People food for thought Part XV; Herbs and spices

 When you think about herbs and spices, you would first imagine they are the flavor enhancer. They will give your dishes more depth and it also can add some characteristics to the plates.

A little bit of chopped dark green Italian parsley, chopped green onion, chiffonade dark basil leaves sprinkled over your dish pop/brighten up your dish.

Not only herbs and spices are kitchen essentials for your dishes, but also it can be used in other ways such as “non toxic cleaner”, “non toxic insect/flea/tick repellent” or “natural remedy for health” etc.

Many of the herbs and spices are known to have natural remedy property.

For example, ginger for nausea, cinnamon for upset stomach, dill/marjoram for digestive aid,thyme and rosemary for disinfectant property.

Also, oregano,peppermint,marjoram,cardamom etc are known to have antiseptic  property.

According to article written by Jordan Laio, herbs such as hyssop and rue were  considered disinfectants,and they were scattered around jails to keep disease in check.

Some herbs and spices are more than flavor enhancer for your dishes.

As you already have noticed, our stumpy Corgi “Palette” is on fresh food diet, a.k.a. raw food diet, and since the diet switch from processed food diet, I started paying more attention to overall health issues such as over-vaccination, monthly flea/tick treatment etc and I also started paying more attention to the use of toxic household cleaners.

You can read my experience of raw feeding for Palette with “raw feeding 911 series”. You can read the previous entry titled “Raw feeding 911 Part I” here.

You can read previous entry titled “Titer test for dogs” (vaccination entry) here.

You can see the recipe of non toxic flea/insect repellent spray that I use for Palette in the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part IX; Citrus fruits” here.

Our furry furriends are low to the ground and, they can potentially exposed to the toxic cleaners little by little via toxic cleaner vapor and, as their natural instinct, if you drop some food on the floor, they sure would go pick it up and lick the floor making sure nothing has left behind.

If he/she were licking the floor cleaned with toxic cleaner, they are licking some of the substance in the cleaner too.

If you have a furry friends that drink water from toilet,and if you do use toilet cleaner that contains chlorine, then it is possible that he/she is drinking the water with chlorine.

If your furry friends loves to lick the door/windows where you do use toxic cleaners that contains gycol ethers, he/she be licking some of the cleaner used for the windows too.

According to the article at dogster website, following are toxic household cleaners to your dogs.

** Boric acid commonly used in Ant killer/cleaner

** Ammonia commonly used in de-greasers for oven,glasses and stainless steel

** Chlorine commonly used for disinfectants;toilet bowl cleaners,automatic dish detergent

** Gycol ethers commonly used in glass cleaners,carpet cleaners,spot removers

** Formal dehyde sometimes used in soap, pet shampoo

To read the full article at dogster website,please click here.

Green non toxic cleaners…

According to penny at pennilessparenting website, followings are common ingredients used for her homemade non toxic house hold cleaners.

White Vinegar; kills mold,bacteria,fungi etc and act as water softener,deodorizer, and general cleaner

Borax;naturally found in mineral that disinfects and make other cleaners work more effectively

Baking soda;cleaning application such as de-greaser,whitener, and deodorizer and disinfectants

Salt; works as abrasives,grease/stain remover,and disinfectants

Citric acid; powdered form of acids found in the citrus fruits.Works as water softener,bleach,and remove lime deposits

Lemon juice;de-greaser,whitener,disinfectants

<Cleaning stoves with baking soda>

 When I clean oven/stove top, just like Penny suggest readers, I usually use mixture of water and baking soda. It removes greasy spots and it does good job cleaning the stove top.

I use the same method for oven cleaning too.

It actually was something that I leaned from my mother long time ago.

However, I noticed that Penny uses interesting method to clean the stove grates.Since we have electric stove, I cannot try and see how it does,but she suggest to soak it in vinegar a while and then rinse it with baking soda and water mixture  or dish soap.

<Cleaning windows>

Penny suggests to mix half a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water and keep it in the spray bottle.

I do have similar mixture which I make 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar. I use them to clean Palette’s feeding mat and also use it to remove slimy feeling left in her feeding bowl where I sometimes pour an egg for her for meal and Palette lick it clean.

I found that if I pour the vinegar-water mixture a bit into the food bowl and scrub with sponge and then, add sprinkle of kosher salt and scrub more, slimy feeling left in the food bowl gets removed and I can run my finger and can hear the squeaking sound.

You can read Penny’s full article on homemade cleaner here.

<Cleaning microwave>

As you can see in the previous entry titled “People food for thought Part IX;Citrus fruits“, I use cut of lemon to clean the microwave.

I cut the lemon in half,place it slice
side down onto microwave safe plate and microwave 20-30 seconds. Then,
wipe the microwave with warm lemon and wipe again with paper towel.

<All purpose orange cleaner>

Penny’s all purpose orange cleaner is interesting. It is mixture of vinegar,orange peel and water.

She suggest to put orange peels in a jar and pour vinegar in and let it sit for a few weeks. Then,take the orange infused vinegar into the spray bottle and dilute it with water making the solution 50-50.

She writes it can clean sink,mirrors,windows,floor,counter tops etc.

You can read her full article on orange cleaner here.

<sink scrub>

According to newspaper article written by Jordan Laio, you can make sink scrub by mixing 1/4 cup of mint leave and 1 cup of baking soda,1 tbs salt in blender.

To clean, sprinkle it a bit onto your sink, and add a little bit of water and scrub.

He also writes you can make herbal window cleaner by mixing 2 cups of lemon balm and half cup of vinegar.

You can read full article written by Jordan Laio on green cleaners here.

Now you can look the spice and herbs more than flavor enhancer

What are your green tips you can share with others?


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