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People food for thought Part XIV; Sodium in the food

 Now and then, when I dine in at restaurants, I find that some of the dishes served at some restaurants are quite salty. Because of the quite salty flavor in the dish, I had some occasions that I could not eat most of the stuff in the plate and only thing I could eat was very small sides such as roasted sweet potatoes,sauteed spinach in the plate. If the dish was not that salty, the dish would have been superb flavor with impressive look. It was a little disappointment.

 Not only restaurant but also sandwiches served at some sandwich stores tend to be salty side. For example, at one place, their Parmesan oregano bread is quite salty, and some of the filling for the sandwich such as deli meat, meatballs,which probably not made daily at their sandwich shop are salty and they make high sodium sandwich even though they advertise their subs are “fresh”.

 As I have written in the previous entry titled “People food for thought VII; Cold cut meat“,the
sandwich in the states seems to use a lot of cold cut meat or Deli
meat such as Ham, Salami, Pastrami, Corned beef,Bologna,Bacon along with
slice of cheese but, according to Tara Parker-Pope from New York Times, the processed cold cut meats contains 4 times more sodium and 50% more nitrate preservatives than unprocessed red meat.

 To recap the entry on cold cut meat,some
of the cold cut meats contains chemicals and preservatives to keep the
appearance of the products attractive to customers or to have longer
shelf life.

 To read the full article by Tara Parker-Pope at New York Times website, please click here .

came across a news paper article written by Jennifer Motl on salt, and I thought it was interesting article with useful tips and I
thought I would share it with you.

 Dietary guideline for salt..

 Every 5 years, the agriculture and Health and Human services department issue the sodium guideline.

 According to Fox news article, for those who are at risk for high blood pressure, those who are over 51 years old,those who suffer from diabetes or kidney disease, sodium intake guideline amount is 1/2 tsp a day (1,500mg).

 Everyone else is 1 tsp a day,which is equivalent to 2,300 mg.

 When you think about reducing/limiting sodium intake, you would think that limiting the amount of salt you would sprinkle during the cooking process at home, but in reality, many processed food are already high in salt, canned food is high in salt, and you may not think much about this but some poultry is enhanced with saline (salt water) etc …

 If you look around at the grocery store, many of the products may have much more salt than the guideline itself.

 Not just human food, processed dog food are high in salt as well.

 High sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, and other health problems and, high sodium diet is not good for your health.

 To read the full article at Fox news website, please click here.

 According  to the article written by Jennifer Motl, average Americans eats close to 4,000 mg or more than a gallon of salt a year.

 She points out that many people misunderstand the guideline because some people can overlook the fact that most food contains some sodium naturally.

 For example, take raw Beef bottom sirloin, tri tip. If you look the nutrition up at, 1 oz of raw beef bottom sirloin, tri tip contains about 15 mg. This means that if you buy 1 lb of raw beef bottom sirloin, tri tip without it being cooked, natural sodium in the meat is at present with the amount of 240mg.

 Jennifer also points out that a cup of milk has about 150 mg natural sodium in them as does a slice of bread or one serving of cold cereal.And she points out that one ounce of chicken,fish naturally have about 60 mg of natural sodium in them.

 So, if you grill the beef bottom sirloin, tri tip steak, you would season it with salt and pepper before it going onto the grill,and even without any sauce for the steak, you can see that if the steak was half pound steak, it has about 120mg of sodium in them naturally plus you will be sprinkling more than tea spoon of salt over the steak so, you know that you maybe eating the meal that can go over the guideline amount.

 Jennifer writes lowest sodium foods are produce and grains, and half cup of following foods have less than 10mg of sodium in them; fresh fruits,vegetables,dry beans, rice,oatmeal, pasta, unsalted nuts.

 I think that Japanese typical dishes/meal maybe quite low in sodium amount because our diet is based around rice and often times, mothers serve their family 3-5 kinds of side dishes and each family members eat this side dish,that side dish etc.. along with rice served for them.

 I always encourage people to cook with fresh ingredients from scratch, not processed food, but I think that sodium factor is also the good reason why you are better off cooking with fresh ingredients at home,not processed food, and limit the number of dining at the restaurant.

 Ways to watch out for sodium intake..

Jennifer suggests some ideas as to what to look at,and what you can do to bump up the flavor with less salt in the dish.

** Buy fresh food,and cook with fresh ingredients

** Avoid high sodium processed food
     Canned food, canned soups,salad dressing, pickles etc..

** Buy frozen vegetables,but avoid the one with added sauce

** Read the nutrition label on back of the package
** Food considered low sodium is the one that contains less than 140mg per serving

** If you buy cheese,which naturally high in sodium, Swiss and part skim mozzarella cheese are naturally low in sodium

Ways to bump up the flavor with less salt..

 ** If you need tomato sauce, consider making your own by mixing equal amount of tomato paste and water

** Add something tangy such as balsamic vinegar,lemon,lemon juice

** Marinade meat in orange/pineapple juice

** Use low sodium soy sauce

** Use small amount of hot sauce

** Using curry powder,or other herbs,spice can enhance the flavor

 To read full article by Jennifer Motl on sodium, please click here.


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Palette’s note: Dehydrated Duck feet

 When you pick up treats for your dogs, what would you look at? Ingredients? Fancy looking pictures? Description of the products?

 Have you ever wondered if you could actually see how other dogs are enjoying them? Not pictures,but in video so that you can actually HEAR and feel the treats’ textures?

 Some of you may have already recognized I have been putting up treats’ video on youtube
so that people can hear the sound,see Palette in action and get more detail on each product.

With “Palette’s Note” series,I like to put taste test videos. This time, “Dehydrated Duck feet“.

th Dehydrated Duck feet

These dehydrated duck feet are made in USA. They are made from Culver duck,the brand you will see at Whole Foods Market with Duck products.

Each dehydrated duck feet is about 3.5″ to 5″ in length, and 6 oz resealable bag comes with approx 12 feet.

Dehydrating process removes moisture out from feet, and it makes dehydrated feet treats crumble rather than splinter sharp like when dogs chew cooked bone.

Note: Cooked bones are dangerous, and you should never feed cooked bones.They will break sharp. Also, if dogs eats them, it seems, from my experience with cooked ham bones I gave before I switched our k9 executive chef “Palette” to raw diet, it seems to make the poop very very hard like cement in the gut. When she had the cooked ham bones,she pooped golf ball sized rock hard poop so often and it eventually turned to diarrhea that lasted for a few days.Never again,I feed cooked bones to Palette. **

Note: Raw bones are soft and great teeth cleaner.However, bones such as knuckle bones,femur bones,marrow bones from big animals such as cow,buffalo are called weight bearing bones,
and they are teeth wearer,teeth breaker and even though they are sold
with very reasonable price, they are not good kind of bones to give to
your dogs.

Some Pet supply stores sells smoked bones, sterilized bones, cow hooves etc etc..,but they are, in
my opinion, teeth wearer,breaker, and it is in a way, cooked bones so, I am not sure how good dogs can digest the bones break off from such pet bones.

In the past, before I  switch our dog “Palette” diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet, I used to give such  bones but I remember such bones broke pretty sharp, and looked no good for her teeth and I stopped giving it to her.

Since I do not think pet bones are good for dogs’ teeth, we do not offer such pet bones at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen.

To satisfy her gnawing urge, only thing I give to her to chew on is Deer Antlers,which lasted more than a year for our stumpy little dog. It lasts lot longer than bully sticks no matter how thick,how long they are, and Antlers are more economical chew in long run.

Palette used to limp before and,now she is limp free and runs like wind,but I make sure she gets natural source of Glucosamine, Chondroitin such as gullet, cartilage ( such as poultry feet) , and trachea in her main diet and, now and then, I give her dehydrated poultry feet such as dehydrated duck feet treats as well.

I know there are Jerky treats targeted for joint health with added glucosamine and chondroitin,
but I prefer to give Palette Glucosamine, Chondroitin through natural source rather than synthetic forms.

If your dogs have joint problems, feeding raw/dehydrated gullet,trachea,poultry feet are good things to feed. Those are also great source of natural glucosamin/chondroitin. You can find gullet  treats,trachea treats at Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen also.

 Palette loves dehydrated duck feet. She gives me big cow eyes with excitement and her nose get wet instantly. This is small nice crunchy snack for dogs.

 When I open up the dehydrated duck feet bag, I find Palette trotting all the way from upstairs to downstairs,and eyes on the prize (dehydrated duck feet) and being at “down” position, hoping to get the prize with good manner like this.

Dehydrated duck feet 2

Ohh… Dehydrated duck feet! Can I have one now??

 Since dehydrated duck feet is not something you can break into small bits to use as training treats,this is more for small snack. Great jackpot treats for “job well done” for your dogs.

 After Palette spotted the dehydrated duck feet and, if you were too slow to give it to her, she would come close and nudge your hands/treats to give you a hint she is there waiting for it.

Dehydrated duck feet 1

 Mom; Wait….

Palette; I am waiting.. with wet nose..

Ingredients: Duck feet

  Let’s watch Palette in action with Dehydrated duck feet taste test. If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

Palette and Dehydrated duck feet


 Can you hear the sound of crispiness? Can you see how much she got excited for this treats and, her nose get wet in a second?

Dehydrated duck feet 3

I am waiting… for mom to say OK… eyes on mom

Dehydrated duck feet 5

Nom,nom,nom,nom.. Hmm.. Pawsome!

Dehydrated duck feet 9

Making sure I leave no crumbs here..lick,lick,lick..

Dehydrated duck feet 7

I love this crunchy treats.One of my faves!

To visit our store,please click here or paste and copy the link below into your browser.


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Gift giving culture in Japan: Ochu gen, Oseibo

 In the previous entry titled “Greeting,Bowing in Japan“, I wrote that here
in the states, when you meet new people, most likely, shake hands or
just carry conversation after greeting with no physical gestures. In Japan, we bow often when greeting to neighbors,new people, customers,boss etc.

 I also wrote that bowing is also a way to express gratitude,apologies,respect,and requests.

 Bowing is a big custom in Japan, and it is a reflection of our culture consider “harmony” valuable, and make a good human relationship each other.

 “Harmony” in human relationship is worshiped in Japan in many ways. One of the customs you would see in Japan is “gift giving” custom.

Gift giving custom in Japan..

 In Japan, it is customary to bring a gift, such as box of sweets with you when you visit someone those who you would ask a favor of (piano teachers,calligraphy teacher, neighbors who you ask them to take care of your house while you area away for vacation etc..) or someone/acquaintance you would meet not as often such as mother/father in laws, relatives, friends you had not seen for a long time etc..

 Usually, when you brought something, you would say “Tsu-ma-ra-na-i mo-no-de-su-ga..” (Translation;”This is trifle”) to express self effacing attitude.

 I am not certain how common it is here in the states, but many Japanese kids (elementary school kids through high school kids) go to private lessons of their interests after school such as piano class, soroban class (Japanese abacus), calligraphy class, English class, or cram school where kids would study basic subjects from Japanese,math,science,history etc etc.

 I myself have been to piano class, soroban class (Japanese abacus), calligraphy class, and cram school after class.

 When my mother and I visited such facility for the first time, we brought box of sweets to teachers there.

 In a way, from my mother’s point of view, the box of sweets is kind of like a message asking teachers to take good care of my kids.

 In Japan, going to cram school after regular school is norm. Especially if kids were at 12th grade, almost all kids go to cram school to study hard to get into University/college.

 Unlike states, Japanese kids do not take SAT and university/college do not look at the score of SAT to decide acceptance.

 Rather, when kids are at 12th grade, each kids look for University/college they would like to go to, and very first thing they can do to get into the University/college of their dreams is to take entrance exam via high school teachers’ recommendation letters.

 Usually each high school can have a few students for certain University/college they can recommend to, and often times, entrance exam via recommendation letters from high school teachers is via interviews. Some university/college let the kids to take exam with less number of subjects in addition to the interview.

 Then, if kids wanted to get into the private college/university or the one run by prefecture, they need to study hard. Each university/college have their own exam dates and each university/college have their rules as to what subjects they would do as exam.

 Kids can visit university/college as many as they want as long as exam dates are not on the same dates/same hours. If university/college were out of prefecture, the university/college sometimes offer kids to go to local facility to take exam but some university/college offer hotels for kids out from the prefecture and do exam at their own university/college.

 Some university/college are run by government/country and with those university/college, kids must take exam at local facility hold at same date,same hour throughout the country with same basic subject (Japanese,science, chemistry,biology,social study,English,history etc etc).

 Kids who get into the university/college run by government/country take larger number of subjects compared to private university/college exam.

 If kids fail, they can try it again next year, but they must study hard to pass the exam.

Seasonal gift giving custom in Japan..

Other than the basic customary to bring a gift, such as box of sweets with you when
you visit someone those who you would ask a favor of or
someone/acquaintance you would meet not as often such as mother/father
in laws, relatives, friends you had not seen for a long time etc..
,there are seasonal gift giving customs in Japan.

 One is called “Ochu-gen” (mid year summer gift), and the other is called “Oseibo” (year end gift giving).

 Ochu-gen is mid year summer gift and, it is a customary to give a gift around mid July to acquaintances,boss, relatives etc.. to express appreciation and gratitude for help.

 As a kid, I remember every time someone rang the bell and brought the gift to our house around the season, I was excited to see what we have got. Common/popular gift for Ochu-gen is soba noodle, beverage, jello, cookies etc..

 Oseibo is year end gift giving custom around mid December in Japan, and we give gift to express appreciation and gratitude for help for the year. With Oseibo gift, gifts are more varied from meat,soy sauce coffee, miso etc..

 Both Ochu-gen and Oseibo are to express thank you gesture to others. Department stores around those seasons are very busy and you would see all kinds of gifts choices.

 Gift giving custom is so natural to me, when I came over to the states and when we had to ask boarding facility to take care of our stumpy little dog “Palette” while we were away to go see our family, I bought Japanese presents for the owner of the facility and tried to give the presents when we picked Palette up.

 My husband asked why we buy something and give stuff to her while we are paying for the service.

 I gave the gift to the owner,and she was happy getting them. In a way, gift giving is part of my nature/custom I grew up with.

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Mary with Terrier crew,May 22nd,2011

 Just recently, we have received happy message from terrier furriends’ mom in Hawaii,and I wanted to share it with you.


I was surprised to get my box so quickly.  After a full day at obedience
and agility classes, my dogs are all lying on their beds chewing their antlers.  Thank you for getting it here so quickly.


Mary,HI and..

Squid, Rascal, Billy and Tiger (Border Terriers)
Ernie, Robby, Ho-Pe and Dream (Parson Russell  Terriers)
Bitsy (Staffy Bull Terrier)
Kapena (American Staffordshire Terrier)
Luna (Jack Russell Terrier)


**Feedback is used with permission**

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Japanese cooking: Moo shu pork Gyoza dumplings (pot stickers)

 When I feel like cooking in a flash now and then, I plan weekly menu that include savory Japanese Pancake “Okonomiyaki” (You can see the recipe in the previous entry here). It is very easy to make, and from start to finish, it takes me about 20 minutes.

 I usually add whole kernel corns, meat (Frankfurt or ham or beef or pork tenderloin strips), and about half the bag of coleslaw (mixture of cabbage and shredded carrot).

 When my mother in law was visiting us, I have made the Okonomiyaki,and she loved it and said that she was afraid of it being strong cabbage flavor, but it was not the case and she liked them a lot.

 My husband is not a big fan of cabbage but,if I make Okonomiyaki, he will eat them. It does not make him go as big grin as when he hears “today’s dinner is steak”, but he will eat them fine.

 When I make Okonomiyaki, I usually  buy one pound bag of coleslaw bag and use about half of it for the Okonomiyaki, and often times, I plan to make something that uses up rest of the coleslaw bag next.

 One of the things I make using the coleslaw bag is Gyoza dumplings (Japanese pot stickers). If you visit Asian stores, or local grocery store’s frozen food International aisle section, you would probably find pre-made Gyoza dumplings, but it is pretty costly with small number of Gyoza inside.

 And of course, if you eat out at the restaurant, pot stickers will be easy to find at many restaurants’ menu, but it is quite expensive despite the fact that it is time consuming to make ones but not much ingredients in the pot stickers to cost that much.

 If you make ones from scratch, with about same cost to buy the pre-made Gyoza dumplings, or with the price you pay at the restaurant, you can make and freeze a lot of them.

 If you like to make traditional Gyoza dumplings from scratch, you can find the recipe in the previous entry here.

 As you can see in the previous recipe in the Gyoza dumplings (pot stickers), Nappa cabbage (hakusai) is usually used for the making of Gyoza dumplings.

 However, since I had some leftover coleslaw bag (mixture of shredded cabbage and shredded carrots), I tried using the rest of coleslaw bag in the recipe with a little bit of twist to the recipe and it came out quite good and my husband like them, so I thought I would share my “Moo shu pork Gyoza dumpling” with you.

 So, how do you make “Moo shu pork Gyoza dumpling” ? Here is how.

Moo shu pork Gyoza dumpling..

1. Pound and slice 12 oz of Pork tender loin to strips

2. Soak the pork tenderloin strips in 1 tbs of sake and pinch of table salt and let it set aside

3. Chop 2 oz of canned sliced bamboo shoot and set it aside

4. Make a sauce..

** Add 2 tbs sugar, 4 tbs of soy sauce, 3 tbs of sake, 4 tbs of Hoisin sauce and mix well in the small container

5. To the skillet, drizzle sesame oil and when it gets hot, add pinch of grated ginger,and stir

6.When it gets fragrant, add drained pork tenderloin strips and chopped bamboo shoot in the skillet and stir

7. Add 8 oz of coleslaw bag (mixture of shredded cabbage and shredded carrots) to the skillet and stir

8. Add Sauce and cook through

9. make a slurry by combining a little bit of corn starch and little bit of water and stir them into the skillet to thicken the sauce.

10. When pork filling is almost no liquid,and sauce is thickened,turn off the stove and let it cool down

** To avoid filling leach out from the wrapper, you want the fillings without much liquid, and not too much sauce.

 11.When fillings got cool enough to handle, start wrapping the filling up.

** My favorite Gyoza wrapper is Wing Hing brand. You can find them at Asian stores in freezer section. It is round,thin wrapper,and one package comes with hundreds of wrapper and if you did not use all of them,you can keep them in your freezer for later use.

** How to wrap the filling for Gyoza dumplings**

1. What I normally do first is to prepare small container with some water in it and set the small container aside.This will be the water to wet the wrapper edge so it can stick together and seal well.

2. Take one gyoza wrapper out from the package and set it on medium size dry plate, and put small amount of fillings in the center of the wrapper and wet the finger with water (dip your finger in the small container you have prepared), and wet the edge of wrapper to seal

3. To seal, take the bottom half of wrapper to fold over the upper half of wrapper and pinch as if making plaits without air trapped inside.

** I thought that watching how to wrap the Gyoza visually would help you understand better so, I will put the youtube video bellow.

How to wrap Gyoza Dumplings

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

4.Then, dust it with flour so that it would not stick each other and put them aside.

5. After all Gyoza was made, you can skillet them to serve for the day and you can freeze the rest for later use.

** I usually wrap Gyoza dumplings with saran when I freeze them. Then, put them in the freezer bag.

** How to cook Gyoza dumplings nicely;Crispy outside, soft inside**

1. Place non stick skillet on stove
with high heat, make it screaming hot. Add oil , put Gyoza and
occasionally,shake the skillet to move the Gyoza around.

2. When you see outside gets crisp, add about 1/4 C -1/3C water to the skillet

**Watch out for spattering when you put water

** As soon as water hit the skillet, it will make very loud noise and evaporate as it cooks and shake the skillet after adding the water to the skillet.

** If you put too much water in the skillet or skillet was not hot enough, it will get soggy.

3. Put the lid on,bring the heat down to medium heat and steam.

** Keep the
lid on until all the water gets evaporated.

 At finish point, add a drizzle of
sesame oil,bring the heat up to high heat and cook 1 minutes or so  more. A little bit of sesame oil to
cook with will make this Gyoza extra yummy.

4. Enjoy!

** Makes about 12-14 Gyoza dumplings..

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Palette’s spring treats diary;May 15th,2011

 Walking towards the box where I keep poop bag for Palette, I hear the trotting sound behind me.

 She had this huge grin on her face after tossing the leash toward me as if to say “Lets go,mom. I am very ready.” She knew we will be able to go for walkie after some bad weather days again.

 A few weeks ago or so, we had very bad weather, and one night, she was very clingy to me and she was just like my shadow;wherever I go,she follows, and when I settled on chair, she came very close to my foot and settled like curled fur ball.

 After 2 hours later, I have learned that our area had tornado watch, and then as time goes by, the tornado watch turned to tornado warning. That night, I have gathered flash lights and other necessary stuff in one room, and Palette and I hid in the closet for a while.

 Palette was not sure what kinds of game we were playing but she still remained close to my body and settled like curled fur ball.

 I knew that she is pretty good at picking up weather change; she rings her potty bells when she needs to go potty and, sometimes, she rings at odd time when she normally not ringing the bell.

 I take her out for potty and come back inside and, just about closing the door, it starts raining very hard. It is not just one time coincidence and, I wonder if she is feeling/detecting some sort of difference such as barometric pressure change in the air, or smell of the Air changes when climate change just like when I wrote in the previous entry titled “Thunder and dogs“.

 Palette gets extra excited after bad weather days for walkie. She was so eager to read the doggy news on the ground and one point time, we started jogging and saw a jogger in front of us. She has spotted the lady jogging in front of us, and she sped up to pass her. She is not into chasing jogger but, it is her thing that she “must” pass a jogger. She needs to know that not everyone we see on the walkie is in our race

 When excitement is high when walkie, sometimes, her rear ends gets little messy, and after race to the house, she goes into bath tub for butt-wash.

 She knows the word “shower” and when I tell her “shower”, she goes to bathroom,and butt wash begins. However, I had a thought that since she is not being bathed for some time, I would bath her not just butt wash.

 So, Palette got bathed. Poor Palette stepped forward for me in the tub so that I can have easy access to wash her butt, but she ended up being bathed

Just being bathed…

It was not in our agreement,mom..

I am feeling naked without my favorite collar on…

 After some zoomie time, she got her favorite cool down treats as usual.  

“Palette’s treats dairy” series, I thought it would be
interesting for you to tour around our kitchen to see what kinds of cool
down treats she is getting, and share her cool down
treats’ recipes.

you do have interactive chew toys such as “Kong”, you could fill it
with these, although you may want to give your dogs designated area to
chew on

 Now, I will pass a pen to Palette
to write her diary here.

 May 15th,2011

 Dear diary,

 Many days ago, we had angry weather, and one night, I decided to become mom’s shadow and I followed everywhere she goes. I was just feeling angry weather would come over to us and,I was scared. I wanted to make sure mom is near me all time.

 After a quick dinner, mom called me to get inside the closet with her.

 I was not sure what games we were playing but, often time, mom is the one that hid in the closet or behind the counter for me to find her. Or my squeaky toys hidden somewhere and I find them and bring them to mom to exchange with jackpot tweats…

 Who is going to find us,and most importantly, who gets the tweats?

 I was just curling up like a ball near mom and we spent some time in the closet until angry weather passes by us.

 I could tell mom was nervous because I am good at picking up how mom and dad feel. We, furriends, are expert on this.

 After a while, we came out from the closet and watch TV (tummy rub time for me!), and went to bed hoping tomorrow is sunny day.

 Angry weather hung around a while next couple days, and we could not go for walkie but I can go for walkie now! *Smize* (Smile with eyes)

 I was so happy weather is good now and, brought walkie leash to mom and headed to walkie. But you know what happen when we are too excited… Usually, poop starts off nice cute nuggets, but end with wet ones and mess my fluffy pants!

 I know what would happen next; shower time!

 I thought I would get my fluffy pants cleaned up, but I was wrong. Mom started showering over my back, neck…

 Ahh.. I love neck scratch and tilt my head to side as if to say “There, there..Hmmm” . I love getting nice long massage during bathing time but, after being bathed, I been feeling naked without my favorite collar around my neck.

 It is sometime funny though because mom and dad hear no jingles with my tags without collar and, I being feeling so stealth. I can surprise mom sometimes.

 If only mom had something yummy in her hands and drops some for me to nibble on. I would enjoy “stealth time” more.

 Now and then, I shake my body just to make sure I am still without my favorite collar on. I feel strange without it. I like to hear my jingle every time I shake my body. I just not feeling like me.

 As usual, after bathing time, I did some zoomie in the house, and waited for mom to clean up the tub,and come out from shower room in front of my freezer.

 Oh yes, I have my own freezer and it got all the yummy you can think of. If any of you were skilled with opening freezer door, you could come over and we could have yummy food feast on our own.

 Mom has taught me how to close the door but she did not teach me how to open the door. I have to tell her she is forgetting something to teach me Do you think she would teach me how to open doors?

 Anyway, this time, I got frozen cantaloupe beet yogurt treats as cool down treats. Since I feel so naked without my favorite collar on, I asked mom to take a picture when I am feeling fully dressed with collar around my neck.

 I do not know about you, but I am so love Cantaloupe. If I hear/smell mom is snacking on Cantaloupe, I will come right next to her standing with my stumpy feet and say “Give me,give me,give me.. I want one too!” I really like Cantaloupe. I like beet too. I maybe a strange as mom’s father says about me. I like all kinds of odd thing

 Maybe I was a human before being a furriends


 Frozen cantaloupe beet yogurt treats

 Here is how you make them.

1. To the mixer, add peeled,chopped and seed removed Cantaloupe 4.5 oz, peeled diced beet 4.5 oz steamed, 6 oz of Stoneyfield organic plain yogurt and puree

2. Pour those onto ice cube tray and freeze

** This will be about 14 blocks of treats in ice cube tray with my mom’s

** Frozen cantaloupe beet yogurt treats whole amount is roughly about 224 kcal (you can see more detail at website here ). So, each ice cube given is about 16 kcal.

Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.


Hmm…. this is GOOD!

Hi,mom. This is 5 paws up!

Ahh.. I hear kitty trespassing our yard..

Tweats vs woofing at kitty..

That is a question..

Oh well,Kitty can wait.. nom,nom,nom..


Mom let me lick the yogurt cup…

*Help* Yogurt cup got stuck with my head!

Whew! Now I can see you, mom Thank you for helping me…


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People food for thought Part XIII; Frozen vegetables,frozen sea food

 In the previous entry titled “Cooking with fresh ingredient Part II“, I wrote that since Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign;bring
fresh food to school lunch menu, I have started noticing many more
celebrity chefs are working on their own project to encourage people to
eat fresh food not processed food.

 Also, as I have written in the previous entry titled “Raw feeding 911 Part VII“, first
lady Michelle Obama has started organic garden at the White house, and
hope to encourage people to eat fresh food more. According to cbs news
article (For the full article, please click here), the organic garden has 55 kinds of vegetable,berries,and herbs.

 With this big fresh food movement, I think more and more people would take a moment and review what they really are eating and what they really are providing to their families and make an effort to provide fresh, healthy,delicious food to their family and furriends.

 However, process food comes with convenience, and for some people, convenience is such an temptation.

 If you were always be in hurry, here are some tips for you. You can still make a healthy food of choice and you do not have to stack up all those processed food in the freezer.

 I came across a news paper article written by Jennifer Motl on frozen vegetable, and I thought it is interesting article with useful tips and I thought I would share it with you.

Locally grown fresh vegetable vs store bought fresh vegetables …

 Every fresh produce has its own peak seasons and, peaked seasons are the best time for the taste and best time to stock up because peak season is the cheapest of the year for the specific produce.

 If you grown vegetables at home, vegetables from your gardens would have better nutrient amount compared to store bought vegetables,because the vegetables you grow does not have to travel long distance,and they do not have to be picked unripe and picked as needed when they are ready to be picked.

 I used to grow sweet peppers,herbs, berries and I do remember that taste of the fresh picked sweet peppers tasted so much different than store bought vegetables.

 According to Jennifer Motl, locally grown foods tends to retain more Vitamin C and B because those are very delicate vitamins that degrade over time,and some of the vitamins are sensitive to heat and light.

 When you think about where the produce is coming from and how much they have to travel to get to your grocery store, you will see that many vegetables and fruits are picked  unripe at farmer’s place and then travel long distance to get to your grocery store,which might get effected by heat and lights and since they were picked unripe, it might had less nutrient to start with and degrade over time during the travel time.

 If you cannot have time and space for growing vegetables at your garden, next best place to get the vegetables,fruits from are farmers market.

 Fresh produce there would not be traveling long long distance like the vegetables you get from grocery stores and, good advantage of using the farmer’s market is you get to see the person that grow their vegetables etc and know where they are coming from, and if they were happened to be the person that sell meat, you get to see how the animals are raised and, you get to have more information about the products.

 And,I bet that the produce you can get at the farmer’s market will be the ones that are at peak season,so it must be tasty.

 I have not found the farmer’s market for myself yet,but if I found one near our house, it will be definitely the place I would like to check out.

 Fresh vegetable vs frozen vegetables

 Jennifer points out that many frozen vegetables are almost as nutritious as fresh vegetables and some canned food such as tomato products are more nutritious than raw tomatoes.

 Do you know how the frozen vegetables are packed?

 She explains that many vegetables are blanched first (they are dipped into hot boiling water to destroy the enzyme that spoil the vegetables), and flash frozen (cooled to bellow zero temperature in a few minutes to prevent ice crystals from forming inside the food).

 When I use frozen vegetables,such as frozen green beans, I will put a little bit of water in the sauce pan, put the vegetable steamer in,and handful of frozen green beans and steam them.

 She points out that the less water you use to cook the frozen vegetable, the better nutrient amount you will get because some of the vitamins can leach out in the water.

 Another suggestion she makes is that not to over cook the vegetable till it gets limp because by cooking to that point destroy Vitamin C&B,and best texture of the vegetable with better nutrient is to cook till tender crisp.

 I think if you were leading the busy life style, buying a bag of frozen food is good option because it is already washed,peeled,and cut and you could take only the amount you would need and keep the rest in the freezer for later use, and it might be able to shorten the cooking time also.

 One of the frozen vegetables I tend to have in our freezer is spinach. Sometimes, I like to make greek dish called spanakopita (spinach and feta cheese mixture with seasoning in phyllo dough), or spinach artichoke dip etc and those use good amount of spinach and, it is always handy if I already had frozen spinach in freezer.

 That being said, you cannot get every kinds of fresh produce in frozen vegetable bag,and when you need fresh produce, you can chop onion or sweet peppers beforehand like before you go to bed, and you can use that along with frozen vegetables when you come home.

 Also, if you make meatballs, burger patties, Gyoza dumplings (Pot stickers) etc, make a lot of them, and use only needed amount on the day and freeze it for later quick meal. This process would shorten your cooking time for later.

 Canned vegetables..

 Canned vegetables are again, product with convenience in mind.However, often time you will find salt or sugar under ingredient list.

 If it were canned green beans, ingredients are green beans,salt, water. When canned whole kernel corn, it is corn, sugar,water.

 Now, you can see that canned foods are high in sodium, and because of high sodium amount in the can, products’ shelf life is very long. Jennifer suggests to rinse the products before using them.

 She also points out that some cans have inner coating that contains Bisphenol A.BPA is known for some health problem such as cancer.

 One canned vegetables she says is good is tomato products. According to her, cooked tomatoes have higher level of antioxidant lycopene than raw tomatoes and if you were watching out for sodium intake, she states that since tomato paste is 10 times lower in sodium compared to canned tomato sauce, you can make your own low sodium tomato sauce by combining 1 can of water,and 1 can of tomato paste.

 To read full article by Jennifer Motl on frozen vegetables, please click here.

 Frozen seafood..

 On the talk of frozen products, I thought I would write a little bit about frozen seafood.

 When you go to grocery store, go to frozen seafood section and pick up a bag of raw shrimp and flip it over and look for the ingredients.

 I had hard time finding the bag of raw shrimp with just “shrimp” under ingredients list. You too would find out that it is hard to find one with just one simple ingredients and, often times, ingredients have “shrimp” and some sort of sodium preservatives such as sulfite or STP (sodium triphosphate) to keep longer shelf life and to retain moisture in the products.

 Recently, I have found one bag of raw shrimp that has just “shrimp” under ingredient list at local grocery store, and product description explain that the shrimp gets frozen within 6 hours after cleaned.

 I wonder if the shrimp were
not get cleaned and frozen within certain hours, they gets dry out a little, and to compensate for the loss of moisture, at the packaging place, they would soak them in sulfite or STP to keep the shelf life longer and retain moisture.

 Recently, I was watching the food channel and one show called “America’s Test kitchen” was talking about sea food and STP. They were going to show scallop recipe and it gave a little more information on seafood and STP on the segment.

Quick STP test for scallop..
 Here is a test you can do if the scallop you got is treated with STP or not.

 According to America’s Test Kitchen, they say that you can tell if the scallop is treated with STP or not by placing a scallop on paper towel over microwavable plate and microwave for 15 seconds.

 If the scallop were not treated with STP, it would exude little water. If the scallop were treated with STP, it will exude lots of water on paper towel.

 They recommend to soak them in lemon water brine if the scallop were happened to be the one with STP.

 To read the full article by America’s test kitchen,please click here.

 The article does not say about how to pick the scallops but, on the TV show segment, they recommended to pick the one with rose pink colored scallops over pearly white scallops if you happened to wonder which one to buy.

 STP also can whiten scallops, other than making them absorb more moisture and it is one sign you can look at.

 Or, you can ask the fish guy behind the counter to get you “dry scallop” which means, scallops are not treated with STP. The scallops treated with STP is called “Wet scallop”.


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Cute talkative kitty “Allen”

 Do you have a dog or a cat that loves to talk to you a lot even at meal time?

 Our dog “Palette” is very quiet at meal time. She is very concentrated on eating rather than talking.

 UPS guy at the door when it is her meal time? Forget about it. She would perk her ears up to hear better and stop eating for a second, but she goes back to her nom nom time without dashing to the door with her personal message to the UPS guy.

 Recently, I came across youtube video of kitty “Allen” that loves to talk at meal time. I thought it was cute video and, I was curious what captions you would put for Allen that is talking to his dad.

 This entry is not much of reading today. Lets have fun putting a caption on kitty’s conversation.

 Nom,nom kitty “Allen”..

 If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the video.

 He sure looks like he likes his food,and he might have gone for nom nom for Edger’s meal just because as we say “Grass is always greener on the other side”, he might have had an idea that Edger’s would taste better than his

 What do you think Allen is saying?

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Greeting,Bowing in Japan

 Whenever you visit foreign countries, it is always good to know some basic words and phrases such as greeting in their local language. Greetings are great  conversation starter and, it is fun to learn all kinds of words and phrases in foreign language.

 Some of the words in Japanese are brought from western cultures (which we call them “gai rai go”) so, now and then, you would find the familiar words with a little different accent on the words would make the word used in Japanese.

 For example, when I was visiting friends in the states, they asked me what “beer” is called in Japanese. I smiled back and said “Bi i ru”. They asked me more words.

 They say “How about gum (chewing gum)?” I smile back and said “Gum”. They say “How about ice cream”? I smile back and say “Ice cream”.

 So, if you visit Japan, some of the words used there is already something you know Just a little bit different accent on words,but they should understand what you mean.

 That will be a little bit of advantage of visiting Japan if you speak English.

 In this entry, I thought it will be interesting for you to learn a little bit of easy Japanese phrases.

Greetings in Japanese..

 Good morning; Ohayo Gozaimasu (O-ha-yo-u go-za-i-ma-su)

 Hello.Good afternoon; Konnichiwa (Ko-n ni-chi- wa)

 Good evening; Konbanwa (Kon-ban wa)

 Thank you; Arigatou gozaimasu (A-ri-ga-to u go-za-i-ma-su)

 Good bye.Bye bye; Syounara (Sa-yo-u-na-ra)

 I am sorry; Gomennasai (Go-me-n-na-sa-i)

 Good night; Oyasuminasai (O-ya-su-mi-na-sa-i)

 Other easy phrases useful to know..

 Yes; Ha i.

 No;I i e.

 I do not understand; Wakarimasen. (Wa-ka-ri ma-se-n)

 When I write about greetings in Japan, I cannot write it without explaining bowing culture in Japan.

 Here in the states, when you meet new people, most likely, shake hands or just carry conversation after greeting with no physical gestures.

 In Japan, we bow often when greeting to neighbors,new people, customers,boss etc.

 Bowing is also a way to express gratitude,apologies,respect,and requests.

 For example, you are walking a dog and met your neighbor and you would say “O ha yo u go za i ma su” (Good morning) and bow.

 Lets say you are a little kid at school,and you broke the flower vase, and you would say “Go me n na sai” (I am sorry) to a teacher and bow.

 If your neighbor brought you something to thank you for something you did to help them, you would say “A ri ga to u go za i ma su”(Thank you) when accepting the gifts and bowing to them.

 Also, you would find big difference at Japanese department stores. Japanese department stores have clerks at each section and they are there to help you, and when they see you coming into their section of goods for sale, they would most likely say “Ira sshai ma se” (Welcome) and bow and then approach to you to assist you further.

 I came across the youtube video what you will be experiencing if you walk into the department in Japan. You will see that every staff at the department is bowing at the customers walked by and says “welcome”.

Japanese department stores..

  If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please watch the video.

 Some big department has elevator that is operated by a department’s employee, and the lady will be in department uniform, and she would greet you “I ra shhai ma se”(Welcome) when you go in to the elevator and she would say “Ni kai ni mai ri masu.”(We will go up to second floor)” and when elevator opens at second floor,and if someone in the elevator got off from the elevator, she would say “A ri ga to u go za i ma shi ta” (Thank you).

 Often times, at each level there is an elevator lady outside the elevator and guide the customers which way the elevator would go (Up/down), and when the elevator door is closing she would bow at the other elevator lady inside the elevator and customer.

came across the youtube video what you will be experiencing if you walk
into the department stores’ elevators in Japan.

Japanese elevator lady working at each level at the department store..

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please watch the video.

Japanese department store elevator (Inside the elevator)

  If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please watch the video.

 When you bow, you would clasp your hands in front (women) or place hands on sides (men) and stand straight up. Then, bow with eyes down about 45 degree angle.

 However, depending on situation, people would bow longer, deeper to express more emotions.

 If you go to traditional Japanese Inn (Ryokan)or traditional Japanese restaurant “Ryotei” and if the room were tatami room, most likely, you will have somebody in Kimono will be sitting /kneeling position ( sei za) and be bowing to you with their  hands placed in front of them on the tatami mat when they say “Ira shhai ma se “(Welcome).

 Sometimes, you would see the bowing at station. I have come across the youtube video of Japanese bullet train called “Shinkansen” conductor welcoming the passenger by bowing. at passengers.

Japanese bullet train “Shinkansen” conductor bow at passengers..

 If you are a blog subscriber or reading from face book,please watch the video.

 Now you know that bowing in Japan is very common and, it is such a big culture in Japan.

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Raw feeding 911 Part VIII

 In the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part X:Eggs“, I wrote that Eggs are great protein source and, very
nutritious food by itself. In fact, Eggs are one of the few sources you
can get Vitamin D from.

I also wrote how to read the egg carton labels, what makes eggshell colors different, how Free Range chicken are raised.

As you have already noticed, our stumpy little dog “Palette” is on fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet, and egg is one of the food she gets occasionally. She really adore eggs and, on and off, I feed her a whole egg without me cracking it for her for fun. It is very entertaining to see how she cracks an egg by herself.

When I first tried handed the raw whole egg without cracking it for her, I had slight horrified image that she might actually toss it in the air as she does with interactive chew toy called “Kong”, but thankfully, she did not come up with the idea and she rather gently hold the egg with her mouth and give it a gentle pressure on her canine teeth to make a whole in the center and start licking through the hole to make it look like a cradle.

Hmm…. Egg! I love them!

Egg is good food item to feed your dogs, and I feed her two eggs per week. I usually feed her Cage free Eggs,which we keep in our fridge. Some people seem to feed eggs daily, but I like moderation,and I feed two eggs per week.

You may wonder what would happen to the shell.

Palette usually eats them, and occasionally, depending on her mood, she leaves me some egg shells to pick up.

Egg shell is pure source of calcium, and if your dogs eat it, that is fine, and if they left it for you to pick up, it is fine also. However, calcium is important nutrient for your dogs and, it needs to be included in their diet.

If your dogs were on fresh diet a.k.a. raw diet, and if they get bones in menu along with meat,organ etc., bones would provide calcium to your dogs and eating the egg shell is not necessary.

What are the benefit to give your dogs a bones?

While bones are not the center item of the raw diet, bones are very important part of the diet in the aspect of providing the calcium in the form of natural state,with natural way.

Not only that, whole bones with meaty meat in the diet can clean the dogs’ teeth and strengthen the jaw muscle.

Note: bones such as knuckle bones,femur bones,marrow bones from big animals such as cow,buffalo are called weight bearing bones, and they are teeth wearer,teeth breaker and even though they are sold with very reasonable price, they are not good kind of bones to give to your dogs.

Note: Do not feed your dogs cooked bones.They are brittle and break sharp. Also, if dogs eats them, it seems, from my experience with cooked ham bones I gave before I switched Palette to raw diet, it seems to make the poop very very hard like cement in the gut. When she had the cooked ham bones,she pooped golf ball sized rock hard poop so often and it eventually turned to diarrhea that lasted for a few days.Never again,I feed cooked bones to Palette.

Some Pet supply stores sells smoked bones, sterilized bones, etc etc..,but they are, in my opinion, teeth wearer,breaker, and it is in a way, cooked bones so, I am not sure how good dogs can digest the bones break off from such pet bones. In the past, before I come across raw diet information, I used to give such  bones but I remember such bones broke pretty sharp.

This is also the reason why I do not offer any of pet bones at our store (Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen).

If you were to feed bones, feed raw bones not classified under weight bearing bones. Today, Palette had Chicken and beef (beef heart) along with whole egg, and small amount of Buffalo liver/kidney. Chicken she had is the cut off portion from the whole bird and those kind of bones are what you want to give your dogs to provide dental health and calcium,mineral source etc. with natural way.

That being said, some dogs might have hard time motivated to try the whole bones, and some people look for the other way to provide the calcium.

Some people may look into giving the bone meals.

What are bone meals?

Bone meals are, according to wikipedia, mixture of crushed/ground bones that are used as fertilizer for plants.

Bone meals used to be sold as calcium supplement for human in the past, but with the research done in 1980’s that says it was contaminated with lead and other toxic metal, they are no longer recommended as calcium source for human.

Bone meals would provide both phosphorus and calcium, and if you were feeding raw diet, your dogs can get phosphorus through meat you feed and, it is not necessary to add more phosphorus.

If I were to look for the alternative ways to provide calcium source, I would not purchase bone meals. If ground bones were what I would like, then, I would rather look for the way to ground the bones on my own. That way, at least, you know the quality of bones to be ground, and you know what are being fed to your dogs.

Grinding the bones are the way to go to provide calcium when dogs are not motivated to try eating the bones?

I personally always believe that when it comes to diet, variety is one important thing to consider whether for human or for dogs. Each food provide wide range of nutrient in each unique way,and it would benefit for our and our furry friends’ health.

One thing I think about grinding the bone on my own is that, I hear now and then that people recommend bone grinder but it seems very expensive, and I wonder if the tool is always usable with wide range of bones,not just poultry bones.

I myself do not have such tool, and I do  not know much about the tool but if I were to grind the bones on my own for any reasons, I would look for the tool that would do the work for wide range of bones,not just one kind of bones.

When you cannot grind bones at home, you may look into purchasing raw diet pattie.

Raw diet pattie is good choice as alternative ways to feeding the whole bones?

Since many more people started looking at feeding fresh food for furry friends, pet food industries also started looking the way to provide something for those who would like to feed raw diet with convenience.

Some are dehydrated version of raw diet package, which I am not sure if it contains bones or not since ingredients start with Free range chicken for example with one product. Ingredient list goes..

<Product A>

Free Range chicken,organic fair trade quinoa,sweet potatoes,spinach,parsley,organic kelp,rosemary,tricalcium phosphate,choline chloride,zinc amino acid chelate,Vitamin D3 supplement,Vitamin E supplement,potassium iodide,potassium chloride,iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate

While they are not as lengthy ingredients list as kibble ingredients, but if you purchase dehydrated raw diet package with convenient, it comes with something else in it too, and while you feed real fresh chicken at home, your menu list will be simply just one ingredient or two if you feed combo meal (mixing with other protein source). So, I personally feel that I see their suppliers’ effort to provide convenience for those who feed raw diet, but it is not as simple ingredient as you would be able to back home with real fresh food right from your grocery store.

Another ones you may find on the market is freeze dried raw package,which I think they are pretty expensive, and you will never know that how much of bones in the pattie. Considering ground chicken with bones is stated as very first ingredient
s in the product B ingredient list, bones in the product may be quite high. Product B ingredient list goes..

<Product B>

Freeze dried free range chicken (ground bones included),chicken liver,chicken gizzard, organic cranberries, Apple cider vinegar,Whole chicken egg,organic broccoli, calcium carbonate,red potatoes,organic spinach,organic seaweed, organic beets, organic butternut squash,organic apple, organic blue berries,Fortified with vitamins and minerals

Again,while they are not
as lengthy ingredients list as kibble ingredients, it comes with something
else in it too. When you are looking for just the alternative ways to provide calcium source, should you change the whole meal plan for your dogs?

I do not think so. I personally feel that again, I see
their suppliers’ effort to provide convenience for those who feed raw
diet, but it is not as simple ingredient as you would be able to back
home with real fresh food right from your grocery store, and just for not being able to eat bones and changing the whole menu plan is not worth it.

Some people may look into raw patties.

Feeding the raw mix patties is the alternative way to feeding the whole bones?

Some raw food companies offer line of products with mixed ground. Sometimes, they offer ,for example, chicken and vegetable mix, and it is raw meat with vegetable but ingredient list goes..

<Product C>

Chicken & bone, chicken necks, broccoli, butternut squash, kale, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, chicken liver

You can see it is much much shorter ingredients list compared to raw dehydrated/freeze dried patties, but it still comes with unwanted ingredients, and you would never be sure how much of bones you are feeding to your dogs.

Some raw food companies provide products such as ground chicken frames, and since it is single ingredients list, I think it is much better option as alternative ways, but since it is not just bones are ground and it still has meat in it, when you want to feed this to your dog to supplement bone intake, you would probably do not know how much of bones you are feeding to your dogs.

Some raw suppliers grind meat,bones,and organs and package them up. Since they comes mixed with things you would feed whole such as meat,organs, it is in a way, better alternative for those who have hard time motivating your dogs to try eating the whole bones, but just like other  products, since you cannot see how much of actual bones you would be feeding by feeding through the mix, for some dogs, amount of bones in the mix or organs in the mix may, may not be too much or too little and you may need to adjust the ratio by feeding extra something along side this mix or tweak the diet.

 Some people may look into giving the calcium supplement.

Giving the supplement would ensure the optimum amount of calcium in the diet for your dogs?

As stated in the previous entry titled “Multi-vitamins/minerals for your dogs” ,I think that supplementing with synthetic form is tricky because you would not be sure how much are absorbed and you would not be sure if the dosage instructed on the bottle is proper amount for your dogs or not considering supplement products makers have no knowledge of your dogs’ age,activity levels, diet etc..

I personally prefer to give our dog natural,real fresh food to provide the maximum amount of each nutrient food can provide her.

That being said, without changing anything you are currently feeding to your dog, there is one natural items you can try. It is an egg shell.

Eggshell is great natural source of calcium and if your dogs’ diet have no bones, giving the egg shell will be the best way to go as substitution for a whole bone.

How to use egg shell as substitute for bones for calcium…

When you decided to use the egg shell as calcium source, best way to give egg shell to your dogs is to grind them.

Just simply wash the shell after cracking them,and dry them out, you can simply grind them with coffee grinder. It is best to have 2 grinder at home. One, you use for coffee, and the other, use them to grind herbs for your cooking or for your dogs to grind the egg shells.

Some people bake the egg shell at 300F oven about 10 minutes. I believe this baking process was to remove the mineral oil coating on the shell.

You can give 1/2 tsp of ground egg shell per pound of food served as alternative way to provide calcium source.

As side note, sometimes, I see people with small dogs having problem with whole chicken egg. I see that our Corgi getting one Egg and has no problem but if you were with small dog like chihuahua and if they were getting one whole chicken Egg, it could be too much for the tiny little dogs.

If you encounter the situation, you could try smaller sized egg such as quail egg. You can get them at Asian stores. Might be perfect egg size for tiny little dogs:)

Or, you can share the whole egg with your dog. He takes half of raw chicken egg and you could whip up the scramble egg or something for yourself, or freeze the half amount or so in the ice cube tray possibly stored in the air tight freezer bag and,freeze, feed it through.

According to BBC, when you lightly beaten the whole egg and pour them into air tight container such as freezer bag,or plastic container and freeze them. They are good for 3 months.They recommend to thaw them in the fridge and freeze small batch.

If you could pour the whole egg lightly beaten onto the ice cube tray and put the ice cube tray in the air tight freezer bag and freeze them in the freezer, I think next time you feed, you can just pop one cube out to feed your dog and probably do not need to thaw the egg in the fridge.

To read full article on freezing an egg at BBC website,please click here.

As a way to motivate your dog to try out whole bones, you could make a cut on the bones or crush them a little with meat mallet if bones were softer bones such as chicken bones to expose more marrow.

Sometimes, dogs are pretty good at training humans,and if you were switching this and that to let them try bones, they could look for much more yummy stuff and would strike on you. Be consistent,be patient, be creative for your dogs:)

Once they crunch the bones on their own, they would love the real bones:-)

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