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Amazing Pug “Jenny”

 If you have been reading previous posts for long time, you would notice that I love to teach fun tricks to our dog “Palette” the Corgi.

 “Let’s eat!” and she licks her mouth. “Are you scared?” and she goes hide under the blankie. “Who’s there?” and she comes out from under the blankie.  She rolls over, spins, weaves through my legs, speaks, high five,and more..

 Some of her tricks is actually one of her chores; bringing leash for walkie, closing  door after me when laundry time..

 I do not say anything but, judging from how I am moving around the house, she picks up the cue and she brings her leash or come downstairs for being ready to close the door after me.

 Once new trick is learned, I teach her another and it takes some times for some tricks to be learned perfectly, but she learns things quite fast and, it amazes me sometimes.

 In many ways, I feel that dogs are amazing.

 I do not have babies in the house and, we do not have baby stroller, but can you imagine your dog is pushing the baby stroller and strolling around the neighborhood?

 If any of our neighbors’ dogs passed by our house pushing their baby strollers, I would look at them twice to make sure I am not dreaming

 Recently, I came across the youtube video of amazing dog (Jenny the pug) that pushes her baby stroller and strolling around the neighborhood with smooth walk with hind legs.

 I thought she was so cute and her walk with the stroller looked so natural. She is one amazing pug

 Here, I would share the amazing baby stroller pushing dog “Jenny” the pug video with you.

“Jenny” the pug pushes her stroller

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