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Flea/Tick control for dogs Part II

 In the previous entry titled “Flea/Tick Control for dogs“, I wrote about non toxic, natural ways to control fleas/ticks, how to remove ticks, what you would need to do after ticks were removed, and tick tests.

 Just recently, I have come across some more natural ways to get rid of fleas, and I thought it interesting and I would like to share with you.

<Flea trap>

 Fleas get killed in soapy water (Dish soap mixed with water), and I knew that you should drop any fleas that were caught with flea comb to kill them.

 Also,I knew if your dogs were covered with tiny little ticks, shampooing your dogs with dish soap “Ivory” can get them off from your dogs.

 However, “flea trap” was new thing to me and, it seems to come from the same idea of using the soapy water for flea by enticing them to come over and jump into the soapy water themselves by using night light over the soapy water dish.

 I have never tried this method and, I cannot comment as to how well it would work,but reading about how well those traps performed for many, it might be worth trying to see if it works for you.

 All you need for this homemade flea trap is “Dawn” dish soap, water, shallow dish, and night light.

 Here is how it works.

1. Mix water and Dish soap “Dawn” in a shallow dish

** the youtube video I came across suggests to mix 1 parts dish soap “Dawn” , and 3 parts water in a shallow dish

2. Place the soapy water dish right underneath the night light at night

 In theory, fleas will be attracted to the night light,and jump in to the soapy water dish,and they will be killed, and by the morning you will be up, if there were any fleas, you will see them in the soapy water,and you should toss them and make the new one until you see no fleas in the morning in the soapy water dish.

** If your furry friends were not crated in the night, you may want to use puppy panel pens to section off the area where flea traps are to keep them from being able to access to the soapy water dish.

Homemade flea trap..

If you are a blog subscriber or reading from facebook,please click here to watch the  video.


 Another interesting thing I came across is that, just like food grade Diatomaceous Earth (not the kind to use for pool), ground salt also dehydrate the bugs like fleas.

 All you need is ground salt/sea salt.

 According to the article written by Barry Silverstein at flea control book website, it is important to make sure the salt you would use for flea dehydration are as finely ground as possible, to the consistency of powder.

 Then, you would sprinkle the finely ground salt over the carpet and,brush/rake it in,and  leave it on for 12 hours to 48 hours.

 Then, vacuum the room thoroughly.

 Barry writes that salt drawn out the moisture,and if the salt were left in the carpet for long period of time in hot,humid condition,the carpet will become wet.

 He also recommends to use Borax in addition to salt for serious infestation,but if it were me, I would probably not try Borax method unless dogs were safely positioned far away from the treated area,and all of their water are placed far away from the treated area to avoid them from ingesting/inhaling the Borax with drinking water or through the air.

 According to natural news website, Borax,also known as sodium borate is used as rat poisons, laundry detergent,cosmetics,enamel glazes,flame retardants, and buffer solution in chemistry. Also, this is used as preservatives in HPV Vaccines for girls.

 It is also used as food additives in some countries but, US has banned the use of sodium borate as food additives.

 In medical field, it was used as disinfectant or treatment for wounds,but patient got sick and it is no longer used in medical field,except as preservatives in HPV vaccine despite the fact that it seems some girls who received the vaccine got sick.

 Using the borax for flea is new and interesting,but since lemon water is working for us, I would stick with it. At least, I know for sure that I do not have to worry about Palette licking paws and her body after she gets lemon water solution over her body for tick/flea would not make her get sick,plus I do not have to worry about her ingesting Borax through the air as well.

 To read full article at flea control book website,please click here.

 To read full article at natural news website, please click here.

 I have been keep writing about this, but no matter what method you would use to combat flea/ticks etc., it is very important to provide the good diet to your dogs for overall good health.

 Then, use the flea comb daily.Fine tooth of flea comb can catch the tiny fleas and, you can just dip them in the soapy water to kill them.

 Also, make time for
bonding with your dogs and, use some of the time for rubbing/petting.
While you are rubbing/petting your dogs, sometimes, you could find the
tick/flea that just laded on your dogs and, if you caught it early, less
painful for your dogs down the road and, it is good for early detection
of the flea/tick.

 Vacuuming the house often,and mowing regularly also helps.

 Washing your dogs’ bed weekly is good,too.

 It is easy to use monthly spot on products to combat with flea/ticks, but when there are other ways to combat fleas/ticks without exposing your pets to harmful chemicals, would you still choose to use the spot on monthly treatment?

 I’d choose the natural ways to combat with them.

 What do you use to combat  flea/ticks?


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