the wound on your body, it heals faster because their saliva has special enzyme that has antibacterial substance.

 To read full article by jackinabox at hubpage,please click here .

 Another article written by jackinabox at squido page points out that there is a study done on dog’s saliva and researchers found out that the dog’s saliva has special enzyme that prevent “Streptococcus” and “E. coli” bacteria from growing. Therefore, when dogs lick the wound, this enzyme act like mild antibiotic and disinfect the wound and help heal them faster.

 To read full article by jackinabox at squido page, please click here .

 What enzyme in dog’s saliva act like antibiotic exactly?

 According to article written by Aileen at Dogreflection website, the enzyme that is in dog’s saliva and act like antibiotic is called “Lysozyme”, and it is an enzyme that lyses and destroy harmful bacteria.

 Aileen states that another reason why dog licks their wound is to stimulate tissue and blood vessel around the wound. She states that licking helps to increase the blood flow, and blood brings the white cells,platelets,growth factors and other natural healing agents to the wound area.

  To read full article by Aileen at dogreflection website,please click here.

 On the talk of dog’s saliva, there is another project done to find out whether dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s.

 The project is from California state science fair and done by Lauren Palmer. She swabbed saliva from 25 dogs, 25 humans and checked bacteria growth on dish in incubator for 72 hours. She found out that dog’s saliva had lower bacteria growth than human’s. Bacterias in human’s saliva reached to highest category by day 3 but 28% of dog’s saliva had no bacteria growth by day 3.

 As a result, she found out that most human saliva had 250 bacteria in agar plate but most dogs had 100 bacteria and bellow.

 You can see her science project here .

 Therefore, dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s. However, we need to intervene their licking behavior if it became habit, or if they were constantly licking to flesh, because it can become “lick granuloma”.

 To read more on lick granuloma at wikipedia website, please click here .

 When our dog “Palette” had hotspot on her, she started chewing, licking constantly and the area was exposed to raw flesh. Our vet clipped the fur around, and instructed us to keep the area clean and dry, and we got her soft Elizabeth collar called “Comfy cone”. It is made from soft material and unlike traditional plastic elizabeth collar, it was very easy to let her wear it because I did not have to fight with hole long time to snap the collar on, and it was really

Pausing with Comfy cones..

I have a good idea!

Maybe, I go ring the gottago door bell for potty and mom would take this thing off for potty..

Supposedly,with Comfy cone, you can fold back when you feed your dogs for
easy access for meal. I think, as for meal,it is more comfortable for
dogs to be able to eat meal without the elizabeth collar because they would not be
chewing/licking anyway but eating. And,you maybe supervising them.

 While licking may help the wound heal faster but if your dogs have started licking,chewing suddenly or licking/chewing became constant fair, I think it is important to look into the cause of the licking/chewing and you may need to visit the vet clinic.


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Summer in Japan; Fu u ri n (Wind Chime) and Cicadas

 In previous entry titled “Seasons in Japan “, I wrote that Japan experience 4 seasons through a
year. Generally, March to May is Spring, June to August is
summer, September to November is fall, December to February is winter.

 I also wrote that summer in Japan is very humid and hot. For kids in school, summer
is not “escape month” from schooling, and when I was elementary school,we
always got one booklet that has date on it and you need to do the page
one by one. Some days are Japanese,some days are math,it depends but it
has number of pages for summer vacation. Plus,we were given choice of
books to read. And,you then write essay on it.

 Also, if you were in school,you will decide
project/research theme by yourself and submit it as science homework.
Then,there are school swimming days you need to come show up. Kids are
divided into area group and calender shows which group is swimming day
and kids show up,get a stamp on sheet,and the number of “Show-up”
effects your PE class grade. If you were joining in club,there are days
for activity and it usually long and tiring days. And.. every morning at
about 6:30am, kids show up at park and do exercise (kind of like
stretching exercise, and you do exercise to music),and you get stamps
too. Usually summer vacation for students in Japan is from July 20th or
so to September 4th or so. It seems enough break but with all these
extra stuff we need to do,it is actually busy vacation.

 During the hot,humid season, we have summer festivals,Tanabata festivals, and Bon festivals to look forward to.

 To read on Japanese summer festival in previous entry titled “Summer events in Japan”,please click here .

 Most Japanese houses have fans (“Sen puu ki” in Japanese), or air conditioners to cool off, but there is some other thing that makes us feel “cooler” than it really is, and makes us feel “soothing”.

 The thing is called “Fu u ri n” a.k.a. Wind Chimes in English. Japanese wind chime or “Fu u ri n” is usually hang outside under the roof and it rings the bell by wind. Some are made with glass but some are made with ceramic, some are made with metal.. You get to see all kinds of “Fu u ri n” in Japan. Shapes of “Fu u ri n” are varied too. Some are oval,round shape and some are animal shapes or fish shapes. “Fu u rin” (Wind chimes) is symbol of Japanese summer.

 I came across youtube
videos where you get to see Japanese “Fu u rin” (Wind chimes). The “Fu u rin” are from Japanese shrine.

Japanese Wind Chimes (Fu u ri n)

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 While these “Fu u ri n” can sooth our mind during the hot, humid summer in Japan, there is something that makes us feel hotter than really is.

 That is sound of cicada; “Se mi” in Japanese. Sound of Cicada is, for me, it symbolize summer in Japan. Have you heard of Japanese Cicada? They sing really loud, and make us feel hotter, I mean, really hotter than really is.
 I came across youtube
videos where you get to hear Japanese “se mi” (Cicadas).

Japanese Cicada I

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

Japanese Cicada II

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 Now, you can feel a little bit of what it will be like in summer in Japan.

 Other than sound of wind chime (Fu u ri n) and sound of Cicada, summer is also the season of sunflowers. In Japan, you will see a lot of sun flowers in summer and bellow video I came across at youtube remind me a lot of what summer in Japan is like.

Summer (Joe Hisaishi)

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.


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Weight management for healthy,long life for your dogs

 “Palette has lost some weight and, you have been doing pretty good with her. What did you do? Did you feed less food? or..?”

 That was what the vet has asked us when we recently took Palette to vet clinic for yearly checkup. It was the same vet clinic we have been going since beginning of her diet change 3 years plus ago, but the regular vet we normally see was on day off,so we saw another vet at the same clinic.

 Since he has never met Palette before, he flipped through her medical records on file, reviewing her history with us and, decided to ask us the question.

 Biggest change since the first time visit to their clinic to current time is obviously the diet. When we started going to the vet clinic was right around switching her diet to fresh diet a.k.a. raw diet from kibble. Another vet (regular vet of Palette) at the same clinic was worried about balance, and nutrition on raw diet.

 However, seeing is believing. Second time we have visited her, she praised me I am doing pretty good with Palette and amazed about how she looks, white teeth etc and diet became not an issue with her.

 Before we switch Palette’s diet from kibble to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet, she was at about 36lb. For average 10″-12″ tall female Corgi, average weight is said to be about 28lb.

 Palette, by the way, is a giant Corgi. She was the biggest Corgi among her siblings and, grown to 14″ tall. Even 2″- 4″ taller than average female Corgi, I thought that 36lb was a little on heavy side, but rest assured, after the diet switch and some other changes, she has lost some weight and,she is currently weigh at 32lb. Over the years, she has lost 4 lb. The vet thinks, considering she is being a Giant Corgi, 32lb is a good weight.

 Especially Palette is being a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the long back dog, I am being careful of her weight.

 According to one of the book I read “What every pet owner should know” by Doc Halligan,  for 18 lb of dog that should weigh about 15lb of weight, extra 3lb weight is equivalent of 40 extra lb on average female.

 In general, as I wrote in the previous entry titled ” Weight management; Satin ball,Green bean diet, and weight management kibble ” when dogs are with weight issue, people tend to try out Satin ball for weight gain, Green bean diet or weight management kibble for weight loss. However, I did not try out any of those for Palette.

 So, what did I do  for weight loss for Palette?

 1. Switched the diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw food diet

 For human or for dogs, I prefer to serve fresh food as diet. I feel that minimally processed simple food has a lot more nutrient in them, and better for us or for dogs.

 I think after she is being on raw diet, her coat got shiny, and at the same time, I feel her body muscle is toned nicely.

 Of course, changing diet to raw diet does not guarantee the weight loss for dogs, because all the other things such as dogs’ life style, age, energy level, what to feed (Chicken? Beef? Elk? Rabbit?Salmon? etc) , how much is fed, etc also effects health in general. If dogs were fed poultry heavy meal day in,day out, that diet will be leaner, but pretty high in omega6 and lacks Omega3 fatty acids, which is good for skin and coat, and you would see the dull, dry, coat as oppose to shiny coat from diet menu with variety even if you see the loss of the weight from lesser kcal in the diet menu.

 Over all, I think that eliminating grains,vegetables, all other fillers in her highly processed diet (kibbles) with varied diet menu worked nicely for Palette.

 Her raw diet menu varies and, her menu is not heavy on anything special, but rather, various protein source is rotated. Some things are fed regularly such as Omega3 rich fish; Wild caught salmon,sardine,Mackerels.

 This week, Palette’s meal is based around Buffalo meat. Next week, her diet is based around Elk, and omega3 rich fish will change from sardine to wild caught salmon.

 For those who are interested in her menu, I will list what is scheduled to be fed to her this week.

Monday; Buffalo,chicken liver, green tripe,sardine, chicken feet

Tuesday; Buffalo,chicken heart,green tripe, sardine, chicken feet

Wednesday; Whiting, Turkey heart,Egg, Duck neck

Thursday; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, Goat liver, Egg, Chicken

Friday; Buffalo tongue,Buffalo, Pork liver,Pork kidney, Chicken

Saturday; Buffalo heart, Beef liver,Beef kidney, Pork ribs

Sunday; Buffalo heart,Duck heart, Pork ribs

 The new vet asked a lot about raw diet that day. I wonder if more and more people are interested in the fresh food diet, and I wonder if they started seeing more raw-fed dogs.

 He wondered whether I feed less food that before, but answer is simply we have switched the diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet.

 If you were interested in raw diet, you can read my experience of raw diet with Palette’s at the link below.

 Raw feeding 911

 Raw feeding 911 Part II

 Raw feeding 911 Part III

 Raw feeding 911 Part IV

 Raw feeding 911 Part V

 Raw feeding 911 VI

2. Eliminated all the sugary treats

 Then, I started reading labels of treats and chose simple ingredient treat and give those to Palette instead of giving out sugar loaded,highly processed treats.

 Whether it is biscuits treats or Jerky treats, or maybe Dental treats, they are so many sugary treats are on the market.

 Some of the biscuits are dipped into sugary carob or sugary yogurt chips or maybe it has honey or molasses etc to add the sweetness to the treats while furry friends can enjoy the treats without. 

 Some so called  “All natural” Jerky treats has more than meat itself. Salt, brown rice or rye or oat flour, garlic, sugar canes juice, sugar, maple syrup etc are popular ingredients in Jerky treats while our furry friends can enjoy just one simple ingredient “meat” to their heart content. People loves to add stuff to things that are perfectly fine without anything else..

 You can read more on sugary treats in previous entry titled ” Do you really know what’s going into your dog’s stomach?? Part II “.

3. Changed the frequency and amount of treats given to Palette

 When she was puppy and through time she was on kibble, I wanted to make sure that she will associate us leaving for grocery shopping with yummy treats.

 So,every week, we came back with store bought sugary,highly processed,colorful  treats, which Palette loved. Even though she loved a lot, we stopped buying those on grocery shopping day.

 Also, I used to have treat box,which I let Palette pick one treats everyday. Of course, she was so excited about the treat box in sight but, currently, she does not get treats daily, rather occasional, except daily training session time, and daily small snack before bed, and daily cool down treats after walk.

 She sometimes get big piece of treats, but she does not get them daily as she used to.

4. Made about 4 kinds of daily walking route. And Palette and I added pace variety in walk routine and we probably jog lot more than before.

 One is shortest distance, and some other medium distance walk route, and other is longest route. We go short one first, and next day we go little longer distance one and all the way to longest distance route and, next day to the day we go for longest distance route, we go back to shortest distance.

 We start off slow walk, then brisk walk, and come home jogging. Palette loves to run with tongue hanging out and, she loves to beat me in the jog. It is so much fun running with her and,I am sure jogging is good for me too.

 We go for walk daily unless weather is bad. Also, I am not sure if this is effecting her weight loss, but we tend to go to walk before meal.

 Long time ago, when I was watching TV talk show, there was one Doc appeared on the show and said that walking before meal increase the metabolism and good for us. 

5. Other than walk, Palette and I move around a lot more via hide and seek game, find it game, Frisbee, fetch ball, fetch and catch ball game etc etc..

 Recent Palette’s favorite game is “Fetch and catch squeaky egg toy” game.

Palette balancing the squeaky egg toy with smile..

 I throw one squeaky egg aiming at something to bounce around. Palette goes after the squeaky egg, and come back squeaking and she tosses the squeaky egg to me and right at about when she release the squeaky egg, I toss another squeaky egg high in the air. She goes catch without letting the squeaky egg drops onto the floor.

 She sometimes catch the squeaky egg after it landed to floor and bouncing around but that is ok,as long as we are having fun together.

 The squeaky egg toy is actually from interactive toy Palette and I did not like the way it was made, but we are using the squeaky egg toy for good use

  How can you tell whether your dog is at good weight?

 To see whether Palette is at good weight or not, I was told to see and feel Palette.

 One thing I learned is to see if you can feel ribs easily, and have waist line behind the ribs with tucked tummy line. website has illustrations of dogs with body scoring system numbers. You can see pictures and see where to look for.

 To visit website,please click here .

 No table scraps for furry friends..

 I think we human are very weak when dogs give us “sad eyes”, and we tend to think that the little tiny piece might not be much problems and feed from table sometimes. If the “feeding from table” were daily occurrence, the little tiny piece can add up so much calorie in the long run, and not only teaching them to beg for food, it adds weight in dogs too, and we are not doing any good for them.

 I think that sometimes, tough love to self is required for our furry friends’ long,healthy life.

 Scale weekly..

 When Palette’s weight was at peek of 36lb, I wanted to have rough ideas as to how much she weigh weekly. Number is not the only indicator of good health but I wanted to have some rough ideas to refer how I am doing for her weight wise.

 So, occasionally, we drove to pet supply store and took her to vet clinic area just to weigh. Palette loved the car ride, and loved walking through the aisles and loved to hop on scale because she got petting and all the attention she wanted. And of course,loved meeting new people and their furriends.

 After a while, I have decided to purchase doggy scale so that I get to weigh her without holding her in my arms and stand on it together.

Palette’s Doggy scale..

 Turned out, it was most disappointing experience. I liked the size of the scale,shape of the scale, and the fact that it has non skid surface on scale and number was digital and shows bigger letters,which I liked.

 However, it ate battery so quickly and, after a while, I made my routine to take the battery out after weigh-in. The battery was supported by metal strip, and to take the battery out, I had to bent some, and after putting the battery in, I had to straight the metal part out again. After about 2-3 time use with battery in and out routine, the metal strip part got broken off ..

Metal strip got broken off..

 Since it was a bit big investment,I was very disappointed.. Wish the battery area design was different and use different kinds of battery that does not eat up so fast..

 Palette still thinks the scale is working, and came hop on, and she wanted to be in the picture..

Pause with Doggy scale..

How much I weigh?

That is a secret between me and  mom – Palette

Wish the scale still worked…-Mom

 When we took Palette to vet the other day, vet tech has told us that Palette wanted to hop on to the scale again and again, even though her weigh in was over. She loves to be on scale because she gets to be pet and get all the attention from people..

 Sometimes, weight gain can be the symptoms of other medical problems such as thyroid problem or cushion’s disease for dogs, and it is important to eliminate the possibility of those too.

 My question to you today is, how often do you go for walk?


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