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Palette’s note: Buster food cube treat dispensing toy

you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying
the products before purchasing one?

 Not just pictures,but in video so
that you can actually SEE how the products are being used?
have started series titled “Palette’s Note”, which you can read about
products detail and see video clips from Palette’s taste test.

  This time,it is not about treats. I like to put out detail on Buster food cube treat dispensing toy .


Buster food cube 5″ treat dispensing toy

Buster food cube 3″ treat dispensing toy

 Buster Food Cube 3″ (small), 5″ (Large) Treat dispensing toy is great
interactive treat dispensing toy that keeps your dogs
physically,mentally stimulated.

 This is one of the toys that Palette’s puppy training trainer introduced to the students in the puppy training class,and we have tried when she was puppy.

 Buster Food Cube Treat dispensing toy is especially good for dogs that tend to eat food fast.

 This treat dispensing toy is like a plastic square dice, and you
can put dry treats/food into the dice and adjust the difficulty of how
much treats/food would come out with adjuster inside the cube.

 The idea for this toy is that dogs are to use eyes,nose,paws, and they will “think” how to get the treats out from the toy.

 When your dogs would nose at it to roll,roll,roll in the room, treats/food would come out as it rolls.

 This toy is also good to teach the impulse control; dogs sit,you will place the toy on the floor, and if your dogs tries to stand up to nose at it, don’t put the Buster food cube on the floor yet and tell them “wait”.

 Then,you will try again to put the Buster food cube on the floor and if they kept “wait” cue, put the toy on the floor and give about a few seconds or so of waiting time,and give them a release cue from “wait”.

 With your release cue, they can start working on the Buster food cube to have fun.

 Even if when you feed your food in the bowl, same impulse control training can be practiced over and over everyday.

 Our K9 executive chef “Palette” always sit and wait for a few seconds before moving towards treats/food or toys like this until she hears the release cue from “wait” from me.

 I have tried with curiosity how she would do if I said nothing and just put the food on the food mat. Whether she eats it right away or she would wait for my release cue from sit-wait before eating it or..

 For 5 years, her meal started with sit and wait and starts eating with my release cue from “wait”. She was looking at food I was placing onto the food mat,and decided to position herself in front of the food mat,and good “watch me” behavior (eye contact) and kept staring at me and waited until I finally broke the silence and said “okay” to eat. I am very pleased with her.

 “Wait” cue is also good one to teach when you take your dogs for a walk/potty and not dashing out from the house etc.. For you, the item you will practice with has changed from “food bowl”/”Food buster cube” to the “door”.

 Just like you did with “food buster cube”,let your dogs
sit,you will touch the door knob, and if your dogs broke “sit”, try again. Let them sit, touch the door knob, and the door “knob touch” did not become the trigger to break their “sit”click the clicker and give them treats.

 If touching the door “knob” did not become the trigger to break their “sit” continuously, try move on to the next step;turn the door knob, and that action did not become the trigger to break their “sit”,click the clicker and give them treats.

 Gradually, over the course of practice, you will open the door little by little with great “sit”-“wait”-“click” and give “treats”.

 Eventually, you can just open the door open wide and they will “sit” -“wait”,and no door dasher anymore. This “wait” cue practice with daily meal time is really good opportunity and you can keep the practice consistent and good time to practice with your dogs.

 Also, “wait” cue can become life saving cue if your dogs were “door dasher” as soon as the door opens.

Our k9 executive chef “Palette” loves Buster Food Cube Treat dispensing
toy,and when she was puppy, she was fed with this toy, and she had a
blast playing,eating at the same time. And for me, as I have stated above, good opportunity to practice “wait” cue and also it was entertaining time of the day.

 It is real fun to watch how your dogs would do to get to the treats inside. When Palette did not know how she could get the treats out from the toy, first thing she did was to dig the dice. Of course, it did not work. She then tried pawing at it, and the Buster cube rolled a little and dropped one piece of food on the floor. Then, she figured out that when toy rolls, it spits out the dry food/treats.

 Now she is quite an expert with this toy.

 I was curious how difficult/easy it would be for myself,and I rolled the Buster food cube across the floor one day. I got nothing spitted out.. Palette can nose at it and roll,roll, and after a few seconds, she got a couple of food/treats..

  Let’s watch Palette in action with Buster food cube treat dispensing toy. If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please watch Buster food cube treat dispensing toy video.

 Please note that her Buster food cube toy is with old color;dark blue, and the one she has been using for 5 years, but the ones that are offered on our website is with new color;light blue and yellow.

Palette and Buster cube

As you can see, she enjoys her buster
cube. She is very good at nosing it around. At the very end, she needed
help from me. The buster cube went under the kitchen cart…

If your house flooring were wooden floor, it might be noisy when dogs play the Buster food cube.

 I have seen different brand’s treat dispensing toy just like Buster food cube but just round on TV show before, but it seemed it spits out 2-3 tbs worth of dry food per time,and I felt that this Buster food cube is much more work to get the same amount of food the particular one on TV did.

 I also see the popularity on food based puzzle; dogs are to remove parts on the puzzle or move the pieces around to get to the food.

 It is fun, but compared to Buster food cube, it require much less effort to get the same amount of food for dogs and, personally, I prefer the Buster food cube better. Food based puzzle toy is fun though.

 If you compare the food based puzzle toys with squeaky toys puzzle, I prefer the squeaky toys puzzle better because to play the food based puzzle, it needs food to play and unless you are aware of how much of food you have put in the puzzle, it can over -feed, or stuff your dog with treats. And without the food inside, the food based toy is just a plastic/wooden toy that spins,for example.

 With squeaky toy puzzles, dogs do not need food to play with and, they can play over and over again without worry of being stuffed, and they can still enjoy them for long long time.

Ohh…Buster food cube! Can I play?

Already got my nose wet very well!

Let’s the game begin!

Anything there?

Yes! Scored!



Whew! I am getting tired..

 *** As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise when they play with this toy

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