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Palette’s spring treats diary; April 10th,2011

 Walking towards the box where I keep poop bag for Palette, I hear the trotting sound behind me.

 Palette and I go for walk daily if weather was good. After 5 years of walkie routine, she seemed to picked up the daily routine pretty good. When she sees me walking towards the poop bag box, she goes to get the leash for walkie time. I do not tell her much about we need the leash for walkie now.

 She comes back with the leash in her mouth with big excited trot, and toss it to my hands and turns around to get her collar attached to the leash.

 Turning around when her collar attached to the leash is something I taught her from her puppy hood. I have started off teaching her to sit for everything she loves;walkie,fetch ball/Frisbee, meal/treats/toys,school (training session),tummy rub/petting time, before going outside etc etc..

 By teaching the simple “sit” for everything she loves, I do not have to fight with Palette trying to get the leash on her while she is excited for walkie and jumping up.

 When Palette sits for getting the leash attached to her collar, she had to “sit”. If she were jumping around, I just ignored her until she recognize jumping up does not get her to any closer to the door to go for walkie. Only when she sits nicely, I praised her and got the leash attached to her collar.

 After teaching the “sit”, I taught her “turn around”. You can lure with treats,and when your dogs turned around, if you do clicker train your dogs like I do, click the clicker and give treats. Then, gradually, when food lured is not needed to get the “turn around” behavior, you can wait till they sit down facing out on their own.

 When they turned around and sit down on their own, click the clicker and give treats. Eventually, no lure will be needed to get “turn around and sit” behavior.

 When Palette learned this “turned around and sit” behavior, I did not get the leash attached to her collar until she turned around and sits. Now, I do not have to tell her to turned around to get the leash attached to her collar anymore. She toss the leash to me and turned around and sits.

 This “turn around” cue comes handy when you like to groom your dogs or when she/he needed butt wipe/wash.

 When we go for walkie, Palette absolutely loves to read all the daily doggy news on the ground. Sometimes, she find something/some spots that fascinates her so much,and takes long time to read the news.

 On our way back to home, she tends to do walking
race to home since she gets excited with the idea of getting her cool
treats after walkie.

“Palette’s treats dairy” series, I thought it would be
interesting for you to tour around our kitchen to see what kinds of cool
down treats she is getting, and share her cool down
treats’ recipes.

 If you do have interactive chew toys such as “Kong”, you could fill it with these, although you may want to give your dogs designated area to chew on

 Now, I will pass a pen to Palette
to write her diary here.

April 10th,2011

Dear diary,

 Looking through the windows, I lay on top of the stairs with one leg kicked out.I just crawled out from crate. It is just too comfy, and I wish I could sleep in there more. Since it is cloudy outside due to rain, I still feel sleepy and I could get extra nap still.

 When it is rainy day, we do not go for walkie. I just hate to get wet. So, I spend time chewing Antlers, squeaking toys, and playing/training with mom.

 Here is my new squeaky buddy “Goldie the gorilla”. He is very fun to play with. He squeaks and grunt and has long arms he could wrap around me Goldie can be found here.

Pausing with Mr Goldie the gorilla…

 We do fetch Frisbee/ball game often when it is rainy outside. I love the games and, I make her throw Frisbee/ball over and over again.

 I do not have a nice tail, but you could see my nub wiggle left,right,left right with excitement woof.

 When mom first introduced me to the Frisbee, I did not know how to play with it, but I know now and have fun with it. Mom was not good at throwing the Frisbee at first,but I think she is getting better each day

 Maybe, coach is good *hint,hint*.

 Since I am making her practice over and over by bringing back the Frisbee, she might have gotten better

 After some running around the house with mom, and trying to sniff out the yummy with “Find it” game etc.., I am very ready for the cool down treats. I gotta go sit pretty in the imaginary line for cool down treats

 I know where the treats sleep,but cannot get them on my own, so I be in the line for the treats. I got no skillful furriends who can open freezer for us to feast onI wish I had a such skillful furriends or mom could teach me how to open fridge/freezer. That would be nice.

 I already have good idea of what cool down treats I would get because I already did taste testing one of the ingredients. It was yum!

 This time.. Nectarine and spinach

 Mom and dad get fruits after meal,and this week,they got Nectarine and it smelled so good and I wanted a nibble. Mom gave me tiny pieces and, wow..that was really good. So, I asked her to make the treats out of it.

Hello,Nectarine! *Smile*

Give me,give me,give me..

*Zen spirit* I can smell the Nectarine..

 You can see the drool bubbles in the mouth

*Zen spirit*… I can smell the Nectarine more…

I want to eat them!

Should I shake my head to make it fall off  *accidentally* ….

That is the question…

 This time, mom made Frozen nectarine spinach yogurt treats.

Frozen nectarine spinach yogurt treats..

 Here is how you make them.

1. To the mixer, add peeled,chopped and pit removed Nectarine 3.5 oz, spinach  3.1 oz steamed, 6.5 oz of Stoneyfield organic plain yogurt and puree

** Spinach is one of the vegetables that contains oxalate, and it should not be fed frequently in large amount. If spinach was fed excess amount, it can interfere with calcium absorption.

2. Pour those onto ice cube tray and freeze

** This will be about 10 blocks of treats in ice cube tray with my mom’s

** Frozen nectarine spinach yogurt treats whole amount is roughly about 199 kcal (you can see more detail at website here ). So, each ice cube given is about 20 kcal.

Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.

Eyes on the prize…

Time for the yummy!

Please excuse my drool.. It just is soo yummy!

Hmm… THAT was goooood!

 The frozen treats were so yummy and, when mom taste tested the yogurt mixture, she said that if she added some more Nectarine to the recipes, she would enjoy the treats too

 Nooo,mom.That is mine! Now I have to babysit the freezer to keep my mom away from the freezer


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