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Chinese/Japanese cooking: Kani Tama Don (Omelet with crab with brown gravy sauce over rice)

 When you visit Japan, one thing you would notice is that some of our dishes are influenced by Chinese dishes and we have our own style of Chinese dishes.

 For example, Gyoza dumpling is Japanese version of pot stickers, and “Buta man”, which is steamed bun filled with pork meat, is our version of “Mantou” or “Chinese steamed bun”.

 Just like “Sushi” is adapted to American culture and America has their own version of sushi; you will find sushi made with avocado “California roll” in the states but, I do not think
you would find those in Japan.

 Have you had Chinese dish called “Egg Foo-Yang”? I have never had it but,Wkkipedia website explains that they are American version of Chinese omelet dish and made with meat and vegetables with brown gravy on it.

  Since the time I started living on my own to go to university back home in Japan,I started cooking for myself for breakfast,lunch, and dinner. I usually came back from classes during lunch break and cooked food at home and after a while, I went back to school to attend another classes.

 At that time, quick cooking dishes were my go-to dishes and, I made dish called “Kani Tama Don” ( Japanese omelet with crab over rice with brown gravy) quite often.

 Eggs are great for quick cooking, and dish itself is easy. Especially, I often came home with many homework assignments,so it was the perfect dish to cook.

 Now and then, I used to change what to put in the omelet, and it was one of my favorite dishes to eat as well.

 Coming over to the states, since many of Japanese dishes/Chinese influenced Japanese dishes are easy to make and grocery bill seems to be much lower than the time I make something else, I make Asian dishes a lot.

 One of the dishes I make now and then is quick and easy “Kani Tama Don”. When I make one, I hear my husband says “It is like Chinese Egg Foo-yang.”

 Since I have never had Egg Foo-Yang, I do not know if there are any difference in seasoning or gravy etc.. but I think if you like Omelet, it is fun to make this “Kani Tama Don” for a change,and I think you would like them too.

 Therefore, I would like to share the recipe of “Kani Tama Don” with you.

 Now,here is a little Japanese lesson for you. “Kani” means “Crab”, and “Tama” comes from shorten word of egg “Tamago” in Japanese. “Don” means type of dish served with rice. Often times in the serving plate, you have rice and something else on the bed of rice.

 In case of “Kani Tama Don”, seasoned omelet with crab and brown gravy are placed over the rice.

 So, how do you make “Kani Tama Don”? Here is how.

Kani Tama Don (Omelet with crab with brown gravy over rice)…

1. Cook Japanese rice

** My favorite Japanese rice you can find in the state is called “Kokuho Rose Rice”. You can find them at International aisles at local grocery store.

** Unlike Jasmine rice,Basmati rice, or brown rice, Japanese rice is sticky,and you would not drop slice of butter or pinch of salt when cooking them. Just cook the “Kokuho Rose Rice” with water in rice cooker or on the stove.

2. Crack/Shred crab meat from crab legs about 5 ounce set in a big bowl with 1/2 onion chopped,1/8 C green pepper, 1/8C red pepper,1/4 C canned bamboo shoot chopped and mix well.

** In stead of using crab meat from crab legs, you can also use imitation crabs

3.Now you will start making the brown gravy.

***<Brown gravy sauce>***

 In the sauce pan, add 4tbs soy sauce, 4 tbs rice vinegar, and 3 tbs white table sugar and mix well and add 3 tbs of green peas and stir and simmer until sugar is dissolved well. When everything got mixed well, taste the sauce.

 If the sauce tasted fine, thicken the sauce with slurry (mixture of corn starch and water) and when sauce got thicken up a little, turn the heat off and set it aside.

** You can adjust the thickness of the brown gravy sauce by adding more corn starch if it was too thin and if it was too thick,you can add more water.

4. Pour a little bit of sesame oil in the skillet and cook half of <2> and saute them until vegetables are soft and onions are translucent

** Mixture of vegetables and crabs are for 2 omelets. Other half of mixture is to make another omelet to serve.

5. To <3>, add pinch of consomme cube,and stir well

** If you do not have consomme cube, you can use chicken bullion cube. I usually cut off small section off from consomme cube for this recipe

6. In the measuring cup, crack 3 eggs and add 2 oz of heavy milk, and sprinkle Molton’s Natures seasons with blue cap and beaten the egg mixture until everything in the measuring cup is even color and mix well.

7. Make a well in the skillet;set the mixture of crab,onion,green/red pepper/bamboo shoot away from center.

8. Pour Egg-heavy cream mixture into the well in the center in the skillet, and stir a little making sure all the crab,vegetables are mixed well in the omelet and make an omelet.

** 3 eggs mixture is one serving.

*** How to make omelet***

1. Cook vegetables of your choice in your skillet

** To make an omelet, I find that if you cook vegetables first on the skillet and pour egg mixture next, you can be sure that vegetables are cooked through without over cooking the egg

** I personally add heavy milk when I make scramble egg or omelet because I find that adding a little bit of heavy milk makes omelet/scramble egg fluffy and softer and tastes better.

2. Make a well in the skillet;setting vegetables in the skillet away from center in the skillet

3. Set the heat to medium high.Pour egg mixture (3 eggs plus 2 ounce of heavy cream with bit of Molton’s Natures Seasons) into the well in the center,and quickly stir with wooden spoon circular way and push the egg toward center and repeat for about a couple of times with rather slow speed..

** When beating the egg mixture, make sure everything in the measuring cup is mixed well and even color 

** Pushing the egg toward center ensure that the runny egg can settle faster.

4. By 2nd or 3rd circular stir with pushing egg toward center, you would see the egg start to set better

5. After you see eggs are almost cooked but a bit runny, level it even with wooden spoon,and take off from the heat and put the lid on about a minute or two.

6. Now, your omelet is done


9. Put cooked Japanese rice on the plate and place an omelet on top

10. Pour brown gravy over rice

11. Serve one and start making another Omelet,assemble the dish and serve.



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