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Is your dog smarter than your kids?

 Have you ever wondered if your dogs are smarter than you or your kids?

 Now and then, I am amazed to see how well Palette know me. Just a little slight body language and, she knows what to expect next. I think dogs have great observation skill, and very good at associating words/body language with actual events.

 At laundry time,for example, she is care-less about laundry room when I am putting clothes in to the washer. However, when I step out from the room, she comes running toward the laundry room with full speed,and she goes behind and shut the door for me. 

 I also think dogs seem to learn the routine pretty fast and they are good at associating events with routine in order.

 For example, when Palette had digestive upset, and her fur pants got messed, she does not come running into the room,but rather,she steps aside and stand-stay without me telling her anything and I go get the paper towel and wipe it lightly so nothing would drip on the floor to go to the shower room.

 Once her pants is cleaned, she goes to shower room and wait for me to wipe/wash  her butt. Once her butt/fur pants gets cleaned, she trots to kitchen and wait in front of the fridge,because she knows she gets probiotic when she gets digestive upset.

 I admit that I talk a lot to Palette.She seems to pick up some words and phrases and associating those with events.Then, with particular words and phrases, she moves accordingly.

 Tell Palette ” Are you ready to eat?” and her ears perk up and she does this long stretch with a little yawn and head towards to kitchen and wait for me to come.

 Tell Palette “Are you ready to go for walkie walk?” and her ears parks up and, little nub moves left and right,and disappear to go retrieve her leash while I go get her poop bag.We meet up at the entrance.

 Because she knows the word “Walk”, we never use “walk” in the conversation. We say ” W.A.L.K” in our conversation.

 She also knows the word “TV”, and once she hear the word, she goes running to the TV room and hop on to her doggy bed so she gets tummy rubs during TV time.

 I am not counting how many words she knows, but according to the article written by Doug Gross at CNN website, psychologists have learned that dogs can count,reason, and recognize words and gestures on par with 2 year old children.

 Interesting thing is that the professor Stanley Coren at University of British Colombia professor has learned that average dogs can understand 165 words including signs,signals,and gestures and they can count to 5.

 2 year old children understand about 250 words,he says.

 With counting ability, test was done in drills such as one in which treats were dropped, one at a time, behind the screen.When researcher sneak away one of the treats or secretly add an extra before screen been raised.Dogs were appeared to puzzle over the bad math,the article says.

 For me personally, I do not think the counting test the way they did does not seem to be strong evidence that they can really count.

 I would be interested to see if dogs were presented 1 biscuits on one tray and maybe 3 biscuits on the other tray, which tray they will go to claim their treats.

 Also, I am interested to see if you have 1 biscuit in left hand and 2 biscuits in right hand, which hand they would ask you to open it for them. We  can put larger number of biscuits in opposite hand and see if they really pick the hand that has more biscuits every single time.

 Sometimes, I wonder if treats size they see were different, would they go for bigger piece all the time? I remember our puppy training class trainer once told us that dogs do not care the size of treats, and you should use very tiny morsel of treats for training time so we do not fill them up with treats.

 I wonder if dogs would pick bigger size treats over smaller size treats every single time if they were presented with treats with different sizes.

 You can read CNN full article written by Doug Gross here.

 The professor Stanley Coren from University of British Colombia said that the  average dogs understand 165 words including signs,signals,and gestures, but do you know how many words super smart dog in the world can understand?

Super smart Border Collie “Chaser..

 “Chaser” the Border Collie is super smart dog in the world,and he understands and can recognize the names of 1022 toys!!

 According to the news article at Fox news website, psychologist Alliston Reid and John Pilley from Wofford college in SC were interested to see if there were any limitation with the amount of words Border Collie can learn.

 Therefore, they have started teaching Chaser the name of toys,one by one for 3 years.

 Their teaching method was to set Chaser up for success by placing one toy at a time right in front of her.

 Then, they have tested Chaser’s ability to recognize the vocabulary by placing 20 toys in another room and asked her to go fetch by name.

 Chaser has never got less than 18 out of 20 right and 838 test was done in 3 years.

 They also taught Chaser the “noun” and “verb” combining one at a time and helped Chaser to learn the meaning of the verb and meaning of noun.

 With her, “Paw” means “touch the object with paw”, “nose” means “touch the object with nose”, and “take” means “bring back the object to Professor John Pilley”.

 I came across her training session video at youtube,and I think this is a good example to show you that reward does not have to be food rewards all the time but it can be play with toy or non food items.

 You can watch youtube video of “Chaser”how she is being trained to learn the meaning of verbs and meaning of nouns at youtube website here.

 You can read full article at fox news wbsite on “Chaser” the border collie here.

 At this point, Palette can understand the name of 3 toys. You have seen her identifying 2 toys in the taste testing video of USA Beef Pizzle sticks and now she knows the word “Frisbee” the third toy.

 However, 1,000 toys to learn the name for is long way to go for our dog “Palette”. Teaching toy names is fun and I have curiosity too as to how many words Palette can learn.

 Below is the video clip from youtube where you can see Chaser in action identifying 25 toys. She is such a smart dog!
“Chaser” the Border collie; Canine Einstein..

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 Palette knows the word “Put away”; grab and put the toys into her toy box,too as seen in the taste testing video of “Surf Turf Jerky”

 Can she be a next “Chaser” the Border Collie someday?

 Can your dogs identify toys? If so, how many names of toys do they know?

 What is your dog’s favorite words/phrases they love to hear from you?

 How many words and phrases do you think your dogs know?

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