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Wedding in Japan

 In the previous entry titled “Kimono“, I wrote that when you hear “Japan”, many people
would imagine “Kimono”, “Geisha”, “Samurai”,”Ninja” etc. When you
actually visit Japan,you would find many people wearing western style
clothing for daily life.

 In Japan, Kimono is worn at special occasions, ceremonies such as wedding. Wedding ceremonies are hold at shrines,temples, and church. Often times, if couples hold wedding at church, they would wear western style wedding dress you would be familiar with.

 Wedding are usually two parts ceremonies in Japan. First, there is wedding ceremony wearing either western or traditional Kimono wedding dress, and then,later there is a banquet wearing the different casual but fancy evening dress.

 I am not sure how American couples would choose the wedding date but in Japan, couples would choose the lucky day called “Tai an” in the calendar and reserve the hotels,shrines,temples,church etc for the wedding.

 Taian (lucky days) are part of Rokuyo; which consists of 6 days that predict whether events go good or bad. Rokuyou is used to plan wedding,funeral and other ceremonies.

 You can read more on Rokuyou at wikipedia website here.

 For our own wedding, we chose the place resembling to Italian buildings, and we had the banquet and ceremony there. Me and my husband walked down the swirled stairs to the music and it was so nice!

 I chose the western style wedding dress, but if I had chosen the traditional wedding Kimono, I would have wore kind of like wig but tall,fancy,elegant coiffure with layers of Kimono, and my husband would have wore Haori and Hakama (guy version of Kimono set), and would have done three times three exchange of nuptial cups with sake..

 We call the three times three exchange of nuptial cups with sake “San san kudo”, and you would hold the nuptial cup with both hands and sips sake three times,and pledge the marriage..

 I have found a youtube video where you can see this “san san kudo”. The lady was not wearing the traditional tall,fancy,elegant coiffure along with Kimono in the video,though.

San san kudo;three times three exchange of nuptial cups with sake

  If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 After the ceremony, reception (banquet) is hold. Often times, brides will change their dress to casual but fancy evening dress.

 Guests for this reception includes colleagues,boss, teachers,friends,relatives etc from both sides.

 In our wedding/banquet ceremony, our ceremony went like this.

* Guests arrives

* Bride& groom enter

* Host gives how each of us has grew up,how we met etc (Introduction of the bride and groom)

* Congratulatory address by guests

* Bride and groom exchange the wine; toast

* Bride and groom leave the ceremony room

* Bride change the dress to evening dress and re-enter with groom

 What made our wedding/banquet unique was that we have ordered just a sponge cake decorated with whipping cream and, my mother and I cut the strawberries in the morning for guests to decorate the cake for us.

 Nothing fancy,but it was fun I heard.

Wedding cake..guests are decorating for us..

 What made our wedding more memorable for guests was that we re-entered the ceremony room with “Tostitos” bag in our hands. One package with husband, the other package was with me.

 We wanted to give guests unique and inter-cultural experience through the ceremony and we chose “Tostitos”. Our relatives,grandparents etc never had them, so it was good stuff to show what American snacks are like.

 As we walk around the tables with “Tostitos”, we poured some chips onto guests plate and, we walked up to the front. Then, my husband and I along with parents hold the wedding cake knife and cut the wedding cake together.

 Then, we had a little bit of free time taking pictures,talking with guests etc and backed to the ceremony.

 Taking one month or so, I made stuffed wedding bears to give to my grandparents with our name on bears’ foot with wedding date on. I took time making them after work so, it took long time, but it was worth it.

 My grandparents shed tear of joy and loved the wedding bears. I was glad to see they liked them. I gave a letter with the bears so, it might have made them more emotional.


Homemade wedding bears…

 After that, we gave a speech to our parents, and gave them a bundle of roses.
 When guests attend the ceremony, they will bring the envelopes tied with red and white cords that contains gift money. In return, when banquet is over and when guests are leaving, newly weds would give small gifts such as tableware, sweets,sugar etc..

 I heard that my mother planted the rose from the wedding day, and it blooms the fragrant rose to this day.

 We did bingo games also and it was fun.

 At the wedding preparation time, since I watched the Tom Cruise movie ” Cocktail” before and I really wanted to make our ceremony unique and memorable to each one of our guests, I have made the special request to the wedding planner if he could find us somebody like Tom cruise who can flip,toss bottles of wines etc.. He said “ok”, but the bartender who showed up at the ceremony was just not so Tom cruise-like skill and,it was hard to watch his performance. But we all had fun and, it was nice special day in our life.

 Have you ever been to unique,memorable weddings? If so, what the wedding was like?


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