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Chinese cooking; BBQ Fried Rice

 Many people here in the states seem to like Chinese food. I see many Chinese fast-food styled
places in the mall in USA.
I see some Chinese restaurants/buffet in shopping center area.

 The dish from food court at the mall or Chinese food buffet/restaurants in the town taste okay,but it tends to be
greasy, and often times, meat is chewy or dry, and sometimes flavor is bland.

 In Japan, you would find many Chinese restaurants, but taste of the dish is much better there than here in the states except one Chinese restaurant called “PF Chang restaurant”,which I think the flavor they deliver is somewhat similar level to the one I taste back home in Japan. Their menu is not exactly the same to the one you find at Chinese restaurant in Japan, but dish itself are quite good.

like Chinese food so does my husband. I make Chinese dish a lot at home.
It is quick and easy, and you can make your Chinese food at your
kitchen in a flash.

 Recently, I went to Famous Dave’s restaurant. I like their dish, but food they serve on the plate are much more than I can eat at one sitting, and I always find myself bring some leftover Brisket etc to home.

 This BBQ Fried rice is something I came up with to use up the leftover Brisket I bring home, and since our family liked them a lot, I thought I would share.

 Good thing about fried rice is that, you can use any kind of meat, any kind of vegetables to swap with, and it can be very versatile dish.

 So, how do you make “BBQ Fried rice” ? Here is how.

BBQ Fried Rice...

** The leftover meat I had from the restaurant was Texas Beef Brisket so, meat used in the recipe is Texas Beef Brisket.

** You can swap the meat with chicken,pork shrimp etc.. and you can adjust with what you have in your fridge.

1. To the skillet, drizzle Extra virgin Olive Oil, and when it gets heated up, add thinly sliced celery, 1/4 yellow onion chopped, 1/8 red pepper chopped, 1/8 green pepper chopped, and stir

2. When onions gets translucent, and other vegetables in the skillet got soften up, add 1/8C of whole corn kernels, and stir

3. While vegetables are cooked in the skillet, chop the leftover Texas Beef Brisket 4 oz or meat of your choice to small pieces, and add them to the skillet and stir

4. To the skillet, add cooked white rice (18 oz ), and break the rice down with wooden spoon and cook the rice,vegetable, and meat

5. When you see no big lumps of rice in the skillet and mixed well with vegetables and meat, pour 5 packages of Famous Dave’s “Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce” over the rice and mix well, and add 2tsp of Famous Dave’s “Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce”, and mix well

** 1 package of BBQ sauce is equal to 1 oz weight. If you use BBQ sauce from grocery store, you can pour the sauce using the weight of the sauce used in the recipe.

6. Taste it and adjust the flavor and serve!


** This recipe is probably good amount for 3 adult servings

** You can get the BBQ sauce at local grocery store, and also the restaurant will give you some small packages when you have “To go” boxes.


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