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Palette’s summer treats diary; August 14th,2011

 Last month, many days were at over 90F,100F in the daytime, and often times, we got thunderstorms,which
made Palette feel she prefers to be curled up under my desk,placing her
head on my foot using as pillow, and dozes off.

 It is still hot but after some rainy evening a few weeks ago, it seems the temperature cooled down a little.

 We pick cooler time for walkie and, stroll around the neighborhood everyday if not too hot or rainy days.

 Palette loves to go for walkie and, she gets so excited as soon as she sees me routine preparation before the walkie. She trots back and forth with excited movement,and she comes check on me as if to say “Mom,come on! Let’s go,let’s go! You are not quick enough!”

 When she sees me picking up the poop bag for walkie,she brings her leash,toss over to me as if to say “I know what you need. Put it on me,put it on me!” and then, after a small excited jump with huge grin on her face,she turns around facing her back toward me so I can put her leash on easily.

 It will be nice if she could bring my shoes,poop bag,leash everything we need for walkie but,if she did, as I have written before, poop bag will be handed over with her name all over it with holes

 I have seen family that seemed to have hard time letting their dogs calm down and put their leash on them for walkie on TV shows,but if you train your dogs to be on sitting positing with their face facing outward,showing back to you by turning around, it takes less time for you to put the leash on for walkie.

 From early  puppyhood, I reinforced Palette to “sit” before everything they love. After you teach your dog what “sit” means, there are so many opportunities throughout the day to practice “sit”.

 “Sit” before meal,”sit” before door open,”sit” before play time like play ball/Frisbee,”sit” before getting any sorts of attention from you, “sit” before leash attached etc etc.. list goes on.

 When Palette was puppy, I did not put the leash on/stopped process of putting her leash on as soon as I see her butt left the floor,and she tries to stand up or jump.

 Overtime,she learned she needed to be “sit” for leash being attached to her collar. Then,after that, with grooming purpose,I started teaching “turn around” cue to Palette and I have added extra step to regular “sit”; after she sits,I asked her to “turn around” and tell her to “sit” and I put the leash on. If she were excited and,moving around too much, I stopped the process of putting the leash on.

 Therefore, she now automatically “turn around” and “sit” for leash to be attached. I personally think that if dogs were able to control the excitement for upcoming fun time -walkie with solid “sit” or “turn around-sit”, it is probably working good for impulse control as well.

How to teach “Sit” with clicker training

3. As soon as your dog’s butt touch the floor with all paws on floor,click and treat.

** This way,they will know “sit” means 4 paws on floor with
butt on floor.

4. Practice “Sit” before everything they love

How to teach “Turn around” with clicker training