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Palette’s fall treats diary;September 18th,2011

 Last month, we had M 5.8 earthquake and in the same week earthquake shook VA, we had Hurricane Irene passing through East coast area.

 For our stumpy little dog “Palette”, I imagine it must be most stressful week. Earthquake was her very first experience and she was shaking so badly and following days, she never left my sight and she was my shadow.She always be in the same room where I am in.

 I myself experienced M 7 earthquake that shook western part of Japan (Kobe,Osaka, and Kyoto) back in 90’s, and it was frightening experience and I remember well how stressful it was.

 In Japan, from kindergarten through high school, kids have earthquake practice about once a month so they learn what they should do when earthquake strikes. Our neighborhood back in Japan also had emergency practice so everyone in the neighborhood knows what to do,where to go when they have emergency situation via mother nature.

 Maybe because Japan is prone to earthquake.

 I saw in the news that many people in Washington DC area dashed out from the buildings but, you are not supposed to get out from the buildings when main earthquake is still in effect.

 What you would need to do is to cover yourself under sturdy furniture such as desk until earthquake stops.

 If there was no sturdy furniture you can cover, you should use the blanket or pillow to protect yourself.

 Back home in Japan, book shelves, and other furniture are chained to the wall so they would not fall on you if/when earthquake happens.

 I am not sure if it is Japanese thing,but Japanese gas stoves/heaters react to earthquake and falling and they automatically shut down.

 If you were cooking or using heat appliances when earthquake happens, turn off the stove/heat appliances to prevent fire.

 Through school emergency practice,we also learned to secure the evacuation route by opening windows or doors.

 After covering under the desk until main earthquake stops, open windows, and doors to the classroom and I remember we were told to make line and, evacuate on foot; going down with stairs.

 After that, we students were out in the wide field in front of the school and, principal gave us the review of the emergency practice.

 I came across great emergency tip on Tokyo International Communication Committee website that explains what you should do when earthquake happens.

 Many of the basic tips I see  at the website was things I learned through school years, but they do have other great tips such as what you should do if you were driving etc.

 The website article was created for people from overseas living in earthquake prone country “Japan”, but I think the information on the site is helpful for people in the states too, to learn what you should do for earthquake etc.

 To visit Tokyo International Communication Committee website,please click here.

 When hurricane Irene passing through, our neighborhood became pitch black. Luckily, electricity was up by the time we woke up next morning but I saw in the news that some houses did not get electricity back as quickly as we did.

When things like this happen, you would realize how much we depend on the electricity, and it is always nice practice to have emergency kit in the house.

 With all those stressful events in such a short time,Palette was stressed but, I think that going for walk maybe helped at least some for Palette to bounce back.Especially when she spotted her favorite furriends in the neighborhood Mr. Miniature Schnauzer in his yard… Her ears fold back with head low, and her butt was wiggling left and right. 

“Palette’s treats dairy” series, I thought it would be
interesting for you to tour around our kitchen to see what kinds of cool
down treats she is getting, and share her cool down
treats’ recipes.

give the cool down treats after walkie, after she being bathed etc
and,it is one thing she really be looking forward to going back home from
walkie. She runs to the kitchen and be in the imaginary line for the
cool down treats in front of the freezer and enjoy every bite of it.

am having fun making it with whatever I found, and taste it feeling
Palette’s eyes of envy beside me. Believe it or not, some of the random
mix I make for her actually tastes good. Some of the mix are not my
liking though.


** This will be about 12 blocks of treats in ice cube tray with my mom’s

** Frozen raspberry parsnip yogurt treats whole amount is roughly about 271 kcal (you can see more detail at website
here ).So, each ice cube given is about 23 kcal.

**Mom wanted rough kcal to be as close to real one, and she used
Nutrition fact food label on the back of yogurt she used. She typed in
the information provided in the nutrition label on the yogurt.

Here I come! Nom,nom,nom…

Umm… Privacy,please?


Hey,mom.Can you move? *lick,lick,lick..*

The cool down treats was yummy as always,and I wonder what treats she would make next. I love all the surprise


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