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 Recently,we got feedback from Corgi furriend named “Gimli” from Corgi Country. What do furriends at Corgi Country think about our treats? Read on..

“We got a box in the mail a few days ago! It had some really GOOD smells coming from it!

“We could hardly wait for Grammy to open
it for us after we read that it was from our friend Palette and her Mom,
Yassy, who makes some WONDERFUL dog treats! She also has other dog
treats that she doesn’t make herself, but that Palette “taste tests,”
and she sells them from her online Website, Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen.”

 “Grammy had ordered a Moose Antler for us
to chew on this time! We’ve LOVED the Deer antlers, we’ve gotten from
them before, and they last a LONG time, so Grammy loves them too! “


“When she found out they had Moose
Antlers, she decided to get one to see if they last a long time too, and
if we would like THEM. Well, DUH!”


“NOW, this week, we found out they also
have Caribou Antlers, and Grammy says she wants to try to get some of
them too, next time.Yassy also sent a couple of extra treats
like she usually puts in her orders. We got a Lamb Trachea AND some
Buffalo Liver cookies!

 Note from Yassy’s Gourmet Kitchen; We put one count of Free Free Range Lamb Trachea with every order. Gimli’s mom also got Buffalo liver biscuits (Baguette biscuits) through Snack Saturday program since she placed an order on Saturday.

 You can read more on Snack Saturday program here.

 “They also have a GDK’s circle of Furriends reward program on their store menu where you can even get more
off! This is really great because Grammy also got us some “Surf Turf Jerky” that Yassy makes from wild caught salmon and Buffalo meat.
THAT was SO GOOD!!! Some of us were drooling before she was able to
give each of us a piece!

 “Now I’m going back to my Moose Antler..”



**Feedback and pictures are used with permission of Corgi Country blog**

To get to know Gimli,and furriends from Corgi Country, you can visit their blog site “Corgi Country”. ( Please click here. )

One of their furriends from Corgi Country “Dott” has Facebook page,too. You can become a fan of Little Dott page. (Please click here.)

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